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The RX-93-ν2 Hi-ν Gundam (pronounced "High-New") is an alternate interpretation of the RX-93 ν Gundam which appears in Mobile Suit Gundam: Beltorchika's Children. It is piloted by Amuro Ray.

Technology & Combat Characteristics[]

Originally developed in the Anaheim Electronics facility near Von Braun, the RX-93-ν2 Hi-ν Gundam's basic design was an update of past Gundam Type mobile suits, returning to the basics of Federation-made mobile suits and going against the trend of larger and more complex mobile suit designs at the time. Its most notable feature was a set of six all-range weapons mounted on its back, known as "Fin Funnels", which were capable of both attack and defense. This made it the first full spec Newtype-use Gundam type mobile suit.[1]

The Hi-ν Gundam also featured a Psycommu system designed by its main pilot and engineer, Amuro Ray. Originally, the system only served as the control mechanism for the Fin Funnels. However, after Londo Bell captured a MSN-03-2 Psycho Doga used by Neo Zeon, the Psycho-Frame technology obtained from it was incorporated into the Hi-ν Gundam, improving its responsiveness via brainwave controls.[1] Because of Amuro's modifications, the suffix "-ν2" was added to its original model number of RX-93.[2]

Other than the Fin Funnels, the Hi-ν Gundam was also armed with a pair of head-mounted vulcan guns and an arsenal of custom-made weapons: a beam rifle, a new hyper bazooka, three beam sabers (one on each back-mounted Funnel hangar, one inside a saber rack in the left forearm), a machine gun mounted in the right forearm, and a shield with built-in ranged weaponry. The Hi-ν Gundam was completed within three months, this was the result of the maturation of movable frame technology, the tireless effort of engineers, as well as Amuro's own deep understanding of mobile suits.[1]


  • 60mm Vulcan Gun
Mounted in the head, the pair of shell firing weapons have high rate of fire but little power and can't damage the armor of a mobile suit, though they can damage lightly armored areas such as the sensors. They are ideal for shooting down small, lightly armored targets such as missiles, small vehicles, etc.
  • Machine Gun/Beam Gatling Gun (Beam Saber)
Depending on the design, Hi-ν's right forearm is said to be equipped with either a machine gun,[3] or a beam Gatling gun capable of emitting a beam saber from its center.[4] Although the machine gun is of a small caliber, it is effective in restricting enemy movements, and has a broad field of fire due to being located on the forearm.[2]
  • Beam Saber
The Hi-ν Gundam carries three beam sabers for close combat, two stored in the back-mounted funnel racks and one stored in the left forearm. The beam sabers stored in the funnel racks are of a custom type and can emit a second beam blade from the bottom of the hilt. The beam saber stored in the left forearm is of a standard type and serves as a spare weapon.
  • Fin Funnel
The Hi-ν Gundam carried 6 Fin Funnels, mounted on the backpack's funnel racks in a wing-like formation. They each featured an open-type mega-particle acceleration strip and incorporated a small generator. Each Funnel, made up of three blocks, served as an AMBAC unit. Because of this, despite their large size, their mobility, operational efficiency, and active duration far surpassed conventional Bits or Funnels that rely solely on thrust propulsion.[1]
Since mega particle compression system and I-field generator share the same basic principles, the Fin Funnels could deploy a beam barrier at will. Additionally, the positioning of the Funnels allowed for arbitrary changes in the effective coverage of the barrier. By placing a minimum of four funnels, it becomes possible to provide perfect defense in the shape of a regular tetrahedron around the mobile suit. However, in the event that an enemy all-range weapon interferes with this field, psycho-wave reverse flow would occur, resulting in physiological damage to both the terminal and the linked pilot.[1]
When considering the arrangement of the Fin Funnels, there were initial proposals such as arranging all terminals in series and equipping them like panels or a mantle on a single turret. However, due to factors such as energy recharge and balancing when equipped, the final design had two Funnel hangars with three sockets each.[1]
  • Beam Rifle
The Hi-ν Gundam's primary weapon, the beam rifle's output is variable and at the maximum output can rival the mega particle cannons used by the warships at that time. The beam rifle can also function as a beam machine gun.
  • New Hyper Bazooka
A version of the Earth Federation's hyper bazooka modified for use by the Hi-ν, it has a caliber of 280mm and has improved firing range as well as destructive power.
  • Hyper Mega Bazooka Launcher
The Hi-ν Gundam's most powerful weapon. It draws power from the Ra Cailum's engine through an energy cable, and has enough power to destroy a battleship in one shot.[5] It is mounted on the side of the Ra Cailum when not in use.[6] According to the Beltorchika's Children manga, it was a modified Ra Cailum-class main gun.[7]
  • Shield
A basic defensive equipment used to block physical and beam attacks. Similar in appearance to ν Gundam's, the Hi-ν Gundam's shield is emblazoned with Amuro's emblem. It features a built-in 7.8 MW beam cannon and four missiles. In the redesigned version, the shield only features a built-in beam gun.

