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Rain Mikamura (レイン・ミカムラ Rein Mikamura?) is a character that appears in Mobile Fighter G Gundam.

Personality & Character

Rain is a kind yet clever and tough young woman who became Domon's closest ally and supporter. She's a brilliant mechanic and doctor. Though Rain had to put up with Domon's tough and hot-headed attitude, she still remained loyal and faithful to him. She was the one who took the photo of Domon and his family, which was later torn and used by him during his search for his brother Kyoji.

A compassionate and empathetic person, Rain never turns her back on those in need and always helps others. Such as Chibodee's crew when they get caught in the middle of an overflowing river and tends to their wounds, despite the fact that they stole Shining Gundam's combat data, showing that she never holds a grudge. Rain is also sympathetic towards those with unfortunate circumstances, especially Domon, openly crying at the fact that he has to fight and kill his own brother.

Skills & Abilities

In addition to being a qualified doctor, she is also a talented woman who is capable of mechanic maintenance, espionage, and even piloting a Gundam. For self-defense, she carries a pistol, a compact with various functions such as a barrier, a communicator, and a flashlight, and her earring emits a light that paralyzes opponents. She is a good shot, and has even shot down an opponent's gun from a distance.


13th Gundam Fight

Although initially studying to become a doctor, due to her father's orders, Rain returned to Neo Japan, joining Domon Kasshu as the mechanic of his GF13-017NJ Shining Gundam. Rain remained with Domon until she is injured while piloting the Shining Gundam in the Guiana Highlands. Domon placed her on a Neo Russian transport and had her go to Neo Hong Kong while he fought Master Asia and the JDG-00X Devil Gundam.

During the 13th Gundam Fight finals, Rain continued to serve as Domon's mechanic until she left him following an argument. Rain then left, and shortly after meeting with Schwarz Bruder, temporarily defected to Neo Germany, before eventually returning to Domon when he realized that he couldn't continue without her.

Rain battles an infected Allenby.

After Schwarz is injured and his relationship to Kyoji Kasshu revealed, Rain snuck into the hospital and heard the truth about the Devil Gundam's theft and how her father had helped orchestrate a plot along with Major Ulube Ishikawa to ruin Dr. Raizo Kasshu's reputation. She helped Schwarz escape and get to Lantau Island. Later she piloted the JMF1336R Rising Gundam and fought the Walter Gundam that was being piloted by an infected Allenby Beardsley. Eventually, Rain managed to free Allenby from the DG cells and took her to a hospital. Afterwards, the Neo Japan military came to retrieve Dr. Mikamura. Now knowing the truth about the Devil Gundam incident, she felt responsible, believing her father's crimes to also be her crimes.

Core Life Unit

Rain as the new Core Life Unit for the Devil Gundam.

During their trip back to the Neo Japan colony, Ulube reviewed the research from the late Wong Yunfat, and learned that the ideal pilot for the Devil Gundam is a woman. Realizing his daughter was Ulube's intended pilot, Dr. Mikamura pushed Rain towards a nearby elevator, but Ulube managed to injure Dr. Mikamura. Rain is then taken and offered to the Devil Gundam as the new Core Life Unit. The Devil Gundam later melded with the Neo Japan colony after it fed off of Rain's negative emotions. The Devil Gundam then regenerated itself and became the Colony Devil Gundam.

Sensing Rain was in danger, Domon began to search for Rain's whereabouts. However he was too late and witnessed the colony be completely absorbed by the Devil Gundam. Before dying, Dr. Mikamura released Dr. Kasshu and pleaded for Domon to rescue his daughter, with Dr. Kasshu later telling Domon of Rain's location. After defeating Ulube alongside with the Shuffle Alliance, Domon entered the center of the colony to rescue Rain, and engaged in a final confrontation with the Devil Gundam, only to realize that Rain was the Core Life Unit.

Domon attempted to free Rain with brute force, but Dr. Kasshu explained that Rain's attacks would become stronger the closer that he moved towards her, as Rain wanted to stay away from him due to her guilt associated her father. Additionally, any damage sustained by the Devil Gundam caused Rain immense pain. Allenby then suggests Domon convey his feelings to Rain and declare his love for her. By doing so, Rain breaks free from the Devil Gundam's controls, embracing with Domon and delivering the final blow to the Devil Gundam with the Bakunetsu God Sekiha Love Love Tenkyoken technique. After the Devil Gundam is destroyed, she returns to Earth with Domon.


Notes & Trivia

  • The Devil Gundam coated Rain's body with DG cells, to the point her body becomes entirely silver. This is a visual indication that the Devil Gundam forced Rain to become Domon's enemy. The silver finish is a counterpoint to Domon's own gold-hued Hyper Mode.
    • Rain's chest and hips were digitally repainted black as a means of censorship during this scene for G Gundam's Toonami broadcast.
  • In the manga, Rain's personality is portrayed as more "tsundere" with the reason being author Kōichi Tokita's bias for Allenby. This is most evident in a flashback when Domon's family photo was being taken by a young Rain, who taunted Domon, something that she didn't do in the anime.

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