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Rain's Crisis: Return Of The Devil Gundam is the forty sixth episode in Mobile Fighter G Gundam.


Domon burns the Master Gundam and Master Asia's body, proclaiming it to be the last time he will shed tears for Master Asia. Meanwhile, Dr. Mikamura has cured Allenby of the Devil Gundam cells and he and Rain are collected by the Neo Japan military. At the victory parade, Karato congratulates Domon's win for the right to rule the universe for four years time and promises to give Dr. Raizo Kasshu clemency, but Domon feels he had something different to fight for during that was during the tournament. On the island where it was shut down, the Devil Gundam is to be taken back to Neo Japan by Ulube to reconstruct it for military purposes, but Dr. Mikamura plans to take responsibility for putting the Gundam out of commission forever. Rain plans to break off from her relationship with Domon. The Devil Gundam needs a Core Life Unit that can produce life to function at its full potential. Ulube plans to use Rain for the Core Life Unit, and shoots Dr Mikamura who has tried to protest him and offers Rain to the Devil Gundam as the Core Life Unit. Domon looks for Rain in the hospital, and is instead finds Allenby, who tells him that Rain feels that she must make up for her father's sins, and therefore left for Neo Japan without him. After Dr Mikamura desperately radioes Domon for help, Domon attempts to go into space, but he is stopped by Wong and the Walter Gundam who informs him the Devil Gundam is reactivated. However, Master Asia's Fuunsaiki appears and helps defeat the Walter Gundam, and Domon arrives in space.

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