Special Equipment & Features[]

  • Propellant/Thruster Unit
A propellant tank with several verniers thrusters at the sides, a pair of them are attached to the bottom of the backpack. They have the same functionality as the Principality of Zeon's stürm boosters: to allow the equipped mobile suit to move speedily without expanding its own propellant. The units are discarded once their propellant are used up.
Transplanted from a captured MSN-03-2 Psycho Doga, the Psycho-Frame was a material made of microscopic Psycommu chips forged into the mobile suit frame at the molecular level. It was installed around the Hi-ν Gundam's cockpit, enabling sharper response for all-range weapons like Funnels. According to Amuro, it also has a tendency to push the pilot's thoughts to be more aggressive.[1]



As a "gift" to Bright Noa for his new role as the commander of Londo Bell, the Earth Federation Forces assigned a new mobile suit developed by Anaheim Electronics to his unit. This mobile suit was then installed with a Psycommu system designed by Amuro himself, becoming the Hi-ν Gundam.[8] As the EFF did not want a Newtype like Amuro piloting a Gundam type mobile suit, previous Gundams were sealed away like nuclear weapons, and the Hi-ν Gundam became Londo Bell's most prized mobile suit.[9]

BC Hi-Nu 1

Beltorchika inspecting the Hi-ν Gundam

One day after Char Aznable's fleet left Sweetwater, Amuro departed for space and joined the rest of the Londo Bell while Beltorchika Irma went to the moon to run final checks on the Hi-ν Gundam.[9]

Upgraded with Psycho-Frame[]

After the Battle of Fifth Luna, Amuro was able to capture a damaged MSN-03-2 Psycho Doga abandoned by Neo Zeon pilot Grave Guss. After reading its manual, he mused that its Psycommu system almost seemed like it was designed for the Gundam. Just then, Beltorchika, piloting the Hi-ν Gundam herself, brought it to the Ra Cailum, along with several Anaheim engineers and the still-untested Fin Funnels.[10]

BC Hi-Nu 2

The Hi-ν Gundam arriving at the Ra Cailum

Unlike the Hi-ν Gundam's Psycommu, which was only used for controlling the Fin Funnels, the Psycho Doga featured a Psycho-Frame, a type of Psycommu built directly into the mobile suit frame around the cockpit, and was able to better restrict the pilot's will.[10] After learning that the Psycho-Frame would not interfere with the Psycommu that he designed, Amuro ordered parts of the Psycho Doga's frame to be cut off and installed around the Hi-ν Gundam's cockpit, hoping that it would improve the control precision of the Fin Funnels.[11]

However, Amuro soon realized that since both the Psycho Doga and the Hi-ν Gundam were developed by Anaheim Electronics, Char must have known about the Hi-ν Gundam's performance and felt disappointed, so he left behind the Psycho Doga, hoping that Amuro would use it to improve the Hi-ν Gundam so he can defeat him in a fair fight.[11]

After departing from Londenion, the final checks around the Hi-ν Gundam's cockpit was completed. By this point, its unpainted parts were all painted in Londo Bell colors.[12]

First Sortie[]

