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Reccoa Londe (レコア・ロンド?) is an intelligence operative for the AEUG who piloted many mobile suits while in service on the Argama in the anime Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.

Personality & Character[]

A warm and generous woman, she is also tough and independent, serving as a mentor to AEUG newcomers. She is a valued adviser to its core leadership. Reccoa does however have a streak of restlessness that causes her to seek out dangerous missions, such as acting as a scout for the planned full-scale assault on the Earth Federation's Jaburo base.

As the war rages on, Reccoa's female identity begins to clash with her identity as a soldier. She begins to seek comfort from fellow pilot Quattro Bajeena, although he proves unable to provide her with the affection she seeks. The war eventually introduces her to Paptimus Scirocco of the Titans, causing her to be drawn in by his charisma and ideology. Following her defection to the Titans, Reccoa is forced to abandon her morals for the sake of staying close to Scirocco, causing her to lead a mission to gas an entire colony and killing all of its inhabitants. But despite committing such atrocities, she still shows some care about her former comrades, as she was shocked seeing Apolly Bay die in action, and even expressing shock when learning about the deaths of Katz Kobayashi and Henken. Eventually Reccoa comes to believe that all men only use women to fulfill their own ambitions, dying angry and bitter in a battle against Emma Sheen.



During the One Year War, Reccoa was a part of an underground resistance group that fought against the Principality of Zeon. Having survived many conflicts and engagements while those close to her died has shaped her into the person that she is.

Gryps War[]

Reccoa would join the AEUG in defiance to Bask Om's Titans primarily due to the incident at Colony 30. Reccoa would remain within the Argama to watch over her allies as they escaped with a pair of stolen RX-178 Gundam Mk-II after help from Kamille Bidan. When Emma Sheen delivers Bask's ultimatum to return the units or watch as Kamille's parents are killed, Reccoa debates whether or not to give the Gundams back. As they are arguing, Kamille leaves the ship on his own, but his actions lead to his mother's death in the ensuing battle.

This causes Quattro to return Kamille and the Mk-IIs to the Titans as Reccoa had suggested. After Emma left, however, Quattro revealed that he followed Reccoa's suggestion because seeds of doubt had been planted within Emma, and she was sure to defect with Kamille.

True to his assessment, Emma would rescue Kamille and his father and the group would take all three Mk-IIs to the AEUG. When Kamille's father hijacks Quattro's RMS-099 Rick Dias and attempts to surrender to Bask, Reccoa attempts to calm Kamille as he attempts to chase his father. Despite her attempts, Kamille breaks free and boards a Mk-II with a disassembled arm to aid Quattro's pursuit.

Eventually, Quattro is forced to destroy his unit and kills Kamille's father. Upon return, Reccoa tries to comfort Kamille that it was the reality of battle and was out of his control. While they are joined by Emma, Kamille angrily expresses jealousy over the others having stable family lives as opposed to his struggles.

Reccoa would later visit Emma, still on probation as her loyalty was in question, and revealed to her of Bask's hideous strategy of gassing the residents of Colony 30 during a protest for more reparation aid. After talking with Emma, Reccoa would be assigned to scout Jaburo and was on a shuttle headed for Earth. Thanks to Kamille's protection, Reccoa is able to safely make her journey.

While spying in the jungle, Reccoa is caught a group of Titan soldiers but is rescued by Kai Shiden, a local journalist with ties to the anti-Titan group, Karaba. The pair would find their way to Jaburo, but are captured and kept in a cell. Following their capture, a battle breaks out between the AEUG and the Titans, and the latter abandon the base and set the hidden nukes to detonate. Reccoa and Kai are abandoned in their cells but are rescued by Kamille after he is able to sense Reccoa's danger.

After being rescued, Reccoa would return to space while Kamille and Quattro remained for operations in Earth. While fellow Argama crew mate, Roberto would lose his life, Reccoa's shuttle reaches its destination without harm.

Reccoa would briefly stay with Henken Bekkener's Radish before returning back to the Argama with her new MSA-005 Methuss. Before leaving, Henken asks Reccoa to deliver his gift to Emma.

En-route, Reccoa and Henken are attacked by Jerid Messa's forces, but reinforcements from the Argama come and rescue the pair. Reccoa would then aid the Argama in the battle for Von Braun City. Although they were forced to retreat when Paptimus Scirocco's ship, Jupitris, landed and Von Braun and threatened a ceasefire lest the battle affect the civilians. Reccoa and the others are forced to pull back, and she would later congratulate Fa Yuiry for not getting hurt in her first true battle.

