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The RX-78GP03 (RX-78GP03D) Gundam "Dendrobium" (aka Dendrobium, GP03) is the third unit of the Gundam Development Project, and the combination of the mobile suit unit - the RX-78GP03S Gundam "Stamen" - and the armed base "Orchis". It was introduced in the OVA series Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory and also featured in Episode 4 of Gundam Evolve. It was initially piloted by Anaheim test pilot Defrah Kar, and later by Federation MS pilot Kou Uraki.

Technology & Combat Characteristics[]

The goal of the Gundam Development Project was to create the most powerful mobile weapon. To that end, Unit 1 focused on maximizing the maneuverability and mobility of a mobile suit, while Unit 2 sought to combine the strongest mobile weapon with the strongest strategic weapon. Finally, Unit 3 sought to combine the versatility of a mobile suit with the heavy firepower of a mobile armor.[1][2]

Developed for base defense in space, the Gundam "Dendrobium" consisted of two parts: the mobile suit Gundam "Stamen" and the Armed Base "Orchis".[2] The "Orchis" was essentially a massive mobile arsenal, featuring a variety of weapons and allowing the "Dendrobium" to switch to different weapons after deployment for different battle scenarios, from long range to close range combat. In addition to its massive array of weapons, the "Orchis" also boasted impressive mobility thanks to its large propellant capacity, and was able to rival a Zeon mobile armor in combat abilities.[3] It was also equipped with a large I-Field generator on its right side for protection against beam weapons.[4]


  • Mega Beam Cannon
A battleship-grade mega-particle cannon is installed on the Orchis right side. It is handled and fired via a pivoted control trigger to be used by Stamen's right arm and MS manipulator. The trigger provides better maneuverability and targeting adjustment of the gun. Its single beam shot is powerful enough to destroy Zeon's Musai-class or Zanzibar-class cruisers, but is ineffective against mobile weapons with I-Field capability. The Mega Beam Cannon's long and thick barrel can also be utilized as emergency charging weapon like a shot lance.
  • Large Claw Arm
The Orchis unit is equipped with two large claw arms on its underside in case of enemy units penetrating its I-Field. The claw arms can be used for grabbing enemy unit and causing massive damage with a combination of the claw arm's strength and the momentum built up by the Dendrobium unit. For extra offensive power during close combat situation, each large claw arm is equipped with a large beam saber.
  • Large Beam Saber
The hilt of Large Beam Saber is stored inside the Orchis' large claw arm. Like most MS-sized beam saber, it is a cylindrical device held by the claw arm's pincer when deployed and is powered by an rechargeable energy capacitor. The enormous beam blade generated is capable of cutting through any metal that has not been treated with anti-beam coating, and can slice off the deck of Zeon's Musai-class Late Production Type cruiser with ease.
  • 108-tube Micro Missile Pod
Stored in the Orchis unit's weapons containers, the Micro Missile Pod is a large container which can store 36 micro missiles on each of the three sides for a total of 108 round capacity. When deployed, it is launched towards the enemy targets, and it fires a rapid salvo of micro missiles to bombard cluster of enemies. The micro missiles are capable of destroying the lightly armored Zeon MS such as Zakus and Doms.
  • 84-tube Micro Missile Pod
Featured in Gundam Evolve's Episode 4, the 84-tube Micro Missile Pod has similar appearance to the 108-tube version, except that the 28 micro missiles are stored within each of the three rectangular panels, which open outwards after the container is being launched. The micro missiles are launched backwards to destroy persuing enemies.
  • 3-tube Large Missile Pod
Stored in the Orchis unit's weapons containers, the Large Missile Pod is a bundle of 3 large missiles with a detachable small rocket booster at the back. When deployed, it is launched toward the the targeted area, where the small rocket booster will be detached and each missile will home towards intended enemy targets. A single missile is capable of destroying Zeon mobile suits, but it is ineffective against heavily-armored mobile weapons, such as AMX-002 Neue Ziel.
  • Demolition Chain
Stored in the Orchis unit's weapons containers, it is a rocket-guided, 500 meter-plus long cable being encased with explosives. When deployed, the Demolition Chain is fired toward and surrounded the intended target, and detonates in close proximity without actually attached to the target. A single Demolition Chain is powerful enough to destroy a Zeon's Musai-class cruiser.
  • XBR-BOWA M-82A Beam Rifle
Stored in the Orchis unit's weapons containers. This beam rifle looks identical to the one used by the RX-78GP01-Fb Gundam Full Burnern "Zephyranthes", but its output has been improved. Can be used by the Stamen when it docked with the Orchis.
  • Jutte
Mounted on the underside of the Stamen's beam rifle, it is a small beam saber designed to catch enemy beam sabers, allowing the pilot to quickly counter when there is no time to draw out its main beam saber.
  • Folding Bazooka
Stored in the Orchis unit's weapons container. It is specially designed for the Stamen, and is usable whether the suit is operating alone or docked with the Orchis. It features a collapsible barrel for storage inside the Orchis' container, and retrievable via Stamen's Folding Arms. Like the Hyper Bazooka used by other Federation's mobile suits, the Folding Bazooka is technically a large projectile launcher which fires large-calibre rocket-propelled rounds to attack targets at long range. No mass-production MS's armor is able to stop this weapon. While very powerful, the rockets has a slow rate of fire and is most often used to take out slow, heavily armored targets. The Folding bazooka is magazine-fed and capable of carrying 6 rounds per magazine plus 1 round in its chamber.
  • Folding Shield
Stored in the Orchis unit's weapons container. It is specially designed for the Stamen, and is collapsible along its vertical axis for storage inside the Orchis' container, and retrievable via Stamen's Folding Arms. The Folding Shield is mounted on the Stamen's forearms via a rotatable hinge and has top and bottom handles for better defense positioning. The shield can also store up to 4 e-pacs for the XBR-BOWA M-82A Beam Rifle, prolonging the rifle's operation time.

