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Raymond Bishop (レイモンド・ビショップ?) is a fictional character from the Mobile Fighter G Gundam series.


Raymond serves as the butler to Neo France's Gundam Fighter George de Sand. He has served the de Sand family for a very long time, and was both George's caretaker and fencing teacher. Although he doesn't have as big of a role as the other support crews, he has one occasion where he aided Domon and Rain with information on George's recent fight after his experience with the Devil Gundam, and how his mental state has changed for the worse. Raymond was able to explain to them about how George's mental state is caused by his fear from the Marseilles tragedy, and how Raymond is willing to risk his career to see that George's mental state is returned to normal. George catches him in the act and fires him, but later rehires him after Raymond helps save George from his old enemy, Jean-Pierre Mirabeau. He pilots his custom NEL-75C Butler mobile suit, mainly for training with George when he is in Gundam Rose. Although it was ruined during the battle against Mirabeau, the Butler was repaired and was later used to retrieve Dr. Kasshu's space capsule at the end of series, and Raymond later sat beside Maria Louise in the gun turret that was next to him during the attack against the Devil Gundam colony.



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