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Revive Revival (リヴァイブ・リバイバル Rivaibu Ribaibaru?) is a fictional character in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. He is a member of the Innovades that call themselves the Innovators in Season 2, and pilots the GNZ-003 Gadessa.

Personality & Character

Revive Revival is an Innovade of the same DNA base sequence as Anew Returner, and a loyal member of the Innovators. He is a passionate individual and tends to get agitated during battles. He also has a cynical side, often ridiculing and sneering at human behavior. However, he has shown respect for a few human beings, such as Kati Mannequin. He can also be playful, as seen when he teases Bring Stabity about his usual quiet and stoic nature. He cares about fellow Innovators, as he seemed distraught and hurt by the death of Bring.

Skills & Abilities

Revive is likely a combat-type Innovade as he primarily served as a mobile suit pilot. He is also quite adaptable and a quick learner, being able to hijack the 0 Raiser despite his unfamiliarity with its control system. He displayed good analyzing skills, such as pointing out that Aber Rindt's strategies to attack the CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2 had failed to consider the possibility of the ship being able to launch itself into space. This ability was shown again when he was quick to realize he and his mobile suit were disadvantaged in terms of mobility against the Archer Arios in an aerial combat. He was also one of the first to suggest that Setsuna F. Seiei could be evolving into a genuine Innovator after analyzing the latter's mobile suit piloting skills.

Like other Innovades, Revive possesses B level quantum brainwaves, nanomachines, enhanced reflexes, telepathy, the inability to age, and androgynous appearances. As Revive is of the same type as Anew, they can connect their thoughts through quantum brainwaves, and this allowed him to locate her and the Celestial Being by extension when she was still a spy within the latter organization. As a member of the A-Laws, he was granted a license to act independently by A-Laws' HQ, allowing him to participate in missions as he desired. Furthermore, he had full autonomy during missions. As a result, he became a one-man army and was also known as a 'License Holder'.


Early Days

As the Earth Sphere Federation Forces was being officially established in AD 2312, Revive was one of the figures behind Ribbons Almark who told his fellow Innovators that they would be witnessing the future of humanity.

Reappearance of Celestial Being

After the sudden resurgence of Celestial Being, Revive talked with Ribbons, especially on what to do with the Middle East. But instead of sending Revive in the GNZ-003 Gadessa, he instead sends Ali al-Saachez in the GNW-20000 Arche Gundam.

Joining the A-Laws

Revive and his Gadessa eventually joined the A-Laws. He was given the rank of Captain and granted a license to act independently by A-Laws' HQ. He was present during Kati Mannequin and Aber Rindt's discussion as to how to ambush the CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2, and suggested that the ship can launch itself into space. Later, during the operation, Revive/Gadessa were deployed high in the atmosphere. As the Ptolemaios 2 ascended to space using Trans-Am, Revive charged and fired the Gadessa's GN Mega Launcher at the enemy ship. While the beam shot did not cause any damage, it changed the ship's angle of ascend by three degrees. This caused the ship to be ambushed by waiting A-Law forces in space, but the attack failed as the enemy's tactical forecaster had predicted it. Revive was later joined in A-Laws by fellow Innovator, Bring Stability and learnt from him that Ribbons planned to use Memento Mori.

When the A-Laws learnt that the Celestial Being had a hideout in the Lagrange 3's asteroid field, Revive and Bring launched in their mobile suits to find the hideout's exact location. Using his telepathic link to Innovator spy and sleeper agent Anew Returner, Revive located the hideout and informs the A-Laws fleet. While the other A-Laws' mobile suits and Bring/GNZ-005 Garazzo engaged the Ptolemaios 2 and its Gundams, Revive/Gadessa stationed themselves on an asteroid away from the battlefield and sniped at the enemy ship with its GN Mega Launcher. The Gadessa's attack punched through the ship's GN Field, damaging one of its hangars. Revive then charged the Gadessa's GN Mega Launcher for another shot, but when it was ready to fire, he was discovered and attacked by the GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser in Trans-Am mode.

Escaping the attack, Revive fired the GN Mega Launcher at the 00 Raiser. However, the 00 Raiser dodged the beam and managed to close in on Revive's Gadessa, causing him to stab it with one of Gadessa's GN Beam Saber. To Revive's surprise, the 00 Raiser disappeared and his GN Beam Saber merely pierced through an afterimage. The 00 Raiser then reappeared on the Gadessa's left, and Revive was forced to sacrifice the GN Mega Launcher to stop the 00 Raiser's strike. Immediately after, Revive slashed the GN Beam Saber at the 00 Raiser, but the enemy machine disappeared again. Revive was unable to react in time when the 00 Raiser reappeared behind his mobile suit, and the Gadessa was sliced apart diagonally. However, Revive was able to escape in the Core Fighter before this mobile suit exploded. After the battle, Revive was furious that he and Bring were defeated by humans and faulted Ribbons for not telling them about the Twin Drive System's capabilities. He and Bring were then ordered by Ribbons to capture the 00 Gundam, and that Hiling Care and Divine Nova would be involved as well.

