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RX-94 Mass Production Type ν Gundam
Mass Production Type ν Gundam
Fast Facts
Model Number RX-94
Unit Type
Mass production ultrahigh efficiency mobile suit
Launched UC 0094
Manufacturer Earth Federation Forces
Operator Earth Federation Forces
Known Pilot None
General Characteristics
Head Height 21.2 meters
Weight empty 25.6 metric tons; max gross 64.5 metric tons
Power Plant Minovsky type ultracompact fusion reactor, output rated at 2500 kW
Accommodation Pilot only, in panoramic monitor/linear seat cockpit in torso
Armor: Gundarium alloy
  • Beam saber
  • 2 x beam cannon
Optional Equipments
  • 2x beam spray gun
  • 2 x incom unit
  • 6 x fin funnel
  • Beam rifle w/grenade launcher
  • Hyper bazooka

Anaheim Electronics's mass production mobile suit intended to replace the RGM-89 Jegan. It is based on the ν Gundam but with some features, like the psycoframe, removed. The fin funnel backpack can be swaped with an incom backpack for use by an oldtype pilot. However, its high performance was proportional to its high cost and the mass production was canceled and only a small number was produced, where one appeared in the side story manga REON. It featured a turquoise shade of blue and light blue color scheme. It also appeared in some of the Super Robot Wars series, most notable in Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 which the RX-94 was used by one of main character Cobray Gordon for early stages.

First appear as part of Kunio Okawara's MS Collection, design by Kunio Okawara.

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