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Ribbons Almark (リボンズ・アルマーク Ribonzu Arumāku?) is an Innovade and one of the main antagonists of Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Ribbons appeared as Alejandro Corner's personal assistant in Season 1 of Gundam 00 and the leader of the Innovators in Season 2. Ribbons is the original Gundam Meister of GN-000 0 Gundam.[1] He later piloted his own custom mobile suit, the CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam.

Personality & Character

Ribbons was first shown as Alejandro Corner's assistant at the beginning of Gundam 00. After Alejandro had taken him in, Ribbons displayed loyalty and followed through Alejandro’s every command. He was charming and soft spoken; he was gifted with youthful charisma often compared to those of modern idols. However, beneath his innocent demeanor is a cunning megalomaniac. Ribbons chose to work with Alejandro after knowing he could use the latter’s desire to take over the world to accomplish his own plans. After Alejandro had died, Ribbons continued to manipulate, using Alejandro's legacy and Veda to guide the world according to his vision. It was a role he believed he deserved alone; the destiny to rule humanity as their Messiah.[2]

Ribbons Almark (A.D. 2312)

In the series, especially during Season 2, Ribbons displayed a superiority complex. He values his own qualities above that of others, especially humans.[3] Ribbons described humanity as "foolish",[3] an inferior species that are limited by their own values[4], to the point where he compares humanity to herd animals. Ribbons also described himself superior to other Innovades.[5] He never thought of them as important, especially in Aeolia Schenberg’s Plan, when compared to himself.[6][7] Viewing other people as mere tools and expendables, Ribbons does his way to manipulate them for his own purposes; after which, he leads them to their own demise, befitting his own entertainment.[8][9][10]

Overall, Ribbons displayed an extreme case of egotism; his confidence of himself is at the point of arrogance. Ribbons' hubris eventually led to his downfall during the Battle of Lagrange 2. His underestimation of Regene Regetta and Tieria Erde eventually lead to the latter's capture of Veda from Ribbons' grasp.[7] Ribbons also badly underestimated Setsuna F. Seiei's abilities as the first genuine Innovator. He was eventually defeated in his last battle against Setsuna on the Innovator's colony ship, Celestial Being.[2] Even in defeat, he never showed any interest in understanding humanity, even for the sake of Aeolia's Plan.[2]

In his early days, Ribbons had faithfully followed Aeolia's Plan as Celestial Being's Gundam Meister. According to the official files, combat-type Innovades, like Ribbons, fundamentally believe they are better than humans because of their advanced abilities.[11] As a proud Innovade, who can also access up to Level 7 information from Veda, Ribbons wished to follow each step of the plan and knew every part of it.[3] However, as an Innovade too, his life is forever bound to serving humanity according to Aeolia's Plan. During his service, Ribbons had learned of many contradictions within human nature, and, even though he did not understand them to an extent, he lost faith in mankind as a whole.[3] Ribbons could not stand serving the "inferior" humans, and he eventually detested the reason for his existence because of it.[3] With this, Ribbons was painfully made aware of the contradiction between his believed superiority and his destiny to serve humanity.[11]

As he pondered this dilemma during his mission in the Republic of Krugis, he experienced the idolizing eyes of young Soran Ebrahim.[12] It was that admiration from Soran that made Ribbons realize how he really wanted to be.[12] As a supposedly superior being, he thought that Aeolia's Plan implicitly called for him to rule and guide humanity towards the dialogues that are to come. He spared the child as an act of compassion to his worshippers.[12] The event boosted his ego and since then, he thrived to be the physical manifestation of God - the one who will reform the world from its contradictions.

Even after he had left and eventually betrayed Celestial Being, Ribbons still considered himself faithful to Aeolia's Plan.[13] Even though it was only for his own purposes, he still made sure that the phases that are to happen explicitly followed what Veda has outlined. He prioritized the plan's success over other considerations, and as such he let the Trinities, and later the A-Laws, swiftly carry out the world's unification through oppressive and overly excessive force. He never cared about the casualties, so long as his vision of Aeolia's Plan develops right before his eyes. Ironically, despite how much Ribbons did to make sure his version of Aeolia's Plan comes to fruition, his betrayal and his deeds were the main reasons why the Plan eventually fell apart.[1] He was distorted by his ego and selfishness, and because of that, he never fully understood Aeolia's true Plan, even until the end.[1]

Skills & Abilities

Ribbons using his quantum brainwaves

Ribbons is an Innovade, a genetically modified human created by Veda and Celestial Being for the sake of implementing Aeolia's Plan. He once proclaimed himself as an Innovator, but it was just his extravagant way of describing his abilities.[7] Like other Innovades, Ribbons cannot age because of the nano-machines present in his body. These nano-machines also make him able to live in space despite its harsh conditions. He possesses the ability to use Quantum Brainwaves, and he was categorized among the Level-B Quantum Brainwave users.

Ribbons belongs among the combat-type Innovades.[14] With their efficient use of quantum brainwaves, they show great coordination with their heightened reflexes. It gives them great ability when piloting a mobile suit and superb combat capabilities while in variety of situations.[14] Despite not piloting a mobile suit most of the time in the series, it is pointed out that Ribbons has learned great deal of his combat characteristics during his time as a Gundam Meister.[1] It was revealed that Ribbons was the official Gundam Meister of GN-000 0 Gundam.[15] He has no trouble holding his own against superior MS as seen in the final battle as both the Reborns Gundam and 0 Gundam were inferior in some way to the 00 Raiser and the Exia Repair II.

Like all Innovades, Ribbons can also use his quantum brainwaves to connect to Veda. Being an important piece to the plan from the start, he can access information up to Level 7.[3] Later in the series, Ribbons took control most of Veda, and with it, he gained power to manipulate information to whatever he see fit. He used it to push the formation of the Earth Sphere Federation government and, later, the creation of the A-Laws. Controlling Veda also gave Ribbons access to observe almost all of the Innovades[15][16] (with the exception of Innovades whose information are protected by Veda, including Tieria Erde and Gundam Meister 874[17]). He also could send orders to them, despite their genetic base sequence, whenever he wanted.[18]

Access to Veda also gives Ribbons other special abilities. Before he took over Veda, Ribbons has authorization to use Trial System, and his hierarchy among the users is of the highest level, even higher than Tieria Erde’s.[19][20] In the series, Ribbons had also shown to be able to put data of himself to other Innovades;[21] to a point where he can even resurrect himself after getting killed.[10]


Early Days

Ribbons is the very first Innovade to be produced under Celestial Being.[1] The exact era when he was awakened is unknown, though it's possible Ribbons was awaken before the solar power wars. There is also little information to confirm his activities and affiliations at the time, the only thing known during his early days is that sometime before A.D. 2301, Ribbons was a Gundam Meister.

During his days as a Gundam Meister, Ribbons learned of the many contradictions within the human nature. He eventually started to detest serving humanity for the sake of Aeolia Schenberg's Plan (leading humans to become true Innovators and prepare for the upcoming dialogues). Adding insult to injury, he learned that Gundam Meisters, like himself, are meant to perish during the effect of the Plan.[1] He gradually lost his motivation to be Gundam Meister and hated his raison d’etre.[3]

Testing the 0 Gundam

Young Soran Ebrahim looking at 0 Gundam

In the year A.D. 2301, Celestial Being decided to carry out a performance test of the prototype GN-000 0 Gundam, by intervening in the conflict in Krugis. Ribbons was assigned to be the Gundam's pilot. Once there, Ribbons proceeded to eliminate all warring sides until everything was destroyed. Ribbons spared no one but one boy, Soran Ebrahim, as he saw the young child watch him with awe and worship. He would later comment on it as a "momentary impulse... but also a sort of mercy." Afterwards, he recommended to Veda that Soran be made a Gundam Meister for the Gundam Exia, which was still lacking one.

