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As usual, Kamille and Fa are bickering once again. Even Apolly tries to step in and give Kamille some advice but quickly backpedals out of their "recreation" business, joining Bright as he and other important figures of the AEUG are discussing how to handle their next operation: retrieving Lieutenant Quattro from Earth.

Because the Argama has entered the enemy territory in order to receive laser communication from the site where Quattro's space shuttle will soon launch, they will not be able to arrive at the proper geostationary orbit before the arrival of the Alexandria's fleet that recently left A Baoa Qu, compromising the safety of the shuttle. Henken suggests taking a detour to camouflage their objectives, but that would force the space shuttle to dangerously wait in orbit longer than necessary. Without any other choice, all of them agree that their best plan is to just force their way through the Alexandria's fleet.

Meanwhile, things are heating up at the Alexandria (under repairs since the bridge's recent destruction). Yazan is having a violent outburst, trying to throw all of their Hizacks out of the ship as they're en route towards the Argama, deeming them as nothing but "outdated toys" and useless in battle. Assigned back to the Alexandria under the command of Captain Gady Kinsey, Jerid tries to keep Yazan under control, and they agree that Yazan can do whatever he wants after beating the Zeta Gundam.

Mouar approaches Jerid, telling him how she also accepted an offer from Captain Gady to join the crew of the Alexandria, having refused Scirocco's offer to join him on the Jupitris. Mouar tells him that she did so in order to be at Jerid's side once again and, finally understanding her true feelings, Jerid kisses her. Mouar tells Jerid that she will use one of the Hizacks that Yazan was threatening to throw out of the ship as an energy tank for the powerful Mega-Launcher, a mobile-suit weapon. Jerid warns her of the dangers, but she sincerely responded that she is confident that Jerid will protect her.

The Argama and the Radish are positioned near the Earth's orbit, when the Alexandria approaches. Unruly as usual, Yazan leaves the ship with his squadron without proper orders from the Captain. ​​​​​Back on Earth, Hayato talks to Quattro minutes before he embarks on the shuttle: they talk about Blex, how the rest of the AEUG members will respond to news of his death, and the overall situation on the Moon, as the populace is feeling pressured to submit to the Titans out of sheer fear. Quattro tells him that there are also many who hate the Titans instead of fearing them, but Hayato responds by telling him that, now more than ever, Quattro must take control of the AEUG.

In space, Yazan's unit engages the Radish, acting as a shield for the Argama as it tries to retrieve the shuttle, now waiting at the Earth's geostationary orbit; with it's pilots getting impatient with the Argama's tardiness, Quattro decides to leave the shuttle in a core boat. Emma is acting as a decoy, trying to distract Yazan. The Argama's pilots launch in their respective mobile suits, in order to join the fray, immediately followed by Jerid's team, with the Mega Launcher ready to be fired.

Yazan nearly kills Emma before he receives orders to assist Jerid, who's battling the Zeta Gundam. When Yazan arrives, Jerid concludes that the opportunity to fire the Mega Launcher has finally presented itself, and sends out two flare signals to Sarah Zabiarov and Mouar. Sarah hesitates at first, sensing Katz and Kamille's thoughts in her mind. When she finally opens fire, it is too late and the Zeta Gundam is able to escape it's line of fire at the last second, but the blast nevertheless vaporizes the space shuttle.

Thankfully, Quattro's core boat is safe after having ejected itself from the space shuttle, minutes before it got destroyed. Captain Gady orders that the mobile suit team retreat. As they return to the ship, Jerid and Mouar discuss the mission, and talk both about the Mega Launcher's performance, and also about Sarah, as she still has Kamille and Katz in her mind.

Back at the Argama, Kamille is once again congratulated for a good job. He approaches Fa, and after she once again coldly tries to dismisses him, Kamille tells her how he feels about their situation, urging her that this isn't the time for them to be quarreling with each other. He recognizes that he isn't flawless, but also points out Fa's own immature actions. She seems to understand, and they hug, finally making amends with each other.

After being given a special envelope with a disc from Quattro, Bright tearfully watches video footage recorded by his children for him.

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  • Script: Yumiko Suzuki & Minoru Onoya
  • Unit Director: Toshifumi Kawase
  • Animation Director: Akihiro Kanayama