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The RMS-108(d13) Strike Marasai is a variant of the RMS-108 Marasai from The Star of Zeon - Mobile Suit in Action.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The standard Marasai was field customized into the Strike Marasai with the purpose of increasing ground combat capability In order to move at high speeds within the atmosphere, rocket thrusters for propulsion in outer space was replaced by a hover cruising system on its legs and back. Furthermore, various parts of the armor were made more lightweight to improve controllability; and search functionality was improved with the new the head sensor unit.

However, in what can be inferred as a step backward, the Strike Marasai lacked the Marasai's compliment of beam weapons, instead only carrying a 50mm gun pod, cracker grenades, and smoke dischargers.


A MS operated by the EFF 13th Autonomous Mobile Squadron "Dragoon 13" (hence the designation "(d13)"), the Strike Marasai is a machine that excels at hit-and-run tactics by making use of its high-speed cruising capability. The Strike Marasai usually serve vanguard units to assault and disrupt the enemy's frontline.


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