Shadow of Celestial Being

After looking at the adoring eyes of Soran Ebrahim in Krugis, Ribbons realized a new reason for his existence. He learned to believe in his special place in the greater scheme of events. With this, he started to organized his plan to become the personification of Aeolia's Plan. He eventually left his post as a Gundam Meister to see the entirety of the Plan with his own eyes.[1] In the years between when he left his post and when he resurfaced as Alejandro's assistant, what Ribbons did can only be speculated upon. All that is known is that before the events of A.D. 2307, Ribbons was able to meet Alejandro Corner. Alejandro came from an influential family of Celestial Being observers, whose secret agenda was also to take over Aeolia's Plan.[8] With both of them seeking the same objective, Ribbons worked his way to gain Alejandro's trust and use him for his purposes.

Supporting Alejandro Corner

Ribbons believed that the heart of Aeolia's Plan were in both the Gundams and Veda. The Gundams served as the 'spear' to execute the Plan while Veda served as the 'shield' to protect it.[3] Therefore, if he was to claim Aeolia's Plan as his own, he have to get both of these under his control. By betting on his abilities, Ribbons commenced his plan in order to take over both the Gundams and Veda.

Ribbons behind Alejandro Corner

Ribbons became Alejandro's administrative assistant and confidant. The Corner's Family was developing the GN Drive Tau. Along with the assistance of Laguna Harvey, they eventually managed to create the Gundam Thrones and, later, the GNX-603T GN-X. They also formed Team Trinity, who were individuals Alejandro created by genetically engineering Ribbons' Innovade traits,[22] to serve as the pilots of the Gundam Thrones.

Celestial Being, with their Gundams, declared war against conflict in A.D. 2307. Alejandro and Ribbons observed the situation and bid their time to strike their plan. During the Taklamakan Desert Capture Operation, Team Trinity eventually showed themselves and started to commence their own version of armed interventions. With the Thrones' fierce operations worldwide, Aeolia's Plan accelerated to Alejandro and Ribbons' liking. The world governments were forced to consider working together to eliminate the threat of the Gundams - marking the near-completion of the first phase of Aeolia's plan. Alejandro and Ribbons then gave the 3 power blocs (Union, AEU, HRL) 30 GN-Xs to complete the first phase.

Uncovering Veda

In between the formation of United Nation Forces and their hunt against Celestial Being, Ribbons informed Alejandro that he finally obtained information about Veda's location. Alejandro was delighted by the information that he personally attended with Ribbons to confirm the news. Ribbons traveled with Alejandro to the Union's orbital elevator and used a private space yacht to travel to the far dark side of the moon to locate Veda's core terminal.

Veda's chamber in the secret base on the moon

Once at the location, Ribbons used his quantum brainwaves to open the hatch to land within the secret hangar. Ribbons then used his abilities to unlock all the doors to gain entry to Veda's core. To Alejandro's joy, Ribbon's information proved true. Because Alejandro was no expert in computers, he had Ribbons work to gain access to Celestial Being's networks, essentially controlling all systems connected to Veda. While cracking into all seven layers of defense of Veda, Ribbons gained control of Celestial Being's networks and also uncovered the sleeping body of Aeolia Schenberg.

With Alejandro pleased with the events, he shot Aoelia multiple times, as Ribbons idly watched. Unknown to them, Aeolia's death triggered a system trap. Both Alejandro and Ribbons were surprised to see that Schenberg had left a trap in case someone attempts to tamper with Celestial Being. Beyond even Ribbons' abilities, Veda locked out data file access and he could only watch events unfold as Schenberg left a message to his killer(s):

The fact that someone has come to this place with evil intentions tells me that, unfortunately, the world has not turned out as I desired. So, humans are still foolish - they still love war and they are still guiding this world to destruction. Thankfully, I still believe that humanity can save itself. And I wish to entrust it with the power to do so. This whole world ...and humanity ...must change its ways no matter what!

Both Alejandro and Ribbons watched with continued surprise as the message ended, the screens showing Exia executing Trans-Am. Ribbons commented that there seemed to be no data of Trans-Am in Veda and the data seemed to be locked in the black box of the GN Drives. In addition, all the data concerning the Gundam Meisters seemed to have been erased (though unknown to him, the Meisters' data were just locked away inside Veda[17]). Alejandro was furious, that even in death, Aeolia outsmarted him.

Leaving Alejandro

Alejandro took part in UN Forces' 'Operation Fallen Angels' to take down Celestial Being with his own hands. Using his GNMA-XCVII Alvatore, Alejandro overwhelmed Celestial Being and was able to sink their ship, CBS-70 Ptolemaios.

Ribbons talking to Alejandro before Alvaaron exploded

However, he lost against their Gundam Meister Setsuna F. Seiei, with his GN-001 Gundam Exia. Before his GNMS-XCVII Alvaaron exploded, Ribbons contacted Alejandro,

Alejandro Corner, you played the jester so well... I should tell you, this is no longer Aeolia Schenberg's Plan; you see, it has now became my plan... Know that you'll be leaving the future of the unified world in my hands.

Betrayed, Alejandro reacted with anger as his mobile suit exploded afterwards.

Left to his own devices, Ribbons began accessing Veda and used it for his own purposes. Not much was revealed in detail, but it can be presumed that he began utilizing Celestial Being technology for his own purposes and plotting a means to control the world. It was never revealed what did he did with Aeolia's body or anything else, much of what happened in between is up to speculation.

Leading Mankind Initiative

In A.D. 2308, Celestial Being disappeared after the UN Forces' Operation Fallen Angels.[17] With Veda under his full control, Ribbons began to manipulate the world behind the shadows into following his own vision of Aeolia's Plan.

Four Years Later

Ribbons and the Innovators

It's begun, Innovators...the future for mankind...

—Ribbons Almark (A.D. 2312)

In between A.D. 2308-2312 (approximately 4 yrs), Ribbons had successfully formed his personal group of Innovades, the Innovators. It's unclear how much of Celestial Being's secrets Ribbons actually knew, but he managed to uncover the Celestial Being, using its facilities to awaken the Innovators and develop new mobile suits specifically designed for them.

It was also during this time that Ribbons got in contact with Louise Halevy. Knowing of Louise's tragic history with Celestial Being, Ribbons offered a means to help cope with her GN Tau particle poisoning in exchange for her trust and financial support. Ribbons put nanites into Louise's body and provided special medication to modify her into the first human-augmented Innovade.

Return of Celestial Being

Sometime around A.D. 2312, Ribbons got in contact with the Federation president and offered his assistance to the newly formed Earth Federation Sphere Government. By lending the abilities of the Innovators and Veda, he was able to convince the Federation to create the autonomous 'peacekeeping' force, the A-Laws, to purge the world of all dissidents of the world government. With A-Laws in operation, Ribbons hoped to accelerate the unification of humanity under his guidance. Ribbons also somehow formed an alliance with Wang Liu Mei, but how they come together to collaborate is unknown.

In A.D. 2312, Ribbons arranged for Louise Halevy's admission into A-Laws, even though she did not qualify before. Since Louise is a human-modified Innovade, Ribbons was able to use his quantum brainwaves to access her mind and see what she sees. While reclining inside Celestial Being, he looked through Louise's eyes during her first mission in space colony Proud. It was also the same time when Setsuna, with his GN-001RE Gundam Exia Repair, conducted an armed intervention there against A-Laws on his own.

Since its operation, A-Laws have been doing numerous missions that were considered oppressive in nature. Due to the massacres that the A-Laws had done in the name of unified world, Setsuna decided to use his Gundam again to fight against the A-Laws. Louise suffered a panic attack as Gundam Exia, and later Tieria Erde's GN-008 Seravee Gundam, confronted them. Many miles away, Ribbons saw the Gundams, smiling; delighted with the return of Celestial Being. With their return, Ribbons can finally make sure of their destruction, which should have already been done during the first phase of Aeolia's Plan. He congratulated Louise, for she now has the reason to fight.

