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Rina Noyama (ノヤマ・リナ?) is one of the three protagonists of the Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G series. She pilots her personal and customized Gunpla, the GPB-04B Beargguy for Gunpla Battles.

Personality & Character

Rina is a happy go-lucky girl who enjoys hanging out with her friends and building in Gunpla. She cares about her friends and is upset when they feel down and does her best to cheer them up, and also is quick to defend them when they are insulted, though this can also result in her speaking for them at times, which may or may not lead to trouble. She also enjoys things that are cute, seen by her customizing a model of an MSM-04 Acguy into the likeness of a teddy bear. She appear to be fond of her friend Haru Irei due to constantly being in his presence, always wanting to show him her latest gunpla models, and also when she was in a pinch during a gunpla battle, it was Haru to whom she called out for.

Skills & Abilities

Rina has demonstrated considerable skill in gunpla building, as she was able to customize an Acguy model to appear like a teddy bear, without damaging the gunpla and resulting in a stable and well crafted model. Her piloting skills are lesser than her teammates Haru and Kenta, but she was still able to hold her own against a veteran gunpla battler, despite her unit being at a disadvantage due to the environment. It is possible that she may have little knowledge of how the models operate in the Gundam universe, seen in the last episode of the series, when she chose an underwater type unit for a space battle, which resulted in her initial trouble.

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