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Team Raging Wind is a Gunpla Battle team that appears in Gundam Build Fighters Honoo Try.



  • Akira Kasai (カサイ・アキラ) (leader) - He has an intimidating and elegant appearance, a tall body of 180 cm, for him the battles are sacred. He is an experienced modeler and has won several competitions. Shouta was delighted with Kasai's ability. Akira sees Shouta as a master, to acquire his skill and battle style.
  • Shion Mukasa (ムサカ・シオン) - Member of the team "Raging Wind”, is the son of Musaka Katsuhiro. He has a high defense technique inherited from his father.
  • Ayu Kiyama (キヤマ・アユ) - Member of the team "Raging Wind", she is a wonderful modeler who likes large Gundams.

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