The Innovators, consisting of Revive and his replacement Gadessa, Bring/Garazzo, and Divine/GNMA-Y0001 Empruss, ambushed the Ptolemaios 2 team soon after the Celestial Being destroyed of the Memento Mori. With the Ptolemaios 2 team exhausting all their GN Particles in the attack on the satellite weapon, they had difficulties fending off the three Innovators and their machines, which dealt a number of damages to the ship. However, the Innovators failed to sink the ship, as the clever tactics of the enemy's tactical forecaster enabled the ship to escape to Earth.

After the Innovators located the Ptolemaios 2 team on Earth, Revive/Gadessa and Bring/Garazzo were sent to attack them from two different directions. Revive/Gadessa were intercepted by the GN-007+GNR-101A Archer Arios, while Bring/Garazzo fought against the GN-008 Seravee Gundam. Revive was aware that the enemy machine had the advantage in the atmosphere with its mobility, but did not back down, engaging in an aerial shooting battle with the Archer Arios. After the Garazzo was destroyed, killing Bring, Revive retreated from the battlefield. Later, Revive met with Hiling and Divine, who had arrived on Earth together with the A-Laws team pursuing the Ptolemaios 2 team.

The A-Laws soon launched an aerial assault on the Ptolemaios 2 team with over 30 mobile suits, including Revive and Hiling's Gadessas, and Divine's Empruss. As they got close to the enemy ship, they were attacked by pre-emptive sniper fire from the GN-006 Cherudim Gundam in Trans-Am mode, causing Revive to remarked that the Gundam's shooting range exceeded the Gadessa's. After losing several mobile suits to Cherudim's attacks, the A-Laws' remaining mobile suits, including the two Gadessas, and the Empruss, disperse to avoid any more losses. When the Cherudim's Trans-Am mode ended, the A-Laws' machines regrouped and launched their attack. They were quickly intercepted by the Arios and the Seravee. Hiling's and Revive's Gadessas came to the fore to engage the Gundams, with Hiling's unit firing its GN Vulcan while Revive's unit used a mix of GN Vulcan and GN Beam Saber.

The Empruss then stepped in to immobilize the two Gundams with the Egner Whips, allowing the A-Laws' mobile suits to go ahead and attack the Ptolemaios 2. However, the A-Laws team was recalled before they could destroy the enemy ship as the ESF Coup d'état forces had taken over the Africa Tower, the Orbital Elevator located in Africa. The A-Laws' mobile suits later launched to assist in destroying the purged outer wall pieces of the Orbital Elevator that was triggered by an attack from a second Memento Mori, but the two Gadessas did not participate, while the Empruss was destroyed moments earlier by the 00 Raiser in another battle near the satellite weapon.


Four months later in space, Revive/Gadessa and Hiling/Garazzo launched to locate the Ptolemaios 2 for the A-Laws. Using his link to Anew, Revive easily found the enemy ship. During the ensuing battle between the A-Laws forces and the Ptolemaios 2 team, Revive/Gadessa fought against the Servaee, with both machines losing their primary weapons in an effort to cancel out each other's attacks. They then switched to their GN Beam Sabers, with the Servaee gaining an upper hand due to the use of Trans-Am.

Revive fired the Gadessa's GN Vulcan to hold off the advancing Seravee, however the beam shots were useless against Seravee's GN Field. Left with no choice, Revive used both of Gadessa's GN Beam Sabers to block Seravee's attack, but he could not defend against the GN Beam Sabers wielded by the arms hidden in Seravee's GN Cannons. With the Gadessa about to be sliced apart by these sabers, Revive activated the Core Fighter to escape his mobile suit's impending destruction. While Revive avoided sharing the fate of his Gadessa, the Core Fighter was quickly caught by the Seraphim and brought back to the Ptolemaios 2. Revive's capture was part of the Celestial Being's plan to locate and retake the quantum processing system Veda.

In the interrogation room of the Ptolemaios 2, Revive activated his link with Anew and revealed that he had allowed himself to be captured. Around the same time, Anew shot Lasse Aeon and took Mileina Vashti as hostage. Revive was then allowed to leave the room to ensure Mileina's safety and Anew shut down the shipboard systems using a virus. However, Anew lost her hostage by letting her feelings for the Gundam Meister Lockon Stratos get the better of her; Revive blames this mistake on Anew being made as a woman. Arriving at the hangar containing the GNR-010 0 Raiser, Revive assaulted Ian Vashti, took his machine gun, and hijacked the support craft. Although Revive found the 0 Raiser's system unfamiliar, he still managed to activate the machine and used it to escape the Ptolemaios 2. The Cherudim and 00 Gundams later caught up to Revive, who was then surprised to learn that the red [[Haro (Anno Domini)}Haro]] had been hiding behind the pilot seat.