Aeolia's Twin Drive Legacy

Ribbons confidently believed that A-Laws is all that's needed to destroy Celestial Being. After receiving information about CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2's whereabouts through Wang Liu Mei, Ribbons quickly relayed the information to the higher-ups of the A-Laws. He sat back and watched as the A-Laws began its operation against Celestial Being.

00 Gundam's GN Particle Burst

Ribbons watched A-Laws' MS units attack and overwhelm both Seravee and Ptolemy II. He believed this whole matter was over until he saw 00 Gundam. As an Ahead unit shot into Ptolemy II's MS launch bay, massive amounts of GN particles suddenly streamed out of the launch bay; Ribbons reacted with surprise and confusion. The activated GN-0000 00 Gundam sortied and Ribbons could only watch as it single-handedly destroyed A-Laws' MS units one by one. Regene Regetta also observed with Ribbons, delightedly ridiculing him for not knowing about 00's unique drive system, despite knowing everything Veda knows. Ribbons cursed Aeolia Schenberg with frustration and anger.[23]

Dispatching Forces

With the return of Celestial Being, Ribbons used their return as a reason to speed up his plans. He used the return of the organization as an excuse to convince the Federation to funnel more resources into developing A-Laws. The ESF congress decided to integrate the Federal Security Agency under the direct command of the autonomous peacekeeping forces. Ribbons also used the threat of the Gundams to start reforming the Middle East. He sent Ali al-Saachez in GNW-20000 Arche Gundam to raze Azadistan, thus giving the Federation an excuse to occupy the country and form a provisional government within it. As Regene watches the news on-board Celestial Being, he questioned Ribbons if the return of Celestial Being and the move to bolster A-Laws were his idea or Veda's; Ribbons didn't give a definite answer to the question.

Later, Ribbons dispatched Revive Revival, and later Bring Stabity to the A-Laws to participate in the operation to destroy Celestial Being. The Innovators were given automatic promotions to rank as licensed captains, giving them the right to decide for their own actions in the A-Laws. Meanwhile Ribbons continued communications with the Federation leadership and A-Laws to maintain relations as well as preparing for a private banquet.

Federation Banquet

Ribbons attended a private Federation banquet with some of the most powerful men on Earth. It's primary purpose was to strengthen the relation between the Federation/A-Laws and their sponsors. However, it seems Ribbons also anticipated the appearance of Celestial Being at the banquet. Tieria Erde volunteered to go to the banquet, wanting to know more about the Innovators.[24]

Ribbons approaching Tieria Erde during the banquet

After meeting with Louise Halevy, Ribbons went out of his room to meet the Gundam Meister. As the banquet started having guests dancing, Ribbons appeared in an 18th-Century outfit and quickly spotted Tieria Erde disguised as a woman. For Ribbons' own amusement, he asked for a dance. Waltzing in the center of the ballroom, Federation guests had their eyes on the dancing lovely couple. Ribbons taunted Tieria about his disguise, to which Tieria aburptly answered, "Everyone knows that the Meisters are men. I'm merely following our tactical strategist's orders."[24]

During their dance, despite their lovely combination, the atmosphere between the two was thick. Tieria interrogated Ribbons about Regene Regetta, as Regene contacted Tieria during the Allelujah Search and Rescue operation. Ribbons denied ever sending Regene, even commenting on Regene's unnecessary antics. When Tieria asked if Ribbons was trying to accomplish Aeolia's Plan, he didn't directly answer. However, Ribbons offered Tieria access to Veda, as proof and implication that he's in control of the plan. The offer caught Tieria by surprise. The dance then shortly ended with the crowd clapping to their dance. As Ribbons walked off, he offered another place for them to talk.[24]

Tieria and Ribbons continued their conversation in a private Victorian room. Inside, Ribbons gave implication of using Veda to interfere with Tieria's connection to Trial System during the fight against the Thrones. Realizing how Ribbons can access and exploit Veda, Tieria realized that it was also Ribbons, with access to GN technology via Veda, that gave the United Nation Forces access to the GN Drive Tau technology. The introduction of GN technology to the world powers helped in defeating Celestial Being four years ago. Ribbons then revealed that Celestial Being's destruction four years ago was part of Aeolia's Plan, and that what the group was doing in the present was just an obstruction to the plan.[24]

Tieria was disturbed by the information. However due to him disapproving the Innovator's tactics on pursuing the Plan, Tieria decided to oppose the Innovators and decide to follow his own path to Aeolia's plan. He believed Aeolia entrusted the Gundams and the GN Drives to Celestial Being for that purpose. The amused Ribbons then laughed and started to mock Tieria. He also ridiculed the memory of Lockon Stratos, the one who helped Tieria discover his humanity. Angered by Ribbons' statements, Tieria started to grab his pistol from his right thigh. However, as he started to shoot Ribbons, he was disarmed by Hiling Care, who introduced herself as an Innovator. At disadvantage of facing two Innovators, Tieria fled the scene, jumping out of the window to escape.[24]

Tieria was joined by Setsuna as they fled back to their Gundams and returned to Ptolemy. Knowing how the Gundam Meisters would flee the place, Ribbons gave permission to Ali al-Saachez to intercept them beforehand. However, Ali was outnumbered by the arrival of other Gundams and forced to flee, letting the escaping Meisters return to their ship.[25]

Regene warning Ribbons about the Twin Drive System

Back to the same private room, Ribbons had a chat with his fellow Innovators. Regene sarcastically thanked Ribbons for ruining both a good party and a chance to make Tieria Erde their ally. Ribbons told him, however, that he wanted Celestial Being to oppose them. As Hiling added, "The more Celestial Being continues its operations, the more A-Laws will become accepted by the public." Regene then warned them about the Twin Drive System and its supposed part in the Plan if it's an idea from Aeolia (note: keeping in mind how Aeolia's Trans Am System helped deviate Celestial Being's destruction, which is supposed to be in the Plan, 4 years ago). However, Ribbons just waved the warnings aside, mocking 00's performance compared to Revive Revival's GNZ-003 Gadessa.[25]

Memento Mori & Lagrange 3

Ribbons returned to Celestial Being to meet Ali al-Saachez, Wang Liu Mei, and Regene Regetta. From there, Ribbons talked to Regene about using Memento Mori. Ribbons commented that with using the satellite weapon, the Middle East plan will accelerate and the world will unify. Regene interjected that it isn't to unify, but to 'standardize'. Ribbons then disagreed, giving his own meaning of unifying humanity, as he said, "No, I mean united. It means gathered together, beneath us."

The Memento Mori was test fired over the Kingdom of Suile. Suile is known for its information power in the Middle East. With the A-Laws knowing its threat if the kingdom allied with Katharon and other anti-government forces, they decided to eliminate it using the Memento Mori. The blast destroyed the whole Kingdom, and it caused horror and awe to those who witness it. Aside from those in the colony Celestial Being, the ESF forces' unit led by Sergei Smirnov also witnessed the blast. After the test fire, Ribbons later switched his sights to observe the impending battle at Lagrange 3.

Ribbons knew of the upcoming surprise attack at Celestial Being's Lagrange 3 resource satellite. He watched his Innovators fight while Liu Mei, Regene, and Ali observed along with him. With both A-Laws surrounding the satellite and the Innovators taking part in the battle, his victory over Celestial Being is certain. During the operation, Ribbons was confident Celestial Being would be destroyed once and for all.

