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RX-93 ν Gundam
ν Gundam
Fast Facts
Model Number RX-93
Unit Type
Newtype use ultrahigh efficiency mobile suit
Launched March UC 0093
Manufacturer Anaheim Electronics
Operator Londo Bell
Known Pilot Amuro Ray
General Characteristics
Overall Height 23.0 meters; head height 22.0 meters
Weight empty 27.9 metric tons; max gross 63.0 metric tons
Power Plant Minovsky type ultracompact fusion reactor, output rated at 2980 kW
Accommodation Pilot only, in ejectable panoramic monitor/linear seat cockpit in torso
Armor: Gundarium alloy
  • 2 x vulcan gun
  • Large beam saber, power rated at 0.85 MW
  • Beam saber
  • 6 x fin funnel
Special Equipments and Features
  • Dummy launchers in hands
  • Birdlime launchers in hands
  • Psycoframe cockpit frame
Optional Equipments
  • Shield, mounts beam cannon (power rated at 7.8 MW) and 4 x small missile
  • Beam rifle, power rated at 3.8 MW, with attached grenade launcher
  • Hyper bazooka

The Rx-93 ν Gundam (Nu Gundam) is a Mobile Suit designed by Yutaka Izubuchi piloted by the main character, Amuro Ray, in the animated movie, Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack.

The Rx-93 ν Gundam was Amuro Ray's personal Mobile Suit during the 2nd Neo Zeon war against his archrival Char Aznable. Although it was only partially finished at the time of its deployment, it proved to be a formidable Gundam. Incorporating Psyco Frame (サイコフレーム) technologies secretly provided to Anaheim Electronics by Char Aznable of Neo Zeon, the ν Gundam was able to use Psycommu (サイコミュ) weapons, fin funnels, and channel the emotions and newtype energies of a suitable newtype pilot. Despite its name, the fin funnels equipped on ν Gundam are actually bits since they have built-in generators instead of Energy-capacitors (E-cap) like most funnels. While this made them much more expensive to construct, and allowed less modules for equipping than the standard, this had an enormous benefit by giving the fin funnels a tremendously long operational time. Circling the battlefield on their own, the fin funnels could be utilized in far more creative and strategic ways than standard funnels could. The actual beam of the fin funnels was also larger and stronger than usual since each had its own generator. The fin funnels also had the ability to generate a unique beam shield, known as Fin Funnel barrier, providing a defense against both beam and solid projectiles. Although these unique funnels proved incredibly effective and flexible in purpose, they were also much larger than the standard funnel which made them easier targets to shoot down if used too brashly. When combined with legendary ace pilot Amuro Ray's immense skill and experience, this powerful state of the art Mobile Suit was able to almost single handedly keep the Neo-Zeon's elite forces at bay, and its unique Psycommu system known as the psyco-frame was put to the test by Amuro for this harrowing battle.

Amuro used the ν Gundam in his final battle against Char Aznable where he defeated his enemy’s mobile suit MSN-04 Sazabi. After that he used his Gundam to stop the asteroid base Axis from falling on Earth. The psyco-frame system, incorporated in the mobile suit, caused a powerful phenomenon as a result of the wish of all people and drove Axis away from Earth. Both Amuro and Char vanished with the Gundam.

In the original novel "Beltorchika's Children" Amuro faced Char's MSN-04-2 Nightingale with the Hi-ν Gundam, the fully developed version of the ν. Although never seen on screen, this Mobile Suit is considered one of the most powerful Mobile Suits , if not the most powerful ,in the franchise and is quite popular, often seen in video game series's such as the famous Super Robot Wars series.

The word Nu is a Greek letter (ν) and resembles the English letter v and the design was by Yutaka Izubuchi. The ν Gundam is one of the most prolific and well known Gundam design in the metaverse's history. In fact, even now after more than a decade after the film's debut, the ν Gundam is often seen as a representative mecha for Gundam in general, being Amuro's ultimate MS.



RX-93 ν Gundam Double Fin Funnel Type

This is basically the same as the RX-93v ν Gundam but with the large beam saber's recharge rack removed to carry six additional fin funnels. This configuration was never used in combat.

First appear as part of Char's Counterattack Mobile Suit Variations original design series, design by Hitoshi Fukuchi.

RX-93-2 (RX-93-ν-2) Hi-ν Gundam


RX-93-2 (RX-93-ν-2) Hi-ν Gundam

The completed version of ν Gundam that appeared in novel "Beltorchika's Children". Although the Hi-ν shared the same physical characteristics as the regular ν, it sported an exclusively white and light blue color scheme instead and featured more powerful boosters around its body. Its most prolific difference is its distinct back booster system and revised fin funnel system. The more basic backpack unit of the prototype ν is replaced with a dual long booster system with two protruding long booster's below them. The Fin Funnels are attached to the top booster's in a downward fashion, three on each booster. This made the Hi-ν appear to have elegant wing like protrusions from the back. Besides the obvious visual differences, Hi-ν Gundam also armed with an improved ν hyper bazooka and a hyper mega bazooka launcher. The latter was an improved model of mega bazooka launcher used by the MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki during the Gryps Conflict. When in use, the hyper bazooka launcher would connect directly to the Ra Cailum's reactor and was powerful enough to destroy a fragment of the asteroid base Axis. Hi-ν has almost every major trademark "most powerful weapon". It is beyond state of the art. The unit has received a new design in Gundam Ace December, 2006 issue, for the coming release of Master Grade model.

RX-94 Mass Production Type ν Gundam


RX-94 Mass Production Type ν Gundam

Anaheim Electronics's mass production mobile suit intended to replace the RGM-89 Jegan. It is based on the ν Gundam but with some features, like the psycoframe, removed. The fin funnel backpack can be swaped with an incom backpack for use by an oldtype pilot. However, its high performance was proportional to its high cost and the mass production was canceled and only a small number was produced, where one appeared in the side story manga REON. It featured a turquoise shade of blue and light blue color scheme. It also appeared in some of the Super Robot Wars series, most notable in Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 which the RX-94 was used by one of main character Cobray Gordon for early stages.

First appear as part of Kunio Okawara's MS Collection, design by Kunio Okawara.


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