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Raraiya Akuparl (ラライヤ・アクパール Raraiya Akuparu?) is a character featured in the Gundam Reconguista in G television series.

Personality & Character

She is a very fun and childish girl who enjoys playing around she has a pet gold fish she calls Chuchumy, she is usually seen trying to get Klim Nick to play with her. Went her memories return she became intelligent, she and Noredo Nug pilot Of G-Lucifer.


She was first seen piloting the G-Self but was captured by the Capital Guard. She suffers from amnesia and has panic attacks when near the G-Self. They give her the alias Raraiya Monday (ラライヤ・マンディ Raraiya Mandi?) because Captain Samatar found her on a Monday and at the time was only with identifiable with the name "Rairaya".[1]

She was looked after by Noredo Nug and Manny Ambassada during her time in the Capital but later left with Noredo, Bellri and Aida to join the pirates. Over time, Raraiya recovered her mental faculties, recovering fully by the time the group reached Towasanga.



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