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Renda de Paloma (レンダ・デ・パロマ) is a fictional character from Mobile Suit Victory Gundam.


Renda is one of Duker Iq's subordinates and a member of his Motorad squadron. She has great admiration for him and he also had good respect for her as a subordinate. He secretly harbored romantic affections for Renda, and when she told him she would like to live in a cabin after the war was done, he said that he would like to live with her there. Renda is astonished and reciprocates his affections, and accepts a necklace from him as a gift.[1]

However, fate would not smile upon the new lovers for long. The exact day that they revealed their feelings for each other, they would get into a fight with forces from the League Militaire. Renda's mobile suit was injured during the battle, and she retreated to the safety of the deck of the ship where Duker was located. However, Militaire fighter Odelo Henrik rashly destroyed the deck of the ship even though the Zanscare fleet had already surrendered, killing everyone onboard the deck, including Duker and Renda.[1]

After their deaths, the Newtypes of the League Militaire see the souls of Duker and Renda riding a motorcycle peacefully. The souls then ride all the way to a nice cabin in the woods, revealing what their life would have been like after the war.[1]



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