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The RGM-89D-ESC Jegan Type D Escort Type is a variant of the RGM-89D Jegan D Type appearing in Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A variation of the RGM-89D Jegan D Type. It has a new head design and the standard Vulcan Pod System of the D type is omitted. Additionally, like the RGM-89De Jegan (ECOAS Type), it has reinforced chest armor. Its main weapon is a 90mm short machine gun.


  • 90mm Short Machine Gun
An improved version of the older HFW-GMG·MG79-90mm Bullpup Machine Gun. It uses a new magazine that enhances the weapon's balance and carries more ammunition.
  • Beam Saber
Like the Jegan D Type, the Jegan Type D Escort Type stores a beam saber in a rack on the right side of the waist, and its output can be adjusted as it has two beam emitters. Via selecting the output and emitter, this close combat weapon can emit a flat beam blade for slashing, or a slim beam blade with high penetration ability. Its output can also be concentrated into a knife-like beam blade for penetrating the tough armor of allied unit without causing lethal damages. The beam saber rack contains an accelerator equipped capacitor system for rapid recharge of the weapon.
  • Hand Grenade
Like the Jegan D Type, three hand grenades are stored in the grenade rack mounted on the left side of the Jegan Type D Escort Type's waist. They can be thrown and timed to explode after several seconds as set by the pilot, or set to detonate when its sensors detect the metallic signal of extremely nearby enemy machines.
  • Shield
A basic arm-mounted defense armament for many Federation mobile suits, it is used to protect against physical attacks and has anti-beam coating on its surface for defending against beam attacks. The Jegan Type D Escort Type uses the same shield as the Jegan D Type, which has a swivel mount and a pair of twin missile launchers.
  • Twin Missile Launcher
A pair of twin missile launchers are mounted in the Jegan Type D Escort Type's shield. They fire small missiles that have composite sensors in their tips, allowing them to home in onto their target even under the interference of minovsky particles in the battlefield. However, they have a short range and are basically for use in close combat as they only carry a small amount of propellant.


In U.C.0097, several Jegan Type D Escort Types were deployed alongside some FD-03 Gustav Karl‎s and RAS-96 Ankshas to escort Martha Vist Carbine. These mobile suits were either destroyed or disabled by the Luio & Co.'s MSK-008 Dijehs led by Michele Luio.

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