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Rarasa Moon (ラサラ・ムーン?) is a fictional character that appears in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.


She is a girl of the "Light Tribe," the forgotten people of the old colony of Moon Moon, and the sister of Sarasa Moon. She and her friends were opposed to her sister Sarasa's attempt to take Argama and spread the teachings of the Light Tribe to Earth, due to her recklessness and fear that Moon Moon would get caught up in the war in the outside world, and tried to stop her. She fell in love with Mondo at first sight, who had turned to Neo Zeon, and became close to him after he repaired the Catl of the Shinto shrine and helped her to settle the riot and reconcile with her sister. She later boards an immigrant ship with her sister to observe the outside world, and is rescued by the Nahel Argama after being attacked by Neo Zeon near Tigerbaum. She was involved in the commotion when the Nahel Argama entered Tigerbaum, and died protecting Mondo from the attack of Stampa's Z'Gok. Her presence helped Mondo grow greatly as a human being.



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