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Reich Anto(ライク・アント) is a character from After War Gundam X and appears in episode one.


An experienced pilot for the Alternative Company, Reich was put in charge of getting Tiffa Adill back from the Freeden. When he knew that he could not do so without possibly killing the girl in the attack, he instead sought out an alternate means of regaining Tiffa. Following leads he was able to locate Garrod Ran, a young boy known for his skills of improvisation as well as his ability to capture mobile suits.

Reich hires Garrod for the task, leading Garrod to believe that he is rescuing Tiffa from a group of evil Vultures. Meeting up with Garrod after Tiffa was reclaimed, he chases after them in his mobile suit along with two other pilots of the Alternative Company. Their chase leads them to an abandoned factory where they confront Garrod in a Gundam. Reich was able to identify the Gundam as the GX-9900 Gundam X when he saw the mobile suit. Attempting to fight off Garrod, he is killed in the battle along with the two other Alternative Company pilots.


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