00 Raiser (right) quantizing as Gadessa stabs through

However it was quickly shattered with the appearance of GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser, piloted by Setsuna F. Seiei. Setsuna's victory over Bring Stabity's GNZ-005 Garazzo drew Ribbons' attention, as he once believed that an Innovator can never be defeated by a human before. In addition to this, 00 Raiser managed to outperform Revive's Gadessa, not only by defeating the Innovator suit in battle performance, but also by dodging Gadessa's attacks by quantizing - a feat considered impossible in recent applied technology.

In one of the rarest moments, Ribbons was completely shaken at the power of 00 Raiser. Ribbons commented, "The suit quantized!? A Gundam's power than even I don't know of!?" Ribbons was so angry, he even slapped Wang Liu Mei hard after she mockingly asked what was troubling him. At the back, Regene showed delight. His warnings about the Twin Drive System started to show and Ribbons was too late to realize it. After the battle, Ribbons wanted the 00 Gundam. In addition to Revive and Bring, Ribbons also dispatched Hiling Care and Divine Nova into A-Laws[26] to capture the mobile suit.

Moments later, Katharon launched an operation to destroy Memento Mori. With Hiling Care and her Gadessa taking part in the battle, the A-Laws managed to destroy most of Katharon's space fleet. However, the tide turns to Katharon's favor as Celestial Being, with the 00 Raiser, came to help. Setsuna distracted Hiling, which she followed to capture the 00-Raiser; and the Ptolemy II proceed to destroy the Memento Mori. At the end of the battle, Celestial Being successfully destroyed the satellite weapon. Hiling also failed her mission, as her mobile suit was disabled during her battle against Setsuna. With Ribbons losing Memento Mori, he dispatched the Innovators to intercept Celestial Being's ship CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2 and destroy it as payback. However, thanks to Sumeragi Lee Noriega's tactical abilities, the ship managed to escape the trap. It safely crash-landed in an undisclosed forest area.

Return to Krugis

While the Ptolemy crew was running away from A-Laws and Innovators, Ribbons had returned to Earth in search of 00 Gundam. He had Ali al-Saachez, with his Arche Gundam, lure Setsuna to come to the remains of Krugis and meet him. Once there, Ribbons revealed himself from an old standing tower and had a chat with Setsuna, calling him by his real name, Soran Ebrahim, shocking Setsuna.

Ribbons as Gundam Meister to 0 Gundam in A.D. 2301 during the Krugis Conflict.

Ribbons introduced himself as an Innovator, even adding about meeting Setsuna 11 years ago, as he said,

That's right. To you, this is the first we've met. But that's not the case for me. I first met you 11 years ago. Yes, right here. In this hellhole of a battlefield where foolish humans were fighting each other. And on it, one boy desperately running for his life. I was watching you, from the vantage point of a mobile suit cockpit.

With only him, aside from the Gundam's pilot, leaving the battlefield alive that day, Setsuna was surprised by the implication that Ribbons was piloting the 0 Gundam. Ribbons then explained that during that time, 0 Gundam was doing a performance test and was supposed to eliminate everyone. However, he spared the young Setsuna, admiring on how he looked at 0 Gundam. Ribbons also revealed how he is the one who recommended Setsuna to become a Gundam Meister.

Setsuna, controlling his shock, asked if Ribbons wanted him to show gratitude. Ribbons then explained that, since Setsuna's task as a Gundam Meister is supposed to be over, he wanted Setsuna to give him the 00 Raiser. Ribbons added that he believed he himself is the fated pilot of the mobile suit. Setsuna refused, pointing his gun at Ribbons. However, Ali stepped in by shooting Setsuna under his right shoulder. Injured, Setsuna started to flee with 00 Raiser. Ribbons gave Ali permission to chase the mobile suit.

Ribbons left Ali to his devices and observed the fight between the Ptolemy II crew and the Innovators. Ribbons observed the fight and wasn't pleased to find out that Tieria, a fellow Innovade, just killed Bring Stabity. He then later found out that Ali al-Saachez was also defeated by Setsuna F. Seiei.

Break Pillar Incident

Ribbons came back to his colony ship after the confrontation in Krugis. Later, around this time, a group of ESF forces, also known as the ESF Coup d'état Faction, lead by Pang Hercury, decided to take over the Orbital Elevator in Africa. The A-Laws and ESF Forces are sent to looked into the situation. Sumeragi Lee Noriega wondered why the Innovators didn't act to stop the event from happening despite having Veda's spot-on predictions. With the Innovators not receiving any orders about the matter, it is implied that Ribbons Almark let the incident happen. He wanted to show how humanity decides and handles the situation.

Later, the A-Laws decided to destroy the Africa tower using a second Memento Mori, sacrificing 60,000 lives in the process. As the situation unfolds, Ribbons commented about how humanity never learned from its past,

Since the Industrial Revolution, humanity has used its technological knowledge for conflict and repeatedly risk its own extinction. Though great leaders appeared at times, they reach the end of their lives in a few decades and the world always return to a state of chaos... Humanity never learns anything from the past.

Regene then talked about the need for Innovators to lead humanity, instead of the incompetent and frail human leaders. Ribbons, however, corrected him - for he alone, who is above the Innovators, will lead humanity.

Destruction of the Africa Tower as the outer walls descend to Earth

Celestial Being, using the 00 Raiser, tried to stop the Memento Mori from blasting the Africa tower. However they failed, and the Memento Mori ended up destroying the pillar below the Low Orbital Station. The auto purge resulted to the outer shell columns of the tower to collapse and fall over the cities below. Those evacuating the orbital station ended up losing their lives.

Even though they failed to save the tower, Celestial Being managed to stop the destruction of the cities near the foot of the tower with the help of Federation, Katharon forces and A-Laws (led by Kati Mannequin).

Post Break Pillar

Four months after the Break Pillar incident, the A-Laws was granted full control of the ESF Forces. Thanks to A-Laws' information distortion, informing the citizens about the anti-government groups' responsibility in taking down the Africa Tower, the A-Laws got full support from the citizens to further their operation. In addition to that, using ESF forces' coup faction and the military's inability to guard the tower from the incident, the Federation government got their excuse to quickly integrate their military forces into the A-Laws. The A-Laws got more power, making their hunt for anti-government forces on Earth easier and more fierce in nature.

Thanks to Anew Returner, an Innovator spy planted in Celestial Being, the A-Laws always knew how to find Celestial during the past 4 months. Despite this, the A-Laws were unable to prevent the Celestial Being from destroying the second Memento Mori. Ribbons later met with Wang Liu Mei and during their conversation, Liu Mei expressed disappointment that Ribbons still has not yet introduced a real change to the Earth Federation. With information control and military augmentation, she commented that Ribbons is merely applying old world methods onto a global scale. She wondered if what Ribbons are planning with all these. Ribbons refused to give her an answer.

When Liu Mei talked about Ribbons' plan of turning humanity into Innovators, he denied such thing. He noted that for a new age, old methods and evil ways are needed to be done with. With humanity always clinging to their old ways, hurting others for the sake of it, Ribbons implied that humanity can never change. He quoted

In an age of reformation, both the obsolete and the wicked must be thrown away. For instance, those individuals with an old fashion mindset, who take wealth and power for granted and look down on the masses even though they're of the same kind... Whether you like it or not, time will leave you behind - similar to the way that your beauty will wither away with time. In order to cling to the glorious past, people achieve peace by hurting others. People know it isn't the right thing to do, but they are unable to stop any of it.

He added, with humanity resisting changes, someone needs to teach them to the right path. He said that they, the Innovators, who are not limited by human values, can do that task. Sensing Ribbons' animosity towards her, Wang Liu Mei ended the conversation by wishing the Innovators luck. As Wang Liu Mei leaves, Ribbons told her she can never be an Innvovator.

