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Reborn Try Fighters is the 15th episode of Gundam Build Fighters Try.


Once upon a time, the Gunpla Battle world championship was held at the PPSE Stadium. After the Plavsky particle accident seven years ago, the damaged stadium was demolished, and a monument was placed there bearing the names of previous champions. Now, the Gunpla Battle Japanese Championship tournament is about to begin at the Yajima Stadium, which has been newly constructed next to this site. As champions gather from every prefecture, having fought their way through the regional qualifiers, Sekai again encounters Wilfrid Kijima of the Gunpla Academy. Meanwhile, Yuuma learns that Minato Sakai is also entering the tournament as one of the representatives from Osaka. The next day, brackets are drawn after the opening ceremonies, and the Try Fighters immediately enter battle as they are assigned the first match of the tournament. Their opponent is Okhotsk Academy, representing South Hokkaido, a team that placed in the best 8 of last year’s national tournament![1]



Mobile Weapons


  • When Tatsuya Yuuki remembers the now destroyed PPSE Stadium appears images from Gundam Build Fighters final episode, Promise.
  • The tournament chart shows many teams that hint to several series produced by Sunrise studios like Armored Trooper Votoms, Love Live!, Space Runaway Ideon and the Yuusha series.
    • In addition, these teams representing schools have names that make a pun with their names or are inspired by its original series (such as Otonokizaka school from Love Live!)
  • The members of Team Amorphous resemble the protagonists of Brave Express Might Gaine. The shape of their school badges also resembles Might Gaine's distinctive crest.


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