BC Hi-Nu 3

The Hi-ν Gundam's first sortie

BC Hi-Nu 4

The Hi-ν Gundam severing the electrified wires with Fin Funnels

During Londo Bell's assault on Axis, Amuro deployed in the Hi-ν Gundam for the first time. In the ensuing battle, Kayra Su, piloting the RGZ-91 Re-GZ, was captured by Grave Guss, now piloting another Psycho Doga, who thought that she was Amuro. Using Kayra as hostage, Grave demanded Amuro to hand over the Hi-ν Gundam. He then had several Geara Dogas entangle the Hi-ν Gundam in steel wires. Amuro agreed, and said that he will throw away his beam rifle and Funnels, detaching the Fin Funnels. However, Grave thought that the Fin Funnels were just radiator panels, and ordered the Geara Doga pilots to kill Amuro.[13][14]

As the Geara Dogas sent high voltage electricity through the wires, Amuro's instinctive thoughts caused the Fin Funnels to fire at the wires, severing them. Enraged that Amuro dared to fight back, Grave crushed Kayra in the Psycho Doga's hand, instantly killing her. Instead of pursuing Grave, Amuro chose to recover Kayra's body instead. After grabbing Kayra, he was forced to retreat by the combined fire of the Geara Dogas and the Neo Zeon flagship Rewloola[13]

Sniping the Axis[]


The Hi-ν Gundam firing the Hyper Mega Bazooka Launcher at one of Axis' thrusters

After the first attack on the Axis ended in failure, the Londo Bell drew up another plan: Even if the Axis drop was unsuccessful, Char would still be able to cause a nuclear winter by detonating its on-board nuclear weapons in Earth's low orbit. Therefore, they must alter its course by destroying its rear thrusters and split the asteroid by detonating the Ra Cailum's four remaining nuclear missiles near it. In order to accomplish this, the Londo Bell's warships would charge at the Axis head on under the cover of dummy balloons while Amuro attempts to snipe the Axis thrusters using the Hyper Mega Bazooka Launcher from a different direction, powered by a cable connected to Ra Cailum's main engine.[15]

During the operation, Amuro was attacked by Grave Guss in the Psycho Doga and Quess Paraya in the NZ-333 α Azieru. Though Amuro had the upper hand, Grave was able to sever one of the wires. Just as Amuro was gradually being overwhelmed by Quess, he activated the Hi-ν Gundam's Fin Funnel barrier, which protected him from Quess's attacks, then connected the Hyper Mega Bazooka Launcher to the backup cable and fired at one of the Axis thrusters through the unprotected bottom of the pyramid-shaped barrier. However, the Musaka-class vessel Musaku blocked the beam. Even though the Musaku was destroyed, the Axis thruster remained intact.[5] Quess then melted the backup cable with her last remaining Funnel, rendering the Hyper Mega Bazooka Launcher unusable.[16]

Final Showdown[]

The Hi-ν Gundam, having used up all of its Fin Funnels, let go of the now useless Hyper Mega Bazooka Launcher and switched to its beam rifle before heading for the Axis to confront Char. Char's MSN-04II Nightingale proved to have superior mobility, and gradually began to overwhelm Amuro with its Funnels. However, the Gundam was suddenly enveloped in aurora-like light as Amuro heard a voice calling him "father". The light protected Amuro, blocking the beams from the Nightingale's Funnels. Eventually, the Nightingale's Funnels used up their energy and dropped to the Axis surface.[16]

As Amuro evaded the Nightingale's beam rifle shots on the Axis surface, he suddenly saw the Neo Zeon fleet's 4th ship, loaded with nuclear missiles, which Char intended to detonate in the low orbit. Realizing the ship's nature, Amuro fired at it, causing a massive nuclear explosion at the front of the Axis, engulfing the Nightingale. He then attacked the Axis's nuclear pulse engines, but was only able to destroy one of the four engines before his beam rifle ran out of energy. He then destroyed another one using the Gundam's manipulators, but then came under attack by a Geara Doga. Just then, the Re-GZ showed up, tackling the Geara Doga out of the way.[16]