After Wang Liu Mei left, Regene Regetta commented on Ribbons' blunt words against the supporter. Ribbons did not mind, as she's not useful to him anymore. Ribbons then commented on how Regene and Liu Mei frequently meet during these 4 months, which Regene excused with him trying to get info about Celestial Being. Ribbons set aside the matter with a cynical tone.

Not long, Ribbons observes another battle between A-Laws and Celestial Being. Using Hiling as his eyes in the battlefield, he learned that 00 Gundam sortied; he gave orders

Ribbons warning Regene about his traitorous act

to Hiling to capture the mobile suit. As the battle happens, Ribbons wondered about Setsuna's physical state, as his condition should have been lethal by now according to Veda's prediction. In Krugis, Setsuna was shot by a bullet laced with GN Tau particles, which should cause cell abnormalities to Setsuna's body. Due to Setsuna still piloting 00, Ribbons was surprised to learn that Setsuna might be 'changing' thanks to 00's Twin Drive. The battle ended with Hiling's Garazzo destroyed and Revive being captured by Celestial Being.

Later, Ribbons confronted Regene Regatta, as he found out about Regene's mischievous act. Earlier, Regene met with Wang Liu Mei, providing her with info regarding Veda's whereabouts. Ribbons slapped Regene with the back of his hand, and warned him what will happen the next time (suggesting death) if Regene behaves selfishly again.

Capturing 00 Gundam

Ribbons knew that Celestial Being has to capture Veda if they ever want to defeat the Innovators. With the A-Laws expanding their military power over the ESF forces, Ribbons predicted that Celestial Being will plan to capture one of the Innovators to get hold of Veda's whereabouts. Before the battle between the A-Laws and Celestial Being earlier, Ribbons and the Innovators devised a plan to take advantage of this.

During the battle, Revive Revival was ordered to let himself be captured by Celestial Being. Once inside, he awoke Anew Returner's Innovator subconsciousness and ordered her to help him sabotage the Ptolemy. They tried to steal the 00 Gundam and the 0 Raiser, but they failed. Even though they failed, Revive managed to destroy 0 Raiser's cockpit. Anew also managed to steal and erase information from Ptolemy. They escaped and got back to the A-Laws fleet, where Ribbons was staying.

As Anew and Revive were coming back, Ribbons talked with Louise in his private quarters. He asked about Louise's condition. He heard her condition is becoming poor. Louise's determination to fight was declining after she came in contact with her once companion and 0 Raiser pilot, Saji Crossroad. As a suggestion, Ribbons offered her a new medication. She was reluctant to take it, but Ribbons, while using his quantum brainwaves, persuaded her. He also gave her the GNMA Regnant and told her about his plans in making her humanity's first Innovator.

Shortly after, Ribbons dispatched the Innovators with Louise to finish off Celestial Being and capture 00 Gundam. Anew went with her GNZ-007 Gaddess while Louise used the Regnant. Ribbons was able to fully observe the combat situation through his quantum brainwaves.

During the battle, he saw how Lockon Stratos convinced Anew to return to Celestial Bein

Ribbons taking control of Anew Returner

g. Ribbons, who couldn't stand that happening, started to fully control Anew. Anew, with her Gaddess, resumed combat and attempted to destroy GN-006 Cherudim Gundam, with Lockon inside. Through Anew, Ribbons said,

Innovators are meant to guide humanity. That's right, we are superior beings, absolute and perfect. I can't stand us being treated as though as we are as lowly as humans. Let me show you the real difference in our powers.

The Gaddess was about to finish off Cherudim when Setsuna with his 00 Raiser shot down the mobile suit. At the last moment, 00 Raiser's dense GN Particle output cut off Ribbons' control of Anew, much to Ribbons' surprise.

At the end of the battle, 00 Raiser managed to destroy all the Innovators' mobile suits and disable Louise's Regnant. Anew Returner died in the exploding Gaddess after regaining her consciousness.

Intervention at Eclipse

Wang Liu Mei took refuge in the abandoned colony, Eclipse, in Lagrange 5, after being attacked earlier by Nena Trinity using GNW-003 Gundam Throne Drei. Liu Mei possessed the information about Veda's whereabouts and has yet to send it to Celestial Being. Nena Trinity, accompanied by Regene Regetta, went to the colony to go after her. After receiving Liu Mei's anonymous' message, Setsuna with Saji Crossroad also went to the colony. Around this time, Ribbons has sent Mr. Bushido with Louise Halevy to the same sector for a joint mission.

After killing Wang Liu Mei, Nena slipped up her plan of betraying the Innovators in the future. Ribbons heard her through the purple Haro and decided to send a judge to punish her. Nena delightedly expected Ribbons' gunman, Ali al-Saachez, thinking about exacting her revenge against the mercenary.

Regene looking at 00 Raiser as he comments about Setsuna F. Seiei's Innovation

Ali was responsible in killing her brothers, Johann and Michael Trinity, around 4 years ago. However, Ribbons had sent Louise Halevy to judge her instead. Using the Regnant, Louise overwhelmed and killed Nena in combat.

Setsuna and Mr. Bushido's duel continued as they activated Trans Am. During the fight, Setsuna began to show signs of Innovation. Observing from afar, Regene happily commented that Setsuna's Innovation holds the fate of humanity. Ribbons, possibly looking through Regene, also learned about Setsuna's change into a true Innovator.

Regene's Betrayal

After Celestial Being had learned of Veda's location through Liu Mei's information, they journeyed to Lagrange 2 to recover Veda. Even knowing this, Ribbons didn't move Veda from its location. With Setsuna changing into a true Innovator, Ribbons felt the need to tackle Celestial Being head on. Instead of worrying about Veda, he began to gather his army of Innovades in Celestial Being and build an army of mobile suits with the help of Billy Katagiri.

Ribbons shot to the head by Regene Regetta

At Lagrange 2, Celestial Being clashed against the A-Laws. As Ribbons watched, he commented how humanity loves to fight one another. Regene, who was with Ribbons, then interjected that it was Ribbons that instigated them into fighting. Ribbons redirected the blame back to Regene, accusing the latter of wishing the events to happen. Regene retorted in confusion. Ribbons explained that he already knew about Regene's plan, as he read through Regene using quantum brainwaves. Regene became frustrated as his secrets have been exposed. In desperation, Regene pulled out his gun and shot Ribbons in the head. Ribbons fell on the floor, with blood flowing out his head wound. Confirming that Ribbons was dead, Regene laughed as he began to claim for Aeolia's Plan.

However, not long after Regene's celebration, a living Ribbons appeared on the balcony, glaring down on Regene. Regene was confused, looking between Ribbons and his corpse on the floor. Amused with Regene's shock, Ribbons explained how he cannot die, as he noted,

My consciousness is directly linked to Veda. My physical form is merely a tool for it to pass through. I can do things which you cannot. I believe I said this before: I am superior to the rest of you.

Unconvinced, Regene angrily pointed his gun at Ribbons again. However, he was shot and killed by Ali al-Saachez before he could pull the trigger.

Final Confrontation

Celestial Being managed to get pass through the A-Law forces at Lagrange 2 with the help of the Katharon and Kati Mannequin's ESF forces. With the traitor, Regene Regetta, out of his way, Ribbons prepared his forces for the final battle against Celestial Being.

Wrath of Innovators

With A-Laws failing to defeat Celestial Being, Ribbons decided it was time to dispatch the might of the Innovators to settle everything. Ribbons ordered Celestial Being's GN Rail Cannon to fire at the Lagrange 2 battlefield. He didn't care who was hit; the shot indiscriminately wiped out A-Laws, Katharon, and the ESF forces. After the first shot, Ribbons ordered for

Innovators' mothership, Celestial Being

the recharge of the rail cannon and to drop the ship's optical camouflage. As he revealed Celestial Being and prepared it for battle, Ribbons commented about the colony ship's importance to Aeolia's Plan,

This is our colony class, deep space mothership, Celestial Being. Aeolia predicted all of these over two centuries ago: an encounter with a still unknown race; the dialogues that are to come; GN Drives; Veda; the Innovators; and how this ship is to be the hope of mankind. It will save humanity from extinction. It is a new Noah's arc.