Revive lost control of the 0 Raiser when the red Haro bounced around, landed on its dock on the right side of the cockpit, and activated the docking sequence with the 00 Gundam. Seeing as how he could no longer steal the 0 Raiser, Revive heavily damaged the cockpit using the machine gun and then escaped by jumping out of the 0 Raiser to the Small Space Boat piloted by Anew.


Aware that the Ptolemaios 2's systems were in a mess, and that the damage to the 0 Raiser would render the 00 Raiser unusable, the Innovators quickly launched an attack on the Ptolemaios 2 team with four machines: a new replacement Gadessa piloted by Revive, Hiling/Garazzo, Anew/GNZ-007 Gaddess and Louise Halevy/GNMA-0001V Regnant, in an attempt to capture the 00 Gundam. The Gadessa, Garazzo and the Regnant battled the Seravee, Arios and the GNR-101A GN Archer, while the Gaddess fought one-on-one against the Cherudim.

When an opening appeared, the Gadessa and the Garazzo broke through to attack the Ptolemaios 2, they were then unexpectedly destroyed by highly precise shots from the repaired 00 Raiser, but Revive and Hiling escaped in time using their respectively Core Fighters. The 00 Raiser proceeded to damage the Regnant and dealt the finishing blow to the Gaddess. Later, back on the A-Laws' ship, Revive reviewed their latest failure, in particular how 00 Raiser's pilot, Setsuna F. Seiei had maneuvered his machine, and concluded that Setsuna could be evolving into humanity's first genuine Innovator

Battle at L2

Prior to the A-Laws' fleet launching an all-out assault against the Celestial Being, Ribbons recalled Revive, Hiling and Louise to their mothership, the Celestial Being, in preparations for their final encounter with the Gundams. Later, when the A-Laws fleet was on the brink of defeat by the combined forces of the Celestial Being, Katharon, and the ESF Coup forces, the Innovators finally took action and fired their huge mothership's powerful particle cannon. The Innovators also launched the GNZ-004 Gaga units, while Revive and Hiling stayed back as special reserve forces.

Revive/Gadessa and Hiling/Garazzo entered the battlefield after the Ptolemaios 2 successful landed in one of the mothership's docking bays and the Gundams began breaking into the mothership as well. Working in unison, Revive and Hiling activated their machines' newly installed Trans-Am System, easily overwhelming the Seravee and slicing off both its arms, forcing it to crash land on the surface of the mothership. When they went closer to finish the job, Revive noticed that Seravee's pilot, Tieria Erde, had already left the Gundam and infiltrated the mothership. Revive and Hiling subsequently fought the 00 Raiser, with Revive/Gadessa attacking with its GN Mega Launcher and Hiling/Garazzo using its GN Vulcan. After several attacks with little results, the two utilized Trans-Am to gain an advantage over 00 Raiser.

Revive/Gadessa and Hiling/Garazzo were later pushed away by the massive amount of GN Particles released from the 00 Raiser as it activated the Trans-Am Burst System, causing Revive to complain that the Innovators would have the advantage if they got their hands on the 00 Gundam. After the particles dispersed and Tiera regained access to the Veda, he remotely activated the GN-009 Seraphim Gundam's Trial System, resulting in Revive's and Hiling's machines, as well as the Gagas to shut down and fell onto mothership's surface.


The Seraphim was later destroyed by Ribbons' CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam, but the Innovators' machines remained cut off from Veda's support. Despite this, Revive's Gadessa and Hiling's Garazzo soon resumed operation and assisted Ribbons' Reborns against the 00 Raiser. However, their assistance was short-lived as the Cherudim and Arios soon arrived to even the scale. Revive/Gadessa then engaged the Cherudim, while Hiling/Garazzo fought the Arios. Firing the Gadessa's GN Vulcan, Revive look down on the Cherudim, which was crippled due to its prior battle with the Arche Gundam.

As the duel progressed, Revive lost the Gadessa's GN Mega Launcher to attacks from above by the Cherudim. Switching to the Gadessa's GN Vulcan, Revive landed a few blows on the Cherudim, he then attempted to strike down the Gundam using a GN Beam Saber. However, the Cherudim activated Trans-Am, evading the attack and moved behind the Gadessa. Revive quickly realized his mistake, but he could do nothing as the Cherudim drew out a GN Beam Pistol II and shot at Gadessa's back from point blank. The shots penetrated the Gadessa's cockpit, killing Revive and the mobile suit soon exploded.

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