BC Hi-Nu 5

The Hi-ν Gundam and the Nightingale in close-combat

Amuro then turned to see that the Ra Cailum had landed on Axis. But just as he tried to approach it, he was stopped by a bazooka round fired by the Nightingale landing right next to him. The Nightingale tossed away its bazooka, and Char declared that Axis will now fall to Earth, attracted by its gravity. The two then clashed with beam sabers.[16]

During the ensuing close-quarters combat, the Nightingale was able to destroy the Hi-ν Gundam's beam saber. However, instead of fighting Char, Amuro broke off the fight and headed for the Ra Cailum. To Char's surprise, Amuro landed the Gundam, exited the cockpit, and headed into a tunnel inside the Axis. He then realized that Amuro was trying to split the Axis from the inside. Instead of destroying the now empty Gundam, he exited the Nightingale and chased after Amuro. Inside the Axis tunnels, Amuro rebuffed Char's ideology and attempted to kill him with a rocket launcher. As he fired a rocket at Char, Char also fired a waist-mounted grenade launcher at him. As Amuro heard the voice calling him "father" again, the resulting explosion sent Amuro flying back to the Axis surface. Somehow unharmed, Amuro remarked that he was saved before heading back into the Gundam.[17]

However, just as Amuro entered the Gundam's cockpit, he was attacked by the Nightingale and knocked off-balance. Now both without weapons, the two fought using only the arms and legs of their mobile suits. As Amuro landed a punch on the Nightingale's head cockpit, Quess Paraya suddenly appeared and rammed the Gundam with the α Azieru. Just as Quess was about to crush the Gundam, Hathaway Noa's Jegan fired at the α Azieru's cockpit, killing Quess.[17]

Char then detached the Nightingale's cockpit, attempting to escape, but Amuro was able to catch it. Meanwhile, the Ra Cailum detonated the explosives it planted inside Axis, splitting it into two halves.[17]

A Rainbow in Space[]

BC Hi-Nu 6

Light erupting from the Hi-ν Gundam as Amuro cries out Beltorchika's name

However, one half of the Axis continued to fall toward Earth. With Char's cockpit in hand, Amuro moved in front of the falling half of the Axis and tried to push it back. Just then, other Federation mobile suits began arriving. Inspired by Amuro's example, they joined him in pushing the Axis. However, even with over fifty mobile suits pushing, the Axis still continued to fall, and the mobile suits began to explode from overheating one by one.[17]

BC Hi-Nu 7

The Axis being led toward the sun by a road of light

At this point, a pulse erupted from the Gundam, knocking off all the other mobile suits. Amuro exclaimed that no more lives need to be sacrificed except his and Char's. Meanwhile, countless rays of light, apparently emanating from every child on Earth, began to gather around the Gundam, and were absorbed by the white light shining from it. As Amuro cried out Beltorchika's name one last time, a road of light was formed, leading the two halves of the Axis into the sun. The ultimate fate of the Hi-ν Gundam is unclear.[17]






Illustration & Artwork[]


Gunpla & Toys[]


Action Figures[]


Notes & Trivia[]

