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The RX-104FF Penelope is a mobile suit that appears in Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Created by Anaheim Electronics, this was the mobile suit that Kenneth Sleg used to fight Mafty[1]. The RX-104FF Penelope is a mode of the RX-104 Odysseus Gundam (i.e., equipped with the FF (Fixed Flight) Unit)[2]. It is classified as a 5th generation MS alongside the RX-105 Ξ Gundam, which was developed around the same time[2]. It is one of the first mobile suits to be equipped with a miniaturized Minovsky Flight Unit[1], making it highly capable of sustaining independent atmospheric flight; and was considered to be a MS that would revolutionize the course of MS operations under gravity[2]. While the Ξ Gundam had a different structure that integrated all of the functions into a single MS, the Penelope Gundam largely depended on the FF Unit[2]. In addition to the FF unit, it is said that an optional armament known as the Argos Unit was developed, but its details are unknown[2]. It is also said to be equipped with a Psycommu or a Quasi-Psycommu unit[2]. The MS is also capable of supersonic flight by deploying a Beam Barrier in the direction of its movement, but this requires the MS to transform into its Flight Form[2].


  • Beam Rifle
A portable beam weapon dedicated to the Penelope[2]. Two types of energy packs with different shapes are mounted behind the engine and in front of the trigger guard[2].
  • Vulcan Gun
Two are equipped on the left and right of the FF Unit's nose, when not firing they are protected by a sliding cover.
  • Mega Particle Cannon/Beam Saber
One is equipped on each shoulder. They have a wide range of fire and when detached from the shoulder they double as large handheld beam sabers.
  • Composite Weapon Unit
A combined armament equipped on both forearms[2]. It is a unique weapon that houses a Mega Particle Cannon, a Beam Saber, and missiles in a single unit[2].
  • Funnel Missile
Psycommu-guided missiles[2]. A large number of them are equipped throughout the right end left shoulder armor and the front waist armor[2]. It is said that it is equipped with more missiles than the Ξ Gundam[2].

Special Equipment & Features

  • FF Unit
One piece of optional equipment for the Odysseus Gundam[2]. It is equipped to its torso, shoulders, hips, and legs[2]. It has various sensors on its nose, and is a type of multi-purpose equipment which functions as a weapon platform[2].


The Penelope was assigned to Lane Aim of the Circe Unit special force in U.C. 0105.



Notes & Trivia


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