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The RX-79[GS]Gundam Ground Type S is a mobile suit from the Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt ONA series. In the manga, it is known as RX-79 [G] Gundam Ground Type.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Developed by the Earth Federation Forces in the latter half of the One Year War, the Gundam Ground Type continues to be deployed after the war.[1] An example is the Gundam Ground Type S, which is named as such as it is a Gundam Ground Type deployed exclusively on the Spartan.[1] The suit is a remodelled, ground use version of the RGM-79/GH Gundam Head which was used in the battle of A Baoa Qu.[2] Its Gundam-like head is meant to replicate the psychological impact that the famous Gundam had on the Zeon forces.[1]

Although the head has no V-shaped antenna, its sensing performance is improved due to the addition of sensors.[1] To adapt to ground use, the shoulder thrusters are removed, a new backpack was installed and changes are made to the chest and feet.[1] The new backpack is smaller, with three thrusters on each sides for improved mobility, and also has a pair of sub-arms for holding weapons, such as shields.[1] Armaments used by the suit includes a beam rifle, a pair of beam sabers that double as beam javelins and a shield.[1][2]


  • Beam Saber
A beam saber is mounted on the back of the sub-arms on either side of the backpack.[1]
  • Beam Javelin
An alternate form of the beam saber with an extended handle.[1] Several small beam blades form at the tip of this javelin-like weapon when used.[1]
  • Beam Rifle
The suit's main ranged weapon, it can be held by the manipulators or by the sub-arms on the backpack.[1]
  • Shield
The standard shield for the MS of the Earth Federation Forces.[1] More than one shield can be equipped by using the manipulators and the sub-arms.[1] 

Special Equipment & Features

  • Sub-Arm
The small manipulators on each side of the top of the backpack.[1] The pair of sub-arms are used for holding the shield, beam rifle, and/or additional weapons.[1]
The cockpit of the Gundam Ground Type S is located in a core block within the machine's torso. During an emergency, the core block can be ejected and will transform into an emergency pod to allow a speedy escape from the battlefield.


When the Earth Federation Forces' assault-class ship, Spartan, entered the air space of the South Seas Alliance's territories, it was quickly confronted by a squadron of MS-07B Goufs riding on Dodai sub flight systems. A battle then broke out, and the three Gundam Ground Type S piloted by MarcusOrphee and Dent defended the Spartan's flight decks when it was boarded by the Goufs. By backing each other up, and with help from a RX-75 Guntank among others, they repelled the invaders.

In the Manga, the three Gundam Ground Type S later participated in the invasion of the Rig to capture the pilots of the Psycho Zaku Mk-II units, engaging a Zaku Marine Type which was later destroyed by a missile. The team subsequently trained its team compatibility with the Trust squad while carrying RX-78AL Atlas Gundam's gear. They then took part in the operation to stop the Psycho Zaku Mk-II units' launch into space from the Taal volcano. Their landing craft was shot down by the incomplete Psycho Zaku Mk-II unit 1 piloted by Daryl Lorenz, but the team regrouped and took out his Big Gun using the Atlas's Railgun. 

Barclay then picked Dent and Orphe up to assist Bianca's RX-77AQ Guncannon Aqua. He later dropped Marcus' unit near the base's main surface entrance, but Alicia warned him of danger in the vicinity. Marcus' Gundam Ground Type S was then sliced in half by the heat hawk of Daryl's Psycho Zaku unit 1, killing him instantly. Meanwhile, Dent and Orphe supported the Guncannon Aqua, rescuing Bianca from her escape pod after her mobile suit's destruction. Eventually, the three found the Atlas Gundam and the Psycho Zaku Mk-II staring at each other. The two Gundam Ground Type S attempted to engage the Psycho Zaku Mk-II, but Daryl retreated to defend the launch.

As the two Gundam Ground Type S and Atlas Gundam reached one of the base's exits, they witnessed the launch of the Psycho Zaku Mk-II units and tried to stop it, but Bianca told them to cease fire as the Spartan was still up there. They only stop firing when Alicia alerted them to Marcus' death. Soon, they realized that the Spartan had sunk and was on a collision course to the base. The fate of the units are unknown following the Spartan's and the Taal base' mutual destruction.



Notes & Trivia


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