Following the ceasefire, a girl named Sarah Zabiarov surrenders to the AEUG and reveals a plot to drop one of Side Four's colonies on Granada. While she and Bright leave Kamille to validate Sarah's story, Reccoa secretly expresses her doubts of Sarah being a spy, but Bright warns her not to underestimate Newtypes, regardless of age. A battle soon breaks out when the Argama finds a ship moving a colony for the moon. Reccoa would help Fa in keeping the enemy mobile suits at bay while Emma. Through everyone's efforts, the colony is redirected, but it is soon learned that Sarah escaped during the chaos after being freed by Katz Kobayashi.

As the Titan ships were still in the vicinity, another battle occurs when Yazan Gable's squad leads a sneak attack on the Radish. Kamille rushes out to rescue Emma while Bright and the others make more research on the recent events. Bright eventually realizes that A Baoa Qu and Gryps were joining meaning a potential alliance between former Zeon members and the Titans. Reccoa would be sent to Granada after this as some lunar cities were pressured into joining the Titans.

Meeting Scirocco & Growing Doubts[]

Once Quattro returns back to the Argama, Reccoa is tasked with infiltrating the Jupitris. Upon spotting Scirocco, Reccoa feigns ignorance and pretends to get lost to see Scirocco upclose. Rather than punish her, Scirocco surprisingly implies to her that he had been aware of her true nature.

Upon return, Reccoa's photographic memory works against her as she cannot take Scirocco off her mind and is unable to give Bright any proper information. In the following battle, the Argama and Radish battle Yazan and Jerid's combined forces. While Reccoa departs on her Methuss, she and the other mobile suits are lured away while the Argama is ambushed in their absence. As she and other units are returning, they are attacked by an enraged Jerid following the death of Mouar Pharaoh, and Reccoa's unit is disabled by his onslaught.

Later on, Quattro requests Reccoa to act as his support unit as the Hyaku Shiki needs a secondary unit to help power the Hyper Mega Bazooka Launcher. Reccoa agrees to this request, and the pair kiss before departing on her Gelgoog. Quattro takes a shot at Scirocco's ship, but misses and the pair are forced to make evasive maneuvers as the Mega Bazooka Launcher recharges. The second shot would hit the Dogosse Giar's exit bridge. Reccoa's constant struggle to lose Scirocco's influence would finally end as she would give in and headed straight for the Dogosse Giar rather than return to the Argama at Quattro's orders.

Reccoa's sensations of Paptimus would lead her to rescue Kamille from Yazan's new RX-139 Hambrabi. The group would be rescued by a miraculous hail of fire from Haman Karn's Axis. Upon return, Kamille asks why Reccoa came over with unit that didn't have any weapons, but Reccoa avoids the topic and becomes increasingly secretive, to the concern of Kamille.

Reccoa would accompany Quattro in meeting Haman in-person alongside Zeon's current head, Mineva Lao Zabi. To AEUG's surprise, Quattro takes off his shades and is immediately recognized by Mineva as Char Aznable. After a good look at Mineva, however, Char lashes out at Haman for raising Mineva improperly leading to altercation that gets the AEUG's members to be detained.

Char and Kamille soon fake a fight to lure their guards in, and Wong Lee proceeds to hold the guard hostage and takes his gun. Reccoa and Kamille would follow Char during his confrontation with Haman, and Reccoa suffers a shot from Haman intended for Char. During their escape back to the Argama, Yazan's forces return to launch an attack after seeing the conflict between their enemies.

Reccoa would pilot her Methuss once more and assisted him against Yazan's Hambrabi, but her arm injury from Haman's gunshot acts up alongside sensations of Scirocco, and Yazan heavily damages the Methuss. Char would stay with Reccoa while she recovered from her wounds.

Defection to Titans[]

When Char stopped visiting her, Fa met Reccoa, and Reccoa revealed that she lived in the moon previously but was split from her parents, and she later ended up joining several guerrilla movements and saw the deaths of many friends. As a result, she never felt she had a place unless she was on edge and that she had failed to find a proper man for herself. She warns Fa not to become a woman like her.

Tired of Char's cold treatment of her, Reccoa departs after sensing someone calling out to her. After nearly being killed and rescued afterwards by Char and Kamille, Reccoa snaps back into reality and moves to defend the Argama and engages Yazan. Something unnatural soon grips Reccoa, no longer able to resist, exits her damaged unit and allows Yazan to capture her.

