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Romario Monini (ロマリオ・モニーニ) is a fictional character from the Mobile Fighter G Gundam series.


Romario Monini is a Gundam Fighter from Neo Portugal. He appearance is that of a rotund clown, and fittingly he also entertains spectators in a traveling Circus. However, despite his clownish appearance, Romario Monini is a deceptive, calculating pilot, researching opponents to gain a mental edge over them, while using his clown facade to cause them to underestimate his own skills. Romario has the ability to copy any person's ability, no matter the complexity, which in turn extends to his own Gundam mimicking other Gundam's weapons. Upon copying others moves and abilities, he would use them as his own attacks to catch his opponents off guard. This mimics ability is not without its flaws as both his Jester Gundam and himself don't have the same physical abilities as their opponents, but nonetheless are incredibly dangerous under his command. Combined with his research to gain a mental edge over his opponents, this becomes his main tactic. Aside from mimicry, he does have his own trademark moves focused on his own surprising agility and speed.

He at one point defeated George De Sand in a Gundam Fight by mimicking his rose bits. In another encounter, he had a fisticuff of sorts against Domon Kasshu whom he easily irritates and nearly catches off guard. He later fought Chibodee Crocket and his Gundam Maxter, but not before causing severe psychological stress, causing mental defeatism due to Crocket's past history and fear of Clowns. He made it to the Gundam Finals only to be ruthlessly killed off screen by DG Cell's controlled Zeus Gundam and it's pilot. 


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