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RX-098 Prototype Rick Dias, also known as the Proto Gamma, is a prototype assault combat mobile suit and is the prototype to the Rick Dias series. It was featured in the M-MSV original design series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

An AEUG prototype MS, it is the forerunner of the Rick Dias. Also known as the Prototype γ (Gamma) Gundam, this unit is used for testing the Gundarium γ Alloy. It is armed with hyper beam sabers and a clay bazooka, and has a Dom-type mono-eye sensor as well as a sub mono-eye camera. Although the original development was carried out independently by Anaheim Electronics, it used the movable frame of Earth Federation Forces MS to reduce of development time and cost production.

Initially, the generator output was insufficient, however, these issues were resolved with the introduction of Gundarium γ Alloy. It was developed with emphasis on agile combat performance and is equipped with a large backpack with thruster binders on each side that can function as shields. The cockpit itself is located within the body in contrast to the Rick Dias'.


  • Hyper Beam Saber
Unlike the later mass-production model, the Prototype Rick Dias used a more powerful Hyper Beam Saber. The hilts of these beam sabers are easily three times greater the size of normal beam sabers, and are capable of emitting a much longer and more powerful saber that can easily cut through several mobile suits in a single swing.
  • Clay Bazooka
A projectile-firing bazooka, as its name indicates, the clay bazooka was originally designed to fire adhesive rounds which immobilize enemy machines rather than destroying them outright. This particular model is different in shape from the later mass-production type.
  • Beam Pistol
A hand carried ranged beam weapon. Despite its compact size, it is powerful enough to destroy an enemy mobile suit with a single shot.


The Prototype Rick Dias is an experimental mobile suit to test Anti-Earth Union Group's Gundarium Gamma, which is brought from Axis by Char AznableSumire Hongoh appears to be involved with it's development.

The data from the Prototype Rick Dias is used to create the RMS-099 Rick Dias.

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