Public support for the Titans would drop significantly following Char's speech to the world of the Titans' ruthlessness as Char and Kamille returned to space, Reccoa, having now surrendered, would help oversee the attack on the Argama. When Char attempts to use the Hyper Mega Bazooka Launcher, Reccoa warns Gady Kinsey to pull his ship back. Gady would then follow Reccoa's suggestion to retreat. Both Kamille and Char would sense a great disturbance and believed this to be Reccoa, though the former was more apprehensive of the thought.

Reccoa would later be reassigned to work with Scirocco, who would play further into Reccoa's inner conflict by pointing out the others in the Argama were unable to sense her pain, forcing her to act strong until she could not tolerate it any more. Paptimus would then present Reccoa with his Messala. In her first sortie with the Messala, Reccoa would be shocked to find that she would now face the Zeta.

Outmatched, Reccoa attempted to flee but was chased down by Kamille, who was equally surprised to see her still alive. Reccoa would reluctantly be adamant in her stance in spite of Kamille's denial that she would betray her allies. In spite of Kamille's tearful pleas, Reccoa refuses to return, but she does warn him that a colony laser was now complete and that the Argama must withdraw immediately.

To her horror, Bask orders her to watch as Gryps 2's Colony Laser finally fires, killing a significant amount of civilians. Although sensing the immense pain of the people dying, Reccoa realizes she has made her choice and can no longer return. As a further test of her loyalty, Bask then orders Reccoa to gas a colony, and punches her when she questions the need to do so.

Reccoa pushes herself to believe this as a test from Scirocco, and launches in the hopes that the Argama will come and stop her. Much to her disbelief, they successfully gas a colony, and Kamille and Emma arrive too late to stop her. Reccoa would fight Char instead. Reccoa would later pull back with Rosamia Badam back to the Alexandria.

Fall of the Titans[]

Due to the arrival of Haman and Axis Zeon, a three-way power struggle occurs, and Sarah is captured during an attack on Haman's Gwadan after the AEUG appears and defends Haman's ship. Reccoa is ordered to move to rescue Sarah with the PMX-001 Palace Athene.

While loyally following orders, Reccoa still has secret hopes that someone will be able to stop her, and she attacks and lands a direct hit on the Argama. To Reccoa's surprise, Fa would come piloting the Methuss. Reccoa would take advantage of the Palace Athene's superior speed to reach Fa's back, but did not harm her and instead left to join the battle at Axis. Fa, however, chases after and grabs the Palace Athene, causing Reccoa to crash within Axis. Finally calming Fa down, Reccoa exits her cockpit to talk.

Reccoa admits that she's disappointed Fa as she was unable to let go of her past and searched to fill the lost love she was robbed by the war. Despite Fa asserting of the pain Reccoa's betrayal had caused Kamille, Reccoa refuses to turn as there were things men could not understand from women. The pair later return to their units when Kamille comes, unable to resolve their differences.

Reccoa would be confronted by Kamille once more, but Jerid arrives and attacks Kamille. While Reccoa attempts to aid Jerid, the dogfight becomes even messier as Fa, Botty, and Apolly get involved, and Jerrid kills Apolly. In the background, Axis collides with A Baoa Qu and the mass expulsion of rubble forces a temporary halt to the battle.

Reccoa and Scirocco meet Sarah after she returns from the Argama, but Sarah becomes jealous of the recent attention Reccoa has been receiving from Paptimus. Reccoa would come with Paptimus when he leaves with PMX-003 The-O. Reccoa and Sarah act as his support during a negotiation between all three forces, and the three would fight Haman's AMX-004 Qubeley, but Reccoa and Sarah would be easily overwhelmed by Haman's funnels. Sarah dies when she shields Scirocco from an attack by Katz Kobayashi, but when Scirocco is about to retaliate, Reccoa instinctively jumps in his way, inadvertently saving Katz.

She is later seen participating in Scirocco's coup against Bask in order to place Scirocco at helm of the Titans and is credited with destroying the Dogosse Giar. In the movie version, however, Yazan leads the coup instead.

During the final stages of the last battle, Scirocco complains to Reccoa that he cannot stand people acting on pure emotion and power is needed to ensure proper stability. Reccoa immediately asks if people can be expected to change after the war, but Scirocco responds that someone would need to change the people, and that someone could be Reccoa herself.


