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The RX-123 Gundam TR-S[Rabscuttle] is a mobile armor from Advance of Zeta Re-Boot: Gundam Inle.

Design & Development

The RX-123 Gundam TR-S[Rabscuttle] is a large mobile armor developed for maneuvering in the stratosphere and is equipped with binders for atmospheric re-entry. It was developed to be deployed from the SSD station in Earth orbit and wait in the stratosphere to intercept enemies invading Earth from space. While in the stratosphere the Gundam TR-S[Rabscuttle] performs trajectory control using atmospheric drag. If necessary, it can re-enter the atmosphere using the binders as a lifting body. It can be rapidly deployed to any location in the world. The Gundam TR-S[Rabscuttle] is capable of atmospheric flight using the "Daedalus " Minovsky Craft unit. It is meant to be operated by Cyber Newtypes due to the High-Gs involved during maneuvering.

It was designed to operate in tandem with the RX-123 Gundam TR-S El-Ahrairah. It is possible to store the Gundam TR-S El-Ahrairah in the weapons cargo bay while in MA mode. The bay also stores the Gundam TR-S El-Ahrairah's replacement parts.


  • High Mega Particle Cannon
  • Diffuse Mega Particle Cannon
The center of the Rabscuttle is equipped with a Diffuse Mega Particle Cannons of the same type as the MRX-009 Psyco Gundam. During MA mode, the left and right binders function as particle accelerators. It fires a beam with extremely high convergence rate.


Operational History

The Rabscuttle, together with the RX-123 Gundam TR-S El-Ahrairah, end up in the hands of the AEUG with the purpose of being operated at the space fortress, S.S.D.



  • Rabscuttle, a folk hero of the rabbits in Water Ship Down, is El-Ahrairah's second in command and the leader of Owsla.


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