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Dr. Raizo Kasshu (ライゾウ・カッシュ?) is a fictional character from the Mobile Fighter G Gundam series.


Raizo Kasshu was the father of Domon Kasshu and Kyoji Kasshu. Kyoji, Mikino Kasshu, and Raizo built the Ultimate Gundam, as a means to restore the Earth following the damage it sustained during the Gundam Fights. Major Ulube Ishikawa, along with Dr. Mikamura, attempted to steal it for their own purposes.

After Kyoji escaped with the Ultimate Gundam to Earth, Ulube managed to frame Raizo Kasshu for conspiring to use the Ultimate Gundam to decimate the United Colonies Federation and conquer Earth, for this he was sentenced to a cryogenic state. His son, Domon, entered the 13th Gundam Fight on the condition that his father's charges would be dropped and that he would be freed if Domon won. Dr. Kasshu was eventually freed by Dr. Mikamura's self sacrifice and his name was cleared. He then helped his son in the final battle with the Devil Gundam.

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