  • Hi-ν is merely called the ν Gundam in the Beltorchika's Children novel; it was intended to be an alternate rendering of the ν Gundam as seen in Char's Counterattack.
    • The name Hi-ν is a vestige from the original Hi-streamer novel (which is the basis of the Char's Counterattack movie).
  • Instances of the Hi-v's color scheme changing from its original violet to a royal blue can be traced back to Bandai's B-Club lineup of resin 1/144 scale model kits where the Hi-v was depicted in a royal blue.[18] This royal blue color scheme was later used when the Hi-ν received a new official setting design with the release of its Master Grade model in February 2007.
    • A second Master Grade model utilizing Izubuchi's original design was released in August 2014 under the Ver. Ka line supervised by Hajime Katoki. The FA-93-ν2HWS Hi-ν Gundam Heavy Weapons System Type P-Bandai add on featured the spotted pattern on the shield shown in the original Beltorchika's Children illustration.
  • The Real Grade version seems to take inspiration from the previous designs, combining the overall appearance and proportions of Izubuchi's original design, with the blue color scheme and silver trim from the second design that is used for the first Master Grade and the High Grade model kits.
  • The most common and referenced view of the Hi-ν Gundam is its SD (Super Deformed) form, thanks to the Super Robot Wars and SD Gundam G Generation series. Only through official sketches, information, drawings, and fan-arts based on these works have a notion of its true proportions.
  • The OVA Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G (2010) features the first animated appearance of the Hi-ν outside of its SD form, where it served as an antagonist and sported a paint job reminiscent of the RX-93 ν Gundam's. It was piloted by Koji Matsumoto. It's worth noting that the GPB version was built using parts from three separate 1/144 HGUC Hi-ν Gundams to use all six fin funnels since each kit only has a pair of fully functional fin funnels. However, the GPB Hi-v kit that was released in real life is a simple recolor and does not match the modifications from the OVA.
  • Earlier source material, such as video game profiles, often interpret the Hi-ν as the "completed" design of the ν Gundam.
    • The backstory of the Hi-ν in the HGUC and MG model kit (released in 2009 and 2006 respectively) all referenced events in the novel and did not state that it is the "completed" design of the ν Gundam.
  • The Hi-ν Gundam has appeared in a few Super Robot Wars games. In most cases, its stats are an upgrade over the normal ν (though in its initial Alpha and Alpha Gaiden appearances, it was weaker than the ν HWS attack wise), though it does not replace it, allowing players can utilize another Newtype pilot in the older suit. In comparison, its rival, the Nightingale, has only appeared in six games (Alpha 2, D, Compact 2, X, X-Omega, and T), and has only been playable four times (D, X, X-Omega, and T). The Hi-ν is usually considered the ultimate form of Real Robot, alongside Mazinkaiser (Super Robot) and Shin Getter Robo (Combining Robot)
    • In Super Robot Wars Destiny, there is a combo attack between the ν/ν HWS, and Mass-Produced ν with Hi-ν involving the two using their Fin Funnels together.
    • In Super Robot Wars X-Omega, there is a combination attack between the Hi-ν and Nightingale called Newtype Combination. This was the last combination attack that added into game before the announced the ending service on March 30, 2021.
    • The Hi-ν Gundam's design in Super Robot Wars DD is based on Metal-Robot Spirits released in 2019. This is the first game since Super Robot Wars Alpha 2 to features the showdown between Hi-ν Gundam and Sazabi.
    • In Super Robot Wars 30, the Hi-Nu Gundam is not included in the initial roster and instead available as part of the first DLC collection. Due to how the DLC works, it is highly possible for the player to obtain the Hi-Nu Gundam before they are able to obtain Amuro's normal upgrades, the RX-94 Mass Production Type ν Gundam and the Nu Gundam respectively. In this game, the Hi-Nu Gundam's is created due to Amuro's increasing skills being too much for his suits, even overpowering the Nu Gundam itself. After obtaining the suit, it is revealed that the suit had its Psycho-Frame obtained from the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam, though Beltorchika Irma believes that it's a rumor and one shouldn't believe it. As well, it has an enhanced version of the Learning Computer designed by the late Tem Ray.
  • Hi-ν Gundam is a 3000 unit in the PS3 game Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Originally released as a first edition DLC, Hi-ν Gundam became available free on both the Japanese and HK PSN. Notably, its EX Burst Attack is the Hyper Mega Bazooka Launcher, which was the first time this weapon appeared visually. This design of the weapon was later used for the Metal Robot Spirits Hi-Nu Gundam.
    • The Beltorchika's Children manga featured a different design for the Hyper Mega Bazooka Launcher.
  • Following the release of Izubuchi's new interpretation, its visual appearance has sometimes been featured as a combination of both the original CCA-MSV art and the official setting rendition in merchandise format and video game appearances.
  • The Bandai Hobby Site's product page for the Real Grade Hi-Nu Gundam originally listed the arm-mounted gun as a beam gun. However, the instruction manual of the Real Grade Hi-Nu Gundam referred to the weapon as a machine gun, and the product page was later corrected.
  • In various media, the blades of Hi-Nu Gundam's beam sabers are inconsistently depicted as either pink or light blue.


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