Special Equipment & Features[]

  • Folding Arm
Each of the Stamen's forearms incorporate a large, foldable manipulator arm. They are used to retrieve the Stamen's own MS weapons and equipment such as beam rifles, folding bazookas, folding shields etc. from their storage racks inside the Orchis' weapons container pods.
  • Tail Binder
Mounted on either sides of the Stamen's waist, the pair of tail binders serve to increase the suit's mobility and maneuverability. Besides having a thruster each, the binders are also used for AMBAC purposes due to their movable nature. Lastly, the tail binders also function as part of the docking system with the Orchis unit.
  • Weapons Container
The Orchis unit has two weapons containers for carrying/storing various weapons in sixteen weapon slots. Weapons stored in the containers include a set of Demolition Chain Mines, 3-tube Missile Pods, sets of 108-tube Micro Missile Pods, and handheld weapons for the Stamen unit, such as beam rifles, folding bazookas, and folding shield.
  • Central Container
  • I-Field Generator
The Orchis is equipped with an I-Field generator for defense from range beam attacks, though it could still be hit by physical attacks. The generator's greatest weakness was that the housing unit was exposed on the left side of the Orchis. This drawback make it easier for an enemy to damage the I-Field Generator, as demonstrated by AMX-002 Neue Ziel's all-range attacks.
  • Flare
When the Dendrobium needed to escape from the battlefield, it could release flares to blind the enemy. In addition to visible light, the flares emitted massive amounts of infrared and radio waves, momentarily confusing enemy sensors.[5]


Attack on La vie en Rose[]

The development of GP03 was handled by a different team from the GP01 and the GP02.[6] It rolled out of Anaheim Electronics' Von Braun factory on October 4, U.C. 0083, and began trial at the dock ship La Vie en Rose on October 28.[7] Jamitov Hymen, unsatisfied with the Gundam Development Project, intentionally leaked intelligence on the GP03 to the Cima Fleet. Because of this, the La Vie en Rose was attacked by a large number of MS-06F-2 Zaku II F2 Type and MS-14F Gelgoog Marine on November 1.[8][9]

Anaheim Electronics test pilot Defrah Kar, against the advice of her colleague Lucette Audevie, deployed in the Gundam "Stamen" (which was in the Core Fighter-equipped P-Spec) to fight the attackers, but the Zeon mobile suits placed themselves between the Stamen and the La Vie en Rose, preventing Defrah from firing on them. However, the Orchis armed base joined the battle and fired a 3-tube missile pod at the Zeon mobile suits, destroying several of them. Defrah then docked the Stamen with the Orchis, easily destroying the numerous Zeon suits with the combined Gundam "Dendrobium".[9]

After all of the Zeon attackers were apparently destroyed, Defrah separated the Stamen from the Orchis. However, one Gelgoog Marine was damaged but still functional. Its pilot, traumatized by the overwhelming power of the Dendrobium, fired its beam rifle at the Stamen, presumably killing Defrah and destroying the Stamen's Core Fighter.[9]

Operation Stardust[]

On November 11, U.C. 0083, the MSC-07 Albion received the Gundam "Stamen" and the "Orchis" armed base from the La vie en Rose. Aboard the Albion, the "Stamen" was docked with the "Orchis" armed base, and pilot Kou Uraki tried to familiarize himself with its complex fire controls. At 1518 hours, the Albion and the combined Gundam "Dendrobium" departed from the La vie en Rose to stop the Delaz Fleet's attempt to drop a space colony on Earth.[6][7]

