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Return to the Battlefield (戦場への帰還 Senjō e no Kikan?) is the Phase-15 of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny. It first aired in Japan on January 22, 2005 and in North America on June 15, 2007.


Athrun is reinstated in the ZAFT military and appointed to FAITH. He is given the Saviour mobile suit and assigned to the Minerva. Captain Gladys is also appointed to FAITH, which creates something of a conflict in the command structure; Athrun and she now have more or less equal rank and strategic authority.


In order to join with the Minerva, Athrun heads to Orb on Saviour Gundam. Allying with the Atlantic Federation,Orb refuses Athrun’s entry, and he hears that the Minerva has already left. He gives up and decides to go after the Minerva.

Meanwhile on the Archangel, Cagalli questions Kira and the others as to why she was kidnapped from her wedding ceremony. Kira gives Athrun’s ring to the enraged Cagalli and speaks gently to her. “We have to find the right answer this time.” And with his words,Cagalli breaks down and sobs in his arms.

Elsewhere, Athrun joins with the Minerva docked in Carpentaria. He is dumbfounded to hear Cagalli was kidnapped in the middle of the wedding, but realizing the culprit is Kira, feels relieved for the time being.

Athrun hands over new orders and insignia for FAITH from Chairman Durandal to Captain Talia. She shows a complex look on her face. The Minerva’s new missions is to assist the ZAFT troops attempting to capture Suez base at Gibraltar. It means that the Minerva has to deal with sensitive inter-nation and inter-ethnic issues, and must intervene in the affairs where internal troubles is a strong indication toward independence. The Minerva heads to a new battlefield. Neo captures the battleship on radar and his bold smile broadens.

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