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The Regild Century (リギルド・センチュリー Rigirudo Senchurī?) is the timeline used by the Gundam Reconguista in G television series. It is set in the same universe as the Universal Century timeline, only thousands of years later. The world of RC 1014 is one of recovery. After the Universal Century concluded with a series of violent space wars,[1] Earth was left wracked by starvation and ecological collapse. A similar level of destruction occurred in orbit and the space colonies that once surrounded the planet are gone. Having ridden out this nightmare, the surviving people of Earth clustered around an area in the Amazon (the last green place on the planet at the time) and restored the Capital Tower, a massive space elevator from the UC era. Around this structure a religion emerges, where energy-carrying Photon Batteries come down from space and power society, "SU-Cordism". The SU-Cordism religion aided in Earth's recovery by applying restrictions on technological progress, coined the "AG-Tech Taboo."


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According to Yoshiyuki Tomino, there was an exhaustion of natural resources in Universal Century. The Earth was abandoned, and the population of the Earth was reduced by a half when Regild Century began. Tomino defines the Regild Century as "The real end of the Universal Century".



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