On November 12, at 1006 hours, the GP03, which went ahead of the Albion, engaged the Delaz Fleet in an attempt to open a whole in its defense line. It destroyed numerous enemy mobile suits with a micro missile pod. At 1050 hours, after noticing that Delaz Fleet mobile suits began withdrawing, the GP03 was attacked by the AMX-002 Neue Ziel mobile armor, piloted by Delaz Fleet ace Anavel Gato. Since both units were equipped with an I-Field generator, they became locked in combat, with neither side gaining an advantage. Though it managed to land a single large missile on the Neue Ziel, it had exhausted nearly all of its weapons by then. As the Albion had caught up to it, it returned to the ship for resupplies.[10][7]

While the resupply was taking place, Uraki detached the "Stamen" and used it to head into combat once again.[10]

After its resupply was finished, the Dendrobium headed into battle for the second time. It quickly engaged the Neue Ziel once again before destroying the bridge of the Musai-class Late Production Type Peer Gynt. As Uraki desperately tried to reach the colony, which was nearing the point of no return, Gato destroyed his I-Field generator using the Neue Ziel's wired claw arm before destroying its left weapon container with beam cannons.[10]

Despite Peter Scott's warning that he could not catch up to Gato at this rate, and that the Solar System II was about to fire, Uraki headed toward the falling colony at full force. Upon seeing the Cima Fleet flagship Lili Marleen sending out a guide beacon for its mobile suit team, Uraki fired the Dendrobium's beam cannon at the ship, sinking it. He then engaged Cima's AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra before using a explosive cable to sink a late production Musai-class from the Cima Fleet. Enraged, Cima fired at the "Dendrobium" with the Gerbera Tetra's beam machine gun, damaging its thrusters. However, Uraki impaled the Gerbera Tetra with the Dendrobium's beam cannon and fired at it at point-blank range, destroying it and killing Cima.[11]

After trying and failing to stop Gato from readjusting the orbit of the colony, Uraki returned to the Dendrobium and engaged in a final battle with the Neue Ziel. However, before the battle could be decided, they were interrupted by Bask Om firing the Solar System II at them, the "Orchis" armed base was severely damaged, but the "Stamen" remained relatively intact. After regaining consciousness, Kou detached from the ruined "Orchis" and, in a rage, futilely fired at Bask's approaching command ship.[11]

On March 10, U.C. 0084, all data on the Gundam Development Project, including data on the GP03, was erased from the Federation records in order to cover up the truth behind the colony drop.[11]


  • Stamen & Weapon System
A variant of the Dendrobium, which consisted of the Stamen equipped with a simplified version of the Orchis, consisting of four boosters, the mega beam cannon, the I-Field generator, and four micro missile containers. The Stamen's weapons, including the long range beam rifle, are mounted on the side of the missile containers and can be retrieved using folding arms. This variant was first introduced in Gundam Fix Figuration and later appeared in Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Rebellion as the Stamen Weapon System. Rebellion also established that the Stamen Weapon System was propelled by a electric propulsion engine that ejects ionized Minovsky particles, with the implication that it was the predecessor to the Minovsky Drive.




Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory[]

Gundam Evolve Episode 4[]

Illustrations & Artwork[]


Action Figures[]


Notes and Trivia[]

  • The use of a large powerful mobile armor shell/external unit, controlled by a mobile suit, had only been explored again in UC with the RX-78KU-01 Kurwenal and NZ-999 Neo Zeong. However, similar concepts have also been introduced in Cosmic Era (Mobile suit Embedded Tactical Enforcer), Anno Domini (GNR-001 GN Arms and GNMA-XCVII Alvatore), and Regild Century (VGMM-La01a Dharma). Such concept is seldom seen, even across different universes, as such large support units are typically more expensive to manufacture and unwieldy.
  • The design of the Dendrobium was referenced in Marvel Comics' Marvel MangaVerse series as a weapons platform for the character Iron Maiden AKA Antoinette Stark, who used it to battle a Godzilla-like version of the Hulk.
  • With the price of 28000 yen, the GP03 Dendrobium is the most expensive High Grade (HG) 1/144 model kit released by Bandai, more expensive than the same grade model kit of Neo Zeong (27000 yen), METEOR Unit + Freedom Gundam (8000 yen), GN Arms Type-E + Gundam Exia (5500 yen) or GN Arms Type-D + Gundam Dynames (6000 yen). However, the price of HG 1/144 model kit of GP03S Gundam Stamen without the Dendrobium is 1600 yen only.
  • Follow the flower theme naming of other GP series, Orchis is a genus in the orchid family.


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