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While repairs are being made to the damaged spaceport entrances of Amman by Petite-Mobiles, Kamille is further working on the Haro robot. Emma then appears, informing Kamille that the construction of the Gundam Mk-II's flying armor is underway. The two pay a visit to Astonaige, and he tells them that they've completed a prototype version of a mobile-suit of Kamille's design, the Zeta Gundam, and that the Argama will send the Gundam Mk-II towards the atmosphere using transforming parts of the Zeta Gundam.

Emma approaches Quattro and ask questions about the AEUG's plan to attack Jaburo. It's obvious to Emma that Quattro isn't really in favor of this operation, as he says that there's a possibility that the Republic of Zeon will join forces with Gryps.

Back at the Alexandria, Jamaican and Gady Kinsey are talking about Anaheim Electronics. Jamaican is sure that the company is providing both parties of the conflict with resources, so that they'll have a valid excuse whichever side wins the war. Kacricon tells Jerid that Jamaican has given him permission to take off, provided that he tests their new mobile-suit, the Marasai.

Jamaican refuses to disclose the destination of the Sichuan to Granada's officers. The ship apparently left after getting special orders from Gryps. Kinsey, however, notices that the Sichuan is still at Granada, but the ship has been painted with different colors.

At the outskirts of Amman, a sentry by the codename "Mad Hatter" informs the Titans that the Argama is about to take off. Kacricon and Jerid have a last minute discussion about their attack plan, before both men launch in their new Marasai units. Amman is suddenly the target of a large-scale assault: Kamille and Quattro hurry to the city's defense. While Quattro kills the Mad Hatter, Kamille is lured away by Kacricon and Jerid and now has to fight them both. Emma's Rick Dias and some Petite-Mobiles defend the AEUG's fleet against Kitchman's Hizack, while they leave the city.

As the battle rages on, Wong Lee, using a Petite-Mobile armed with a Hyper Beam Gum, intervenes and provides backup to Kamille until Quattro arrives. When the Argama and the rest of the AEUG's fleet finally finish their departure from Amman, the city suffers massive amounts of damage by a merciless volley of missile blasts from the Titan's fleet.

Kamille is congratulated for his performance on the Amman battle by Henken and Emma. Kamille is starting to mellow out to the crew, and because of it, he starts to gain more of their respect, little by little. The Argama's scans suddenly pick up a stress signal from a nearby ship: an atmospheric shuttle that Kamille confirms it's the Temptation (the ship of former White Base captain, Commander Bright Noa).

Kamille and Quattro launch in order to assert the situation, finding out that a bizarre new model of an unknown mobile-armor is attacking the helpless Temptation. Quattro tests the Hyaku Shiki new weapon, the Mega Bazooka Launcher, and Kamille supports him in and the Temptation in battle. The mysterious enemy retreats.

The Temptation's crew leave their shuttle behind and board the Argama. Bright and Quattro shake hands, before Quattro introduces Bright to Kamille. To everyone's surprise, Fa Yuiry suddenly jumps into Kamille's arms. She tells him that Bask took her mother and father as prisoners just because of her relationship with Kamille, and that Bright rescued her. Kamille's hatred towards the Titans only deepens.

Important Events


  • Script: Hiroshi Ohnogi & Minoru Onoya
  • Unit Director: Osamu Sekita
  • Animation Director: Akihiro Kanayama