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Having taken Shinta hostage during the test of their improved main cannon, Chara steals the Core Top and flees the Argama. When Judau and the others fly out to intercept her, they find themselves facing Gottn in his new mobile suit AMX-008 Ga-Zowmn and a squad of Gaza-Cs. Judau attempts to try and retrieve the Core Top by forcibly docking his core fighter with it.


The crew decide to rescue Leina before defeating Neo Zeon. Power to the ship is cut to test the Argama's new cannon. Chara escapes but Judau and Iino give chase. Nel, Claiyu, Yula and Gottn who had piled into the same suit join the battle each in their own suits. Elle and Roux then launch as well. A dummy asteroid is destroyed by shooting revealing Elpeo Ple in the Qubeley. The Argama's new cannon fires and destroys 3 dummy asteroids but misses Elpeo and destroys a colony. Judau decides to go to Axis to rescue Leina by himself.

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