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The RX-零/覚醒 RX-Zeromaru (Shinki Kessho) (RX-零丸(神気結晶)?) is a Gunpla appearing in Gundam Build Divers. An upgrade of the RX-零 RX-Zeromaru, it is built and piloted by Aya Fujisawa (aka Ayame).

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Using the RX-0 Full Armor Unicorn Gundam as a motif, this Gunpla is an enhanced weapon configuration of the RX-Zeromaru.[1][2] The RX-Zeromaru's bird-shaped support unit is upgraded into the Armed Armor Hattori Kiwami, enabling it to combine with the Gunpla's Shinobi and Kakure Forms.[2] Additionally, the new equipment added to the Gunpla allows for drastic improvement in its performance, and the rise in degree of perfection that accompanies overall improvement sublimates the color of the Psycho-Frame, which is now always a stimulating green.[2] Along with its super firepower, the spirit crystals all over the RX-Zeromaru (Shinki Kessho)'s body create a flashy display on the battlefield.[1][2]


  • Ninjato (忍者刀?)
A melee armament with a sharp cutting edge, it can switch to 'Beam Ninjato Mode'.
  • Dai Kunai (大苦無?)
A large new weapon that can mount normal kunai and launch them using a pair of Kunai Launchers, it can also function as a melee weapon as well as a shield.[2] The Dai Kunai is based on the Unicorn Gundam's Beam Gatling Gun-mounted shield and was devised to deal with multiple enemies and chaotic battles while supplementing the Gunpla's defensive capabilities.[2] By combining all three Dai Kunais, a giant shuriken known as 'Sanpo Dai Shuriken' is formed.[2] Besides providing strong protection, the Sanpo Dai Shuriken is also utilized in Ayame's special technique, the Kifujin Hanabi no Mai.[2]
  • Tanegashima Rifle (種子島雷威銃?)
A beam firearm that uses the Musha Gundam's matchlock gun as the motif and also has the same name.
  • Magunashiki Tanegashima (馬具那式タネガシマ?)
This powerful firearm is formed using some of the parts from the Armed Armor Hattori Kiwami, it fires a beam equal to several Tanegashima Rifle shots.[2]
  • Beam Zanbato (ビーム斬馬刀?)
A large output beam blade generated by attaching the Ninjato to the Magunashiki Tanegashima.
  • Gokucho Ozutsu (極超大筒?)
A new, large, cylindrical weapon based on the Unicorn Gundam's Hyper Bazooka. Not only can it be used alone, but it can be combined with the Beam Zanbato and the Tanegashima Rifle to shoot a powerful beam.[2]
  • Tekkokagi (手甲鉤?)
A pair of melee armament mounted on the forearms of the RX-Zeromaru (Shinki Kessho)'s real mode, they can be used to silently eliminate enemies after sneaking up on them

Special Equipment & Features

  • Armed Armor Hattori Kiwami (武装装甲八鳥・極 Busou Soukou Hattori Kiwami?)
An upgraded form of the original RX-Zeromaru's Armed Armor Hattori, it has enhanced combat capabilities and can even attach itself to the Gunpla's Shinobi and Kakure Forms to increase their offensive power.[2]
  • Ninto-Do (忍闘-道?)
When combined with the Armed Armor Hattori Kiwami, the Gunpla transforms from an SD-type to having realistic proportions.[2] This real mode of RX-Zeromaru (Shinki Kessho) is also known as 'Ninto-Do', and its silhouette resembles that of the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (with Psycho Shards).[2] Whether the spirit crystals of the RX-Zeromaru (Shinki Kessho) possesses the power of the Psycho Shards, which created a phenomenon that surpasses imagination in Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, is all up to Ayame's prowess as a Gunpla Fighter.[2]

Special Attacks

  • Kifujin Hanabi no Mai (貴婦人花火ノ舞?)
A special technique where the Sanpo Dai Shuriken is spun and kunais are launched simultaneously from all mounted Kunai Launchers on the shuriken.[2]


For RX-Zeromaru (Shinki Kessho)'s history, please go to Aya Fujisawa's pages.

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