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Re:RISE is the twenty-sixth episode, thirteenth episode of the second season, and final episode of Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE.


Alus has chosen to forcibly invade GBN in order to eliminate the people of the Gunpla. But lying in wait for his forces are the Divers of the Coalition of Volunteers, assembled now for the third time. The mission of Hiroto and the Build Divers, which began on the planet Eldora, finally enters its last stage.[1]


The episode picks up from the end of the last episode as numerous Divers face down Alus' invading army. Alus is shocked as he wonders if they were waiting for him. Momo uses her Momokapool's "Penguin Research" ability to scan Alus' army. Though she doesn't get it, she understands the data is mind-boggling. With that, Kyoya orders their forces to attack and a fierce battle erupts.

Back at Cuadorn's home, BUILD DiVERS watches as the battle starts. Kazami realizes Cuadorn and Masaki were able to lure Alus to GBN with May agreeing that it was all according to plan. Freddie turns to the group and tells them he's rooting for them, to be careful and that he'll be there in spirit. Kazami thanks him for his reassurance and offers a fist bump, which he and the other BUILD DiVERS partake in, leading Hiroto to proclaim that it's time to finish the fight. In the real world, Hinata watches in awe at the moment.

Back in GBN, Alus realizes he is in an electronic world and plans something. As Riku and his Gundam 00 Sky Moebius attack, he gets a warning notification as Alus' flagship gathers energy and fires numerous shots, rattling him, Yuuki and Momo, destroying numerous GBN forces. Even worse, the shots had the ability to attack GBN's server directly, greatly shocking Ms. Tori and Mr. Katsuragi, who were monitoring the event in the GBN Administration Office. The battle gets harder as Do-ji, Yuuki, Karuna and Kyoya are being pushed back. Emilia then warns of something else trying to push into the battlefield.

Thankfully, it ends up being the BUILD DiVERS, a reassuring sign for Riku and Magee. Parviz and Hiroto fire at the enemy, while Kazami blocks an attack, allowing May to fly ahead. Inspired by this, Rommel passes command of his Force to Kurt temporarily as he decides to prepare something special, retreating from the battlefield. At Alus' abandoned base, Masaki and Cuadorn find the mainframe Alus was stored in. Cuadorn notes that if they destroy it, he can't return to Eldora. Masaki plans to destroy it alone, but Cuadorn tells him he wants to, that it's his responsibility. Cuadorn bids Alus farewell and Masaki tells BUILD DiVERS the rest is up to them as they make the shot.

Back in GBN, Emilia's cockpit flashes a warning alert as Alus' flagship has finished charging another shot and she begs for evasive action as it fires. Ogre, Shahyar, Tigerwolf, Magee and Yuuki attempt to deflect that shot with their strongest beam blasts, but Alus' attack is much stronger, delivering even more damage to the system. One of the bursts of lightning strikes the Momokapool, causing it to fall into a small body of water. Ayame calls out Momo's name, but is forced to deflect another burst of lightning. In the Administration Office, one of the Admins is hurt by an electric shock and warns Katsuragi the attack has severely damaged the server and that they can't handle another, something Emilia reiterates to Kyoya.

Alus' forces press on, with Karuna being confronted by a giant Eldora Daughtress-like unit. Controlling the Alus Core Gundam, flanked by Fake Nu, Dubious Arche and Reverse Turn-X, Alus tells them there's nothing they can do. Hiroto decides that they need to attack the flagship directly and prepares to link up with the Earth Armor. However, Alus hijacks the armor for his Alus Core Gundam, much to Hiroto's shock. As Alus prepares to shoot Hiroto with the rest of the world watching, Momo climbs out of the water in the Petittekapool, but was soon confronted by a Guard Eye.

As Alus fires, Mr. Ken arrives, piloting his Gunperry into Alus' shot. As well, Momo is saved by a humanoid Zakorello... piloted by Nanami! She lets Momo know she didn't come here to save the day by her lonesome as a flurry of beam shots erupts across the sky, shooting down various units of the Alus' army as numerous Divers watching Kazami's stream arrive through various gates. The giant Eldora Daughtress-like unit is cut down easily by a unique white Gunpla. Mr. Katsuragi and Ms. Tori arrive in a Gunpanzer, using a special security patch to fix up the damage Alus did.

Momo and Nanami watch in awe as the tide is turned, only to be confronted by more Guard Eyes. Nanami handles this quite well, becoming a whirling dervish to plow through the enemies. Momo then meets with Mr. MS and his Umi Tryon, who asks if she needs a lift. Together, the two make short work of more of Alus' army. Elsewhere, Kazami is called up by Gojo, who praises him for his inspiration, but the rest of Mu Dish warn him not to keep praising him like that. To Kazami's surprise, he is joined by Captain Zeon himself, who blasts away more of Alus' army before asking Kazami if he thinks he can keep up with him, which Kazami enthusiastically proclaims he can. On the ground, Tsukasa asks KO-1 to pass control of their Gunpla to him, transforming it into a beast-like form that slashes its enemies apart.