As Celestial Being approached the colony ship, Ribbons activated the colony ship's defense systems and began firing the gun turrets and the rail cannnon against the Gundams and the Ptolemy II.

The Gundams dodged and destroyed Celestial Being's firing gun turrets as they made way for Ptolemy II's break-in route towards the enemy colony ship. As they advance, Ribbons fired the GN Rail Cannon's second shot towards Ptolemy II, which the ship was able to dodge. After losing numerous gun turrets, Ribbons applauded Celestial Being for their efforts. Hiling impatiently called Ribbons for their turn but Ribbons assured her that the Gagas would be enough to handle Celestial Being. After Celestial Being eliminated around 50% of the particle guns on their break-in route, Ribbons dispatched his army of GNZ-004 Gagas to intercept them.

The Gagas acted as a legion of suicide weapons. Using their superior numbers and the ability to use Trans Am, they overwhelmed CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2 and smashed their way into damaging the ship. However, Ptolemy II was able to get past them with the help of combined efforts from their Gundams, Katharon and the ESF forces. Not long after, the Ptolemy crew managed to detect an entrance point into Celestial Being and crashed their way into one of its docking bays. Having contact with the Innovators' colony ship, they were able to get hold of the ship's interior structure plan and gets the opportunity to look for Veda's location inside the ship. With Ptolemy II safely landed into the colony ship, the Gundams dispersed to their missions. 00 Raiser, Seravee Gundam and Cherudim Gundam scattered around the colony ship to search for other entrances, while Arios Gundam, GN Archer and 0 Gundam stayed behind Ptolemy II to protect it from the Gagas.

As Celestial Being began to infiltrate the colony ship, Ribbons began to dispatch the rest of his forces to stop them. The mobile suit forces, consisting of Louise Halevy, Ali al-Saachez, Hiling Care and Revive Revival, was ordered to intercept the Gundams. Ribbons also sent hundreds of automatons, in addition to Gagas, to deal with Ptolemy II.

As the battle wages on, Ribbons switched to his space-suit and went inside Veda's core. While observing Veda, Ribbons comments how humanity was being tested with the events happening. Tieria Erde then appeared behind him, interjecting that the result was not his to decide. Surprised, Ribbons looked back and saw Tieria with a gun pointing at him. Ribbons then started talking to Tieria, reminding him that he is one of the Innovators. However, Tieria corrected him that they are not Innovators, but Innovades, as he stated,

You're wrong, we are not the Innovators here. We were artificially created to help bring about the emergence of the true Innovators - we are Innovades! I'm taking Veda back from you, Ribbons Almark!

Ribbons then smirked and retorted that he has surpassed the Innovades and even the Innovators. Tieria, not believing Ribbons' words, angrily pointed his gun at Ribbons to shoot. However, Ribbons was able to outdraw him - disarming Tieria and shooting him multiple times. As he shot Tieria on the head, Ribbons announced that he would never relinquish Veda to anyone.

Ribbons affected by the GN Particles

Ribbons continued to observe the battles outside from Veda's chamber. During this time, Celestial Being was exhausted and slowly being defeated by Ribbons' forces; until 00 Raiser activated its Trans-Am Burst System. 00 Raiser started generating massive amounts of GN Particles and managed to engulf the Celestial Being with it. With the high concentrations of GN Particles, the Innovators' quantum brainwaves, including Ribbons', started to suffer interference. As Ribbons agonized from his headache, Regene's quantum thoughts began to resonate in his head. Regene told Ribbons about his anticipation of what was currently happening. Veda then suddenly changed its color and rejected Ribbons' link.

The surprised Ribbons questioned Regene if he took over Veda's system. Regene did not answer directly, but pointed Ribbons to an almost-dead Tieria, as Tieria connected himself to Veda using his quantum brainwaves. With him connected to Veda, Tieria started to activate GN-009 Seraphim Gundam's Trial System. With it, all the mobile suits and automatons connected to Veda were disabled. With the Trial System active, the Ptolemy crew realized that Tieria regained control of Veda. With Veda captured and no enemy active, Celestial Being declared that they completed their mission against the Innovators.

Innovator Vs Innovator

Ribbons' mobile suit, Reborns Gundam, in Cannon mode (also known as Reborns Cannon)

Unable to regain control of Veda, Ribbons sortied in his mobile suit, CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam in an attempt to regain control of the situation. As he moved out, Ribbons shot down Tieria's Seraphim Gundam. Setsuna, witnessing what Ribbons did to Seraphim, called out Ribbons' name in rage. Ribbons then tried to humble Setsuna, as he said,

At least show some gratitude. After all, it was because of me that you were able to attain those powers you have, Setsuna F. Seiei.

Facing his once savior and guide, Setsuna began to question Ribbons's intentions, asking if he intends to keep playing God. Amidst Setsuna's interrogations, Ribbons declared that he is God and humanity's messiah. He commented that without him ruling over humanity, mankind wouldn't be able to stop fighting and would face extinction. As Setsuna asked if Ribbons ever intends to live with and understand humanity, Ribbons rejected the idea; reasoning that as a superior being, he could treat humans just like how humans treat animals. Ribbons continued that if he killed Setsuna, a true Innovator, his worth would be undeniable. Sensing that Ribbons' ego was distorting the world, Setsuna pledged to destroy the world that Ribbons planned to create and sortied with 00 Raiser. Admiring Setsuna's determination, Ribbons went out with Reborns Cannon to face him.

Ribbons started the fight by firing several volleys of particle beams from Reborns Cannon's Large GN Fin Fangs and GN Buster Rifle against 00 Raiser. However, Setsuna's 00 Raiser managed to evade the assault. Setsuna wanted to retaliate, but the Twin Drive System was still charging - he was forced to go on the defensive. Ribbons' Reborns Cannon then fired its left Egner Whip, but 00 Raiser also managed to evade it. As Ribbons continued to fire, Setsuna saw his chance and charged through Reborns Cannon's barrage for a close-range strike with the GN Sword III. Ribbons parried the strike with Reborns Cannon's Large GN Beam Saber, causing 00 Raiser to crash onto the surface of Celestial Being. To Setsuna's surprise, Reborns Cannon transformed into Reborns Gundam, revealing its Twin Drive System. Ribbons then told Setsuna, "It would be a problem if you think you're the only one who has the Twin Drive System. That and this suit is certainly the Gundam that will guide humanity!"

Reborns Gundam on Setsuna's screen as it clashes with 00 Raiser

Reborns Gundam and 00 Raiser then charged against each other and were locked into sword combat. While their swords collide, Setsuna seemed to have difficulty in matching Reborns Gundam's strength. Reborns Gundam then pushed the 00 Raiser away and switched to Reborns Cannon to fire a volley of particle beams at it. Setsuna tried to evade them, but 00 Raiser's right leg was still caught by one of the blasts. Ribbons gave chase as Setsuna continued to evade his assault. Setsuna then attempted again to charge 00 Raiser against Reborns Cannon, but it cost 00 Raiser's wing binder tip to be cut off. As he continued to evade enemy fire, Setsuna noticed another incoming beam attack, from Gadessa's GN Mega Launcher, and barely dodged it. Hiling and Revive, with their machines, have arrived to support Ribbons.

