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ReZeon is a faction that appears in Advance of Zeta Re-Boot: Gundam Inle. They are the remnants of the first Neo Zeon who fled to Mars after the First Neo Zeon War.


The girls built up their power by taking in Titans remnants which left the Earth Sphere following the end of the Gryps conflict. Alicia strives toward a revival of an ideal Zeon nation on Mars. Yet within the ReZeon, a sect was secretly planning a return to the Earth Sphere. ReZeon, however, was not a monolith. Although the remnants strength was firmly tied to Alicia Zabi as a leader, the Titan deserters they linked up with afterward held discontent for being a subordinate to Zeon. In addition to this, the pent-up feelings of some citizens forced to live a severe lifestyle on Mars band together and a riot breaks out in an old town. However, this riot was merely the beginning of a much bigger case involving the Inle that shook the Earth Sphere.

The primary base of operations of Mars was founded in the Martian volcano, Mt. Olympus. Mars is home to multiple cities, bases, and factories which are connected by underground caverns, some of which are underwater and require marine type mobile suits and submarines to gain access to.

The distinct red and black color scheme of the Alicia Guard Mobile Suits has several meanings. The red color stands for the color of Mars, the home of ReZeon. It also symbolizes the Zeon spirit as a burning flame, from the lava of the Mt. Olympus volcano. A mobile suit with this color scheme signifies a pledge to ReZeon's leader, Alicia Zabi, and to protect their Martian home.


Mars Locations

  • Mt. Olympus
  • Arcadia
  • Inle Glacier
  • Mobile Suit Manufacturing Plant
  • Skyport
  • Eleanor Monitoring Satellite


Mobile Weapons

Vehicles and Support Units

  • Sand Angler
  • Mud Angler
  • Gran-Xandria:Re


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