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In the original novel "Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack - Beltorchika's Children" Amuro faced Char's MSN-04-2 Nightingale with the Hi-ν Gundam, the fully developed version of the ν. Although never seen on screen, this Mobile Suit is considered one of the most powerful Mobile Suits, if not the most powerful, in the franchise and is quite popular, often seen in video game series's such as the famous Super Robot Wars series.

The completed version of ν Gundam that appeared in novel "Beltorchika's Children". Although the Hi-ν shared the same physical characteristics as the regular ν, it sported an exclusively white and light blue color scheme instead and featured more powerful boosters around its body. Its most prolific difference is its distinct back booster system and revised fin funnel system. The more basic backpack unit of the prototype ν is replaced with a dual long booster system with two protruding long booster's below them. The Fin Funnels are attached to the top booster's in a downward fashion, three on each booster. This made the Hi-ν appear to have elegant wing like protrusions from the back. Besides the obvious visual differences, Hi-ν Gundam also armed with an improved ν hyper bazooka and a hyper mega bazooka launcher. The latter was an improved model of mega bazooka launcher used by the MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki during the Gryps Conflict. When in use, the hyper bazooka launcher would connect directly to the Ra Cailum's reactor and was powerful enough to destroy a fragment of the asteroid base Axis. Hi-ν has almost every major trademark of "most powerful weapon", It is beyond state of the art.

Even though the upgrades greatly enhance the mobile suit, this does not change the fate of Char's Counterattack, as both v and Hi-v are not able to push the Axis by themselves, resulting in the same end that the movie has previously given us. Although, in the novel, we have more details about the technology and the psycomu work. One of the biggest examples is the spiritual manifestation of Amuro's son, protecting the Gundam in a similar fashion to the Z Gundam.


  • The unit has received a new design in Gundam Ace December, 2006 issue, for the coming release of Master Grade model.
  • The most common and referenced view of the Hi-Nu Gundam is its SD (Super Deformed) form, thanks to the Super Robot Wars and SD Gundam G Generation series. Only through official sketches, information, drawings and fanarts based on these we have a notion of its true proportions.
  • Such is its sucess, it is highly admired by fans of the series, and the directors themselves. Examples can be seen on the games (Super Robot Wars) and the series themselves (ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom).


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