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The RX-136-1 Rakshasa is a prototype mobile armor from the light novel series Advance of Zeta: The Traitor to Destiny. It is piloted by Ewen Bader.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A mobile armor developed at the Gate of Zedan for high-speed combat, it is similar to the former Zeon military MA-05 Bigro. Its acceleration performance greatly exceeds contemporary MS of the time. In addition, the fuselage structure can be easily retrofitted. The cockpit block located in the nose section can be separated and function as an escape craft.


  • Large Claw
When in attack mode, the Rakshasa's main close combat armament is a pair of bid-like large claws that transform from parts of the fuselage. A retractable heat sword is mounted in the middle of each claw.
  • Claw Arms
The wings of the Rakshasa can transform with arms that end in pincers. A large beam saber is mounted on the end of each arm.
  • Mega Beam Cannon
  • A mega beam cannon is mounted on the right side of the mobile armor's back. Unit 2 mounts an additional mega beam cannon on the opposite side.
  • 18-tube Missile Launcher
A missile pod is mounted on the left side of the mobile armor's back. Unit 2 replaces this missile launcher with a second mega beam cannon.

Special Equipment & Features

  • I-Field Barrier Generator


While it is meant to be operated from large vessels such as the Dogosse Giar or Alexandria-class, it was forcibly attached to the bottom of the Salamis Kai-class Tobruk. Unit 1 sorties during the Konpeitoh capture operation, while the enhanced Unit 2 is later deployed at the Gate of Zedan and has its weapons changed to a pair of high-output mega particle cannons.



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