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The RX-零 RX-Zeromaru (RX-零丸?) is a Gunpla appearing in Gundam Build Divers. Based on the SD version of the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam, it is built and piloted by Aya Fujisawa (aka Ayame).

Technology & Combat Characteristics

An SD-type Gunpla, Ayame assembled it with the concept of combining the Unicorn Gundam and a ninja.[1][2] Its normal "Shinobi Form" uses the Unicorn Gundam's Destroy Mode as its motif, and by taking advantage of its small SD proportions, the Gunpla can display high mobility to the point where it can create copies of itself.[1][2] Its "Kakure Form" uses the Unicorn Gundam's Unicorn Mode as its motif, it has enhanced sensors and can blend into its surroundings through optical camouflage, enabling high information-gathering abilities and stealth.[1][2]

Ayame later built a bird-shaped support unit, the Armed Armor Hattori, for the RX-Zeromaru.[2] By combining with the Armed Armor Hattori, the RX-Zeromaru can achieve a realistic proportions and obtain similar powers as the Unicorn Gundam.[2][3] After the 1st Coalition of Volunteers battle, Ayame further upgraded the Gunpla to signify her break from the past and a fresh start.[4] It now uses metal nozzles and the newest KPS plastic for all the joints.[4] It is also repainted, with the surface treatment redone from scratch and the edges significantly sharpened.[4]


  • Shield Shuriken (シールド手裏剣?)
A large shuriken created by combining shields that can be used as dual bladed sword.[2]
  • Ninpo - Kaen Fuma Shuriken (火炎風魔手裏剣?)
The RX-Zeromaru's Real Mode engulfs the Shield Shuriken with red beam energy and throws it at the enemy.[4]
  • Ninjato (忍者刀?)
A melee armament with a sharp cutting edge, it can switch to 'Beam Ninjato Mode'.[2] When needed, the RX-Zeromaru can be equipped with a second Ninjato.[5]
  • Kunai (苦無?)
Small throwing knives that can also be covered in a beam blade like the Ninjato.[2][3] They can also be attached to the forearms and used in a manner similar to the Unicorn Gundam's Beam Tonfas.[2]
  • Tanegashima Rifle (種子島雷威銃?)
A beam firearm that uses the Musha Gundam's matchlock gun as the motif and also has the same name.[2][6]
  • Magunashiki Tanegashima (馬具那式タネガシマ?)
Used by the RX-Zeromaru's Real Mode.[3] This powerful firearm is formed using some of the parts from the Armed Armor Hattori and fires a beam equal to four Tanegashima Rifle shots.[2] The Armed Armor Hattori was created with this weapon as a starting point.[2]
  • Beam Zanbato (ビーム斬馬刀?)
A large output beam blade generated by attaching the Ninjato to the Magunashiki Tanegashima.[2][3] True to its name (Zanbato translates to “horse-slaying sword”), it is said to be powerful enough to slice through a Master Gundam on the Fuunsaiki.[2]
  • Tekkokagi (手甲鉤?)
A pair of melee armament mounted on the forearms of the RX-Zeromaru's Real Mode, they can be used to silently eliminate enemies after sneaking up on them.[2]

Special Equipment & Features

  • Armed Armor Hattori (武装装甲八鳥 Busou Soukou Hattori?)
A bird-shaped support unit that follows the concept of the Armed Armors, which are additional Psycho-Frame armaments for the Unicorn Gundam.[2] The Armed Armor Hattori is capable of independent operations to a certain level, it can fire beams from its mouth and is mainly used for reconnaissance missions.[2][4][7]
  • Real Mode
By combining with the Armed Armor Hattori, the RX-Zeromaru can change from SD proportions to realistic proportions.[3] This is also the Gunpla's true form.[3]
  • Ninto-Do System (忍闘-道?)
When activated, this special system enables the RX-Zeromaru's Real Mode to have functions that match those of the Newtype Destroyer System installed in the Unicorn Gundam by completely releasing its powers for a limited amount of time.[2] These functions include enhancing the performance of the machine through the Psycho-Frame and the ability to take control of enemy's remote weaponry, like funnels.[2][3] As with the Newtype Destroyer System, the Ninto-Do System is also abbreviated as 'NT-D'.[3]
  • Psycho-Field
A powerful frontal barrier that can be generated by the RX-Zeromaru's Real Mode. The Psycho-Frame sections on the Gunpla' body change from red to green when deploying the Psycho-Field, which is capable of blocking an attack that has the output of five Gunpla.[8]

Special Attacks

  • Displacement Sword Technique - Ayame Slash
An attack where the RX-Zeromaru splits into three copies that strike the enemy simultaneously before merging back.[9]
  • Capsule Ninpo - Yari-henge Technique
The RX-Zeromaru throws a blue colored capsule that release the Musha Tousou Gundam, which transforms into its thruster-powered spear mode that homes in on its target, destroying it in one hit.[4]
  • Ninpo Utsusemi Technique
The RX-Zeromaru replaces itself with a bomb as it is about to be slice apart by the enemy. The enemy Gunpla is then taken out by the exploding bomb.[8]


For RX-Zeromaru's history, please go to Aya Fujisawa's pages.

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Notes & Trivia

  • The name, "RX-Zeromaru", combines the model number of its design base, RX-0, with the 'maru' suffix which is commonly used in Japanese names of young boys and ships, and also means 'round'.
  • The RX-Zeromaru appearing in episode 23 to the first half of 25 seem to be an intermediate form before the Gunpla was upgraded into RX-零/覚醒 RX-Zeromaru (Shinki Kessho). Some of this intermediate form's new parts are similar to the RX-Zeromaru (Shinki Kessho) such as the new shields and new shoulder, front skirt and knee parts in Real Mode. However, the Gunpla lacks the RX-Zeromaru (Shinki Kessho)'s Gokucho Ozutsus, its psycho-frame is not always a stimulating green (as seen in episode 24 and 25), and the accompanying Armed Armor Hattori is not in the Armed Armor Hattori Kiwami form (as seen in the first half of episode 25).


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