As the Reborns Cannon continue firing at Setsuna's 00 Raiser, Hiling and Revive attacked 00 Raiser. Setsuna started having trouble keeping track of enemy attacks as the fight was three against one. Hiling's Garazzo managed to distract Setsuna enough to give Revive's Gadessa an opening to fire its GN Mega Launcher on 00 Raiser. Setsuna couldn't evade the incoming beam attack but was saved by Cherudim's GN Shield Bits. Lockon and Allelujah, with their Gundams, arrived in time to assist Setsuna. Allelujah, with his alter ego, Hallelujah, took on Hiling while Lockon faced Revive. With the battle now fought on equal terms, Setsuna resumed his fight with Ribbons.

Reborns Gundam clashed swords with 00 Raiser again. While fighting, Ribbons witnessed the death of Hiling at the hands of Allelujah/Hallelujah. To prevent the Super Soldier from becoming a further threat, Ribbons launched four of Reborns Gundam's Small GN Fin Fangs upon both 00 Raiser and Arios. Allelujah/Hallelujah tried to shoot down two of the Small GN Fin Fangs but they evaded the Arios' attacks and stabbed into the mobile suit's chest, disabling the unit from further combat. Setsuna, on the other hand, managed to destroy the other two Small GN Fin Fangs. As Ribbons complimented Setsuna's efforts, Ptolemy II appeared and started to provide cover fire for Setsuna. Ribbons evaded the Ptolemy II's shots and return fire with Reborns Cannon. Ptolemy II was hit and suffered major engine damage, but was still able to launch smoke missiles to temporarily blind Ribbons and assist Setsuna.

Setsuna took advantage of the smoke to flank Reborns' position and charge in. Ribbons caught on and launched two more Small GN Fin Fangs as he switched Reborns Cannon to Reborns Gundam. The Small GN Fin Fangs stabbed into 00 Raiser's left forearm and right hip, causing some damage. Ribbons, seeing his opportunity, charged with Reborns Gundam to finish off 00 Raiser. However, Setsuna was unaffected by the damage and quickly engage 00 Raiser against Reborns Gundam. After a split second of colliding against the Gundam, Setsuna managed to chop off Reborns Gundam's right forearm. Surprised by Setsuna's reflexes, Ribbons wondered about the true extent of the Innovator's power.

The two once again charged in to attack each other and locked themselves in sword combat. Realizing Setsuna's power as an Innovator, Ribbons couldn't deny the importance of the original GN Drives in granting Setsuna his powers. He demanded the solar furnaces as he transformed Reborns Gundam into Reborns Cannon and attacked 00 Raiser. Setsuna refused, retaliating against Ribbons' assault. As he transformed Reborns Cannon back to Reborns Gundam, Ribbons continued that it was his fate to own the GN Drives, declaring it as important to both his plan and existence. Tieria then intervened through quantum brainwaves, stating that Ribbons was wrong.

Tieria (right) confronting Ribbons through quantum brainwave

Ribbons was surprised Tieria could speak to him through Veda. Tieria then stated that they were not made to lead humanity; they were to create a future with mankind. He continued that as long as Ribbons looks down on people, he wouldn't be able to understand them. Ribbons then retorted that he doesn't have the desire to understand humanity. In an effort to finish Setsuna as soon as possible, he activated Reborns Gundam's Trans Am and started to charge at 00 Raiser. Setsuna, noticing that his mobile suit has stored enough particles, followed with 00 Raiser's Trans Am.

Ribbons unleashed all of the Reborns Gundam's remaining Large GN Fin Fangs to attack Setsuna. Setsuna managed to destroy one of the Large GN Fin Fangs, but the other Large GN Fin Fangs destroyed 00 Raiser's right wing binder and its head. As a Large GN Fin Fang charged at 00 Raiser, the mobile suit quantize and flank Reborns Gundam's position. Setsuna then slashed through Reborns Gundam's back with 00 Raiser's GN Sword III', inflicting serious damage. However, Ribbons was able to turn Reborns Gundam around and chop off 00 Raiser's left arm, left GN Drive and left wing binder.

Ribbons escaped with the damaged Reborns Gundam, holding the 00 Raiser's left GN Drive. As he cruised by the Celestial Being, he celebrated obtaining one of the original GN Drives, commenting that with it, he'll be the one who'll transcend even Aeolia's plan. Just then, the Reborns Gundam suffered a minor explosion. Ribbons were concerned his victory will be short-lived until sensors detected an abandoned GN-000 0 Gundam. Ribbons regained his spirit, as he said, "This is...fate! I can still fight!" After successfully retrofitting the stolen GN Drive into the Gundam, Ribbons resumed his hunt for Setsuna.

Ribbons returned to 00 Raiser's location in order to finish off Setsuna, only to find the 00 Raiser abandoned. Seeing that the 00 Raiser was missing its remaining GN Drive, Ribbons strongly suspected Setsuna has abandoned the mobile suit to acquired another Gundam. Setsuna then appeared above 0 Gundam piloting GN-001REII Gundam Exia Repair II. Noticing Setsuna's presence, Ribbons shouted curses as Exia Repair II approached.

Ribbons attempted to shoot down the approaching Exia Repair II with 0 Gundam's Beam Gun, but Setsuna's Exia Repair II evaded all the shots and slammed the 0 Gundam onto Celestial Being's surface. Ribbons recovered and flew 0 Gundam away from Exia Repair II while shooting at it. Setsuna, giving chase, continued to evade and block 0 Gundam's shots. Setsuna then switched Exia Repair II's GN Sword Kai to rifle mode and destroys 0 Gundam's Beam Gun. Ribbons' 0 Gundam resorted to hand-to-hand combat, punching Exia Repair II several times in the head. Setsuna's Exia Repair II managed to grab one of 0 Gundam's punches and throw the mobile suit down to the ground. Exia Repair II then grabbed its GN Beam Saber and charged in for a vertical slash at 0 Gundam, damaging the cockpit hatch and exposing Ribbons partially. 0 Gundam quickly pulled out its Beam Saber and made

Exia R2 (left) and 0 Gundam (right) charging to each other

a horizontal slash on Exia Repair II's cockpit, which also exposed Setsuna partially. Both Setsuna and Ribbons managed to recover and decided to settle this match with a final attack.

Ribbons' 0 Gundam threw away its Gundam Shield and charged its Beam Saber for more power. At the same time, Setsuna's Exia Repair II brought out its GN Sword Kai and activated its GN Drive's Burst Mode. The two Gundams then charged at each other, with their weapons aimed for each other's cockpit. In the end, Setsuna emerged victorious. Setsuna had stabbed the Exia Repair II's GN Sword Kai all the way through the 0 Gundam's chest, disabling the mobile suit and killing Ribbons. Ribbons' 0 Gundam also stabbed through Exia Repair II's torso but missed the cockpit by a few inches. The explosion from 0 Gundam's destruction sent Exia Repair II hurdling into space, knocking Setsuna unconscious.


With the defeat of A-Laws and the Innovators, peace has returned to Earth. After investigations into the Federation's activities, the world government have since reformed under a new administration and all subjugated countries were given back their sovereign rights. Tieria/Veda intends to make up for Ribbons' actions by following Aeolia's true Plan and awaits the day for future dialogues with unknown life.


Celestial Being

Main article: Celestial Being Ribbons is a former member of the esteemed organization having been a former Gundam Meister.