As Hiroto finds himself still overpowered by Alus, Mr. Ken apologizes for getting shot down, but Hiroto is okay with it. With a cry of "Extra Limited Change, Docking Go!", Hiroto combines with various PLANET System armor parts that Mr. Ken had carried in his Gunperry, and destroys Alus' machine. Alus then switches control to the Dubious Arche in confusion as a Zock easily deflects a beam shot. Elsewhere, Rize and a group of others protect a few damaged Gunpla, asking if they were okay. As Alus struggles with Parviz, Ark and Zen use the Shining Break and G-Else to unleash the Hard Improvisation combination attack, shooting down the first of Alus' ships. Parviz calls out to Alus, telling him that he can easily start over, that his job is done. He, then, teams up with Shahyrar to unleash the Twin Meteor Strike, destroying the Dubious Arche and the second battleship. As Alus takes over control of the Fake Nu, he blocks Kazami's beam blade attack. Kazami tells him that even mediocre person like him can improve, then teams up with Captain Zeon to cleave both it and the third battleship in four. Alus switches to the Reverse Turn-X and is greeted with a kick from the Wodom Pod +. Alus says that he have a promise to keep, and May replies that they will revive the feelings and wishes that the Ancients had entrusted to Alus. May then launches a powerful kick, sending the Wodom Pod + and the Reverse Turn-X crashing into the fourth battleship. A proud Tsukasa then breaks into the same ship, allowing KO-1 to finish it off.

Haunted by the last words made by the two Ancients, Alus cries out when their return will be before unleashing another set of blasts from his flagship. However, Sarah's Mobile Doll steps in, using her Moonlight Butterfly to deflects the shots. Kyoya activates the Try Age Magnum's Try Age System, drawing a card of the AGE-1 Titus and launching it into the air, his Gunpla's TRY Holder Frame then catches the resulting lightning, creating a massive golden blade and granting himself a 200% Damage Bonus. Swinging the blade down, a massive Titus arm falls from the sky, punching the Alus Core Gundam and the flagship into the ground. His forces destroyed and escape impossible, Alus lets out a primal scream of rage as he bonds with his flagship and unleashes a devastating burst of energy. May throws the WoDom Pod + in front of Sarah's Mobile Doll, destroying the WoDom Pod + and heavily damaging the Mobile Dolls, returning them to normal and forcing Riku and Hiroto to catch them. The EL-Divers tell Alus he's done enough and now it's time to join the stream of data. Before Riku and Hiroto fire a combination shot, Hiroto tells him to be reborn once again, Eve's spirit overlaying with him. The blasts strike and, in his last moments, Alus meets the spirits of two Ancients, both apologizing and asking him to join them, which he tearfully accepts. As the final ship explodes, Freddie sees this and realizes it resembles The Space Crossing.

In the fields where Sarah and Eve were created in, BUILD DiVERS arrive to find a familiar-looking infant lying amongst the flowers. May tells them that despite the baby's appearance, he is not Alus, and that everyone's feelings for GBN and Alus' wish to protect Eldora has created a new EL-Diver. Noticing the baby has in his hand a pendant with a pattern similar to the head sensor of a number of One-Eyes machines, May noted he inherited something else. As May used her jacket to wrap the baby, Hiroto is shocked to see a similar pendant around her left arm - one that looks like Eve's earring. May believes that some factors used in her creation may have overflowed and lead to the item being created. Hiroto realizes something, but brushes it off despite his warm smile and chuckle. He thanks May for how their actions connected so many people, causing her to start crying. She's confused by it all, but Hiroto reassures her that happy tears are a thing, too, causing her to cry a little heavier as she smiles brightly.

In the real world, Ms. Tori asks if Mr. Katsuragi and Kyoya remembers an early hacking incident before GBN launched. They remember as Ms. Tori was heavily frustrated by the mysterious hacking that cannot be traced to its source, delaying their scheduling greatly. Ms. Tori points out that the lingering traces were similar to what Sarah had before her discovery and the arrival of Alus. She also points out that some Ancients had departed Eldora as data lifeforms. Mr. Katsuragi realizes that they could have transcended time and space to reach GBN, but Ms. Tori reminds him it's just speculation. Kyoya realizes and Ms. Tori confirms that they could have been the final triggering factor to create life in GBN, a hypothesis Kyoya agrees with.

At the hosipital, Masaki bids the kids there farewell, promising to return to check up on their builds. At Hiroto's home, Osamu is surprised at the truth of everything and is inspired to write once more as Yuriko is in awe that Hiroto got to actually pilot a Gunpla. In GBN, players were so excited to have participated in the "Event" and join the Champion, though they claim rumors it was actually a real fight to save GBN, not realizing the truth. There are various banners of Kazami being endorsed by Captain Zeon and even collaborating with him and the Patrick Colasour Diver.

In Eldora, Gorus looks out as the others build up their new homes. Muran finds himself being offered a nice meal by a lady, acting embarrassed. Stola helps up a fallen child and reassures them as other kids surround him. Cuadorn contently watches over the other Eldorans as we find out he landed his home where Seguri used to be. At the old village, BUILD DiVERS is joined by Hinata, taking up a miko-inspired Diver look. She's in awe of its beauty, which Hiroto points out she helped protect as well. Soon, Freddie, Kazami, Maiya, Asha, Towana and Hulun arrive, Kazami telling them they're late getting here. Freddie notices Hinata and asks who she was. She introduces herself as a member of BUILD DiVERS, with Hiroto pointing out that she was their moral support on Earth. As Freddie introduces himself, he comes to realize that the BUILD DiVERS are finally united at long last. Wanting her to visit the village, Freddie and the kids lead Hinata on, inviting Parviz to join them. Maiya and Kazami take their leave to help in the building, though Kazami wants it to go fast so he can enjoy her cooking again, which leads to her punching his arm. As Hiroto and May prepare to leave, a wind blows and they catch sight of a single petal flying past them and into the sky. With a reassured smile, Hiroto continues on. By the still-standing shield of the Earthree Gundam is the flag of the BUILD DiVERS, bearing their unique crest.

In the desert, Calico and Zabun are driving in the desert until they encounter a lost Guard Eye, who reacts in fear. Calico asks it if it has nowhere to go, then looks at Zabun. Zabun points to the back and tells the Guard Eye to get in. The machine reacts in confusion before it does so, donning a sombreo as they drive on. In space, a part of the Nepteight Armor floats idly...









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