Having now gotten a better grasp of the situation, Scirocco and Reccoa depart to face Haman and Kamille. Reccoa would find herself in a battle against Kamille and worked with Yazan. Eventually, Yazan is able to pin the Zeta with the Hambrabi's Sea Serpent, but, before Reccoa can finish Kamille, Emma arrives and shoots off one of the Palace Athene's Twin Beam Gun.

Emma would inform Reccoa of the deaths of Katz and Henken, Emma asks that while everyone was emotional at their deaths, she asks if Reccoa was truly fine if no one cared about her if she died. Reccoa defiantly retorts that she had chosen her path and was aware of the consequences. The pair would draw their blades as Reccoa insisted in living life her own way without interference. Reccoa would be the one to die as Emma's beam saber penetrated the Palace Athene's cockpit.

In her last moments, Reccoa would indignantly warn Emma of man's savagery and how they only know how to use women as tools and to humiliate them as they please.

Reccoa's spirit, alongside the rest of deceased Kamille's friends, would help him in his final duel against Scirocco.


Kamille Bidan[]

Since Kamille's harsh introduction into the AEUG, Reccoa acted as a sisterly figure for Kamille that could help ease the burdens of the death of his parents and the harshness of war. Reccoa would be one of the first people Kamille would be able to sense when his Newtype powers began to develop as he was able to rescue her at Jaburo. As the war progressed, and Reccoa's emotions would cause her to leave the AEUG, Kamille correctly deduced one of the key factors was the cold reception she had been receiving from Quattro.

After becoming a Titans member, Reccoa feared exposing her identity as one of their pilots to her former allies. Kamille would again be the first to learn of this, and he was initially in pure disbelief, believing Reccoa was doing another undercover spy mission. Despite being on opposite sides, the two still had a tearful parting. When Reccoa aided in the successful gassing of a colony, Reccoa held the secret hope of being stopped by Kamille, but the act caused Kamille to become spiteful of her fall, and far conflicted towards any future encounter with her. Nonetheless, her spirit would linger on and assist Kamille during his final attack on Scirocco.

Char Aznable[]

Fa Yuiry[]

Reccoa would come to respect Fa Yuiry as she grows into her role as an AEUG pilot, even after she defected to the Titans.

Emma Sheen[]

Upon their first meeting to negotiate the return of the Gundam Mk-II's, Reccoa sensed that Emma was not like the other Titans, being more civil and decent but naive towards her organization's true nature. Because of this, Reccoa would successfully plan and induce Emma's defection before showing the Titans' atrocities to Emma and revealing why they were so vehemently opposed.

After Emma joins the AEUG, the pair held a cordial relationship despite being on separate ships for the most part, and Reccoa would also act as a messenger of sorts in Emma's relationship with Henken Bekkener. When Kamille revealed that Reccoa had switched sides and joined the Titans, Emma was the most offended by this act and was the only member that would actively curse Reccoa for her decision. This would only be magnified upon Reccoa's decision to aid in the gassing of a colony, the very atrocity that she had revealed to Emma to convince her to join the AEUG.

During their final battle, Emma's anger towards Reccoa would simmer into pity as she felt Reccoa had thrown away all her blessings to sate her own emotions and feared Reccoa had no one left to think of her fondly.

Katz Kobayashi[]

Reccoa would grow to become fond of Katz during her time with the AEUG, and even when she defected to the Titans, she still cared enough for his well-being to stop Scirocco's retaliation after he killed Sarah, and even sensed his death, something that Emma would taunt Reccoa over during their final duel.

Paptimus Scirocco[]

In their first meeting, Paptimus sensed Reccoa as a fellow Newtype during her spying mission into his ship and would sense a great hole in her heart that was opened thanks to the war. Ever since this meeting, Paptimus' influence would continuously plague Reccoa as she progressively failed to reject his calls, randomly getting out of position at times due to Paptimus' sway over her.

It would ultimately be thanks to her deteriorating relationship with Quattro that she finally submitted to Paptimus charm, and she would finally join the Titans though only present nominally due to her service to Paptimus. Even when committing the same atrocities that she vowed to fight against, Reccoa was too far fallen with Paptimus' words and reading of her heart that she believed all these to be tests from him to rise to be his queen.

Sarah Zabiarov[]


Character Designs[]



Notes & Trivia[]

  • Reccoa makes a cameo appearance in the Extreme Vs. series among the spirits that help Zeta Kamille when he activates Burst. Her name is also occasionally used when fighting against the Palace Athene in Arcade mode.
  • Reccoa shares her Japanese voice actress with Rondo Mina Sahaku. Certain games also reference this in meetings between Mina and other characters from Zeta Gundam.


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