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Ray Yuki (レイ・ユウキ) is a fictional character from the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED anime.


Ray is a ZAFT team commander who works closely with National Defense Committee chairman Patrick Zala. When Athrun attended the ZAFT military academy, Yuki served as his mentor, and when Athrun returned to the PLANTs it falls to Yuki to inform him of the failure of Operation Spit Break, the theft of the Freedom Gundam, and the apparent treason of Lacus Clyne.

During the Second Battle of Jachin Due, Zala unveiled GENESIS, which he wanted to use to exterminate all the Naturals by firing it on Earth. Yuki attempted to convince him through his conscience not to do it, but was shot in response. With his dying breath, Yuki cursed Patrick Zala before managing to shoot him several times, killing him.

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