Aeolia Schenberg
Ribbons thought of himself as the perfect incarnation of Aeolia's Plan. He called himself the messiah and the guide for humanity. He reached the point to affirm that he was an existence over Aeolia's Plan.
Ribbons has an ability to link with Veda at any time and place using his quantum brainwaves. Four years after the supposed destruction of Celestial Being, Ribbons is using Veda to cover up the atrocities commited by the A-Laws.
Alejandro Corner
Ribbons was Alejandro's assistant during Season 1. Ribbons always followed Alejandro's orders while crafting his own plans for world domination. At the end of Operation Fallen Angels, Ribbons tells a dying Alejandro that he will be the one to lead humanity.
Laguna Harvey
Though they may not have seen each other physically, it was Ribbons who gave Laguna the schematics for the GN Drive Tau and instructed him to construct the Throne Gundams and the 30 GN-X's for the UN Forces
Wang Liu Mei
Wang Liu Mei is one of Ribbons' financial supporter during Season 2, helping him maintain A-Laws and build Momento Mori.
Gundam Meisters
Setsuna F. Seiei
Ribbons was the one who saved Setsuna during an armed intervention in Azadistan during its civil war with the Republic of Krugis. Ribbons saw the young Setsuna stare at the 0 Gundam in awe and spared his life. Ribbons then recommended to Veda that Setsuna be a Gundam Meister. Years later, Ribbons revealed this fact to Setsuna in an attempt to persuade him to surrender the 00 Raiser. After Setsuna became a genuine Innovator, Ribbons wanted to kill him in order to retain his control over humanity and Aeolia's Plan.
Tieria Erde
Ribbons revealed to an incognito Tieria at an A-Laws banquet that he himself was the catalyst for the near downfall of Celestial Being during Operation Fallen Angels. Ribbons also killed Tieria within Veda's control room during the Battle at Lagrange 2.
Team Trinity
In the novelization of Gundam 00, it is stated that the Team Trinity was created by Ribbons Almark, genetically engineered using his own genes, to be Gundam Meisters.


Main article: Innovators (Innovade Group) Innovators is a group of Innovades formed by Ribbons Almark to help further his vision of Aeolia's Plan.

Regene Regetta
Regene Regetta is an Innovator that is always close to Ribbons. He always gives advice and comments on Ribbons' actions throughout Season 2. Though both are focused on Aeolia's Plan, their opinions and views often differ, which often leads to small, but serious, arguments between the two. Ribbons' egocentric view of Aeolia's Plan lead Regene to doubt about Ribbons' credibility as the enforcer of the Plan.
Hiling Care
Hiling Care is an Innovator that is made with the same genetic base sequence as Ribbons. One of the loyal Innovators under Ribbons. Though they have a limited interaction in the series, Hiling seemed to be very fond of Ribbons, showing some signs of jealousy when not being praised by him.
Anew Returner
Anew Returner was an Innovator spy that infiltrated Celestial Being. Before her death, she turned against Ribbons' ideals, Ribbons then took control of her and got her killed.


Main article: A-Laws A-Laws is an organization that Ribbons Almark helped to form before Season 2.

Louise Halevy
Louise Halevy is a top financial supporter of the A-Laws. They seemed to be acquainted before the events of Season 2. It is implied that Ribbons assisted in her recruitment into A-Laws, seeing her grudge against Celestial Being as a potential asset for his plans. He also prescribe her medicines to help her survive the harmful effects of GN Particles in her body.


Ali al-Saachez
Ali al-Saachez is Ribbons' hired gunmen in Season 2. Giving him GNW-20000 Arche Gundam, Ribbons sent Ali al-Saachez to many secret missions, including the destruction of the Kingdom of Azadistan.


Notes & Trivia

  • Ribbons Almark and Amuro Ray shared the same voice actor Tōru Furuya, though in the credits of Gundam 00, Furuya was named as Noboru Sōgetsu. Ribbons is the second character Tōru Furuya voice acted aside from Amuro in the Gundam Metaseries. Ribbons and Amuro also has another similarity, as both are the pilot of the first Gundam in their series; Ribbons piloting the first ever Gundam in AD timeline, GN-000 0 Gundam, and Amuro piloting the first shown Gundam in UC series, the RX-78-2 Gundam.
    • During magazine releases, Furuya puts on a pair of sunglasses in various articles that featured his character as Ribbons.
    • This is also referenced in the first episode of Gundam Build Fighters: Battlogue.
    • In SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays, Ribbons says "I am the best at handling Gundams!" (僕が一番ガンダムを上手く使えるんだよ...!?) when piloting Gundams, which was almost the exact same quote spoken by Amuro in episode 19 of Mobile Suit Gundam.
  • Ribbons Almark, along with Sky Eclipse and Beside Pain/Leif Recitativo are all Ribbons-type Innovades created from the DNA materiel of E.A. Ray. Interestingly enough, E.A. Ray is also dubbed by Tohru Furuya, whom used his real name instead.
  • Earlier unofficial spelling for Ribbons' name was Livonze Almark (can also be Almach or Almack).
  • Originally all of the Gundam Meisters (during A.D. 2307) were going to be Innovades. However, because Ribbons left his position as a Gundam Meister, a variety of humans were able to take his place.[27]
  • In episode 14 of Season 1, while Alejandro watched Exia deliver Rasa Massoud Rachmadi to Azadistan authorities, Ribbons commented, "He (Exia's pilot) mistakes the Gundam's performance for divine power"; this of which correlates to Setsuna's reverence that time to the power of the Gundam to end wars. This can also be an early (elusive) hint to Ribbons' connection to Setsuna, which stretches back to the conflict in Krugis back in A.D. 2301.
  • Ribbons was destroyed alongside 0 Gundam by Setsuna F Seiei; inside the same Gundam he used to save the young Setsuna in Krugis, 11 years ago.
  • Ribbons was mentioned by Alejandro Corner as "his angel" in Season 1. Though unconfirmed, Ribbons' last name (Almark) might have come from the scrambled letters of the word from some of the Semitic languages called "Malak", which means "angel." One of the notable angels with term "Malak" in their name is the angel from Yazidis' religion from Kurdistan, named "Malak Ta'us" (Melek Taus or Tawûsê Melek), also known as the Peacock Angel.[28][29]
  • Ribbons role is very similar to that of the Fallen Angel Lucifer and his army of rebel angels role in the bible as Lucifer was once meant to serve humanity but after becoming disgusted with it rebelled against God and was thus cast into hell. The two are similar because Ribbons and his fellow Innovades were meant to protect humanity but Ribbons instead rebelled. Interestingly, Kuroda once commented that Ribbons is the irony of a Gundam Meister fallen from grace.[30]
  • Ribbons is often compared to Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious of Star Wars fame. Ribbons controlled the events of the series from behind the scenes, aware of how both the villains and the protagonists operated, similar to how Palpatine was in charge of the Clone Army which he commissioned and the CIS as Sidious. Both also manipulated the protagonists into what they are while engineering the deaths of certain pawns and even their own master so they could take over uncontested. They have also hated their upbringings, with Ribbons detesting what would eventually happen to him as a member of Celestial Being while Palpatine hated the lack of ambition their wealthy family had. Lastly, both are not necessarily bound by physical bodies and have used clone bodies to escape certain death (although clones of Palpatine were only constructed in the Expanded Universe after the events of Return of the Jedi).
  • Ribbons has a very wide variation of battle dialogues in Super Robot Wars Z2 Saisei-hen. He has unique dialogues with all Gundam protagonists such as claiming that Innovators are stronger than Newtypes when he fights against Amuro Ray, saying that the Red Comet is no match for him when he fights Quattro Bajeena, or declaring that the very ideas of Freedom, Justice and Destiny will be his to control if he engages a Gundam SEED Destiny unit. He also has unique battle dialogues with Macross Frontier units (Due to his connections with Grace O'Connor, the main antagonist of the series, in the game) and some Super Robots.
    • In said franchise, his arrogance was brought further to the point of considering himself (a pseudo-Innovator) superior to other human evolution from various Gundam metaseries, such as Newtypes and Coordinators.
    • After his "death" at the hands of Setsuna, Ribbons' consciousness still existed within Veda, and he helped Tieria to create a new body and rebuild the CB-002 Raphael Gundam after it was destroyed by the ELS in Z3. Though Tieria was unaware that he was Ribbons, believing that he was merely another Innovade of the same type.
  • Both Ribbon's English and Japanese voice actors also serve as Gundam 00's narrator.

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