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Romary Asuno (ロマリー・アスノ?) (born Romary Stone (ロマリー・ストーン Romarī Sutōn?)) is the female lead of the second generation's story in the Mobile Suit Gundam AGE anime series. She builds a friendship with Asemu Asuno and Zeheart Galette.


Asemu's Arc

Meeting Asemu

Romary was first introduced after Romary and her friends heard a loud crash that happened in the workshop that Asemu, Shawee, and Macil were working on their mobile suit for the upcoming mobile suit competition. Romary became intrigued at the mobile suit while Macil and Shawee tried to impress her. Later, her two friends would tell her to leave because it could harm her and that being there was detriment to her image. Romary is next seen when Rod Abus and Zeheart had a small confrontation, where Romary seemed to be impressed by Zeheart. When the Dorado's started attacking the colony, Romary was injured near the leg area. Luckily, Asemu happened to be there and Asemu took Romary to his house where she witnessed Asemu pilot the Gundam AGE-1 Normal and defeat the both of them.

As the time progresses and Romary spends more time with the Mobile Suit club, she develops a crush on Zeheart. Him being revealed as a Vagan during the graduation ceremony, and later when she witnesses Asemu and Zeheart staring each other down from their mobiles suits, comes as a huge blow to her. She appears to join the military in order to be closer to Asemu but later it’s revealed that she was simply waiting for a chance to meet Zeheart again. This is apparent when she approaches Zeheart in Solam when Zeheart and Asemu are talking and later when she stands in front of Zeheart, protecting him from Asemu instead of calling for back-up to arrest him.

Though she seems to care Asemu, her feeling seem less than romantic and more like a close friend. Though she is visibly hurt when Asemu ignores her after the fight with Zeheart outside Solam after the confrontation at the lake. Romary's feelings for Asemu could be construed have being deep down and overshadowed by her feelings for Zeheart. She heavily blushed during Asemu's confession after they reconciled. Her feelings for Asemu take over because years later, she and Asemu marry.


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