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The RGM-88X Jeddah (or Jeda) is a mobile suit appearing in the novel Mobile Suit Gundam High-Streamer. It was later redesigned for the Mobile Suit Moon Gundam manga.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Jeddah is the first prototype model of the RGM-89 Jegan, the Federation's next line of mass production mobile suits, following the footsteps of the GM series. Initially created from the data obtained from the RGM-86R GM III and RX-178 Gundam Mk-II as well as the RGM-86R Nouvel GM III and MSA-003 Nemo. It has less durable armor than more recent models but it is cost-efficient to produce.

In Moon Gundam, it was reenvisioned as one of the multiple mass production proposals for the Jegan. It possessed a head-mounted radome, a more advanced head sensor, a backpack thruster layout closer to the Gundam Mk-II, and additional thrusters, including a pair of large thrusters mounted on the rear skirt. The main armament is a beam rifle equipped with a composite sensor and it has the same performance as the one used by the Gundam Mk-II. The shield can switch between an expanded state and a collapsed state, and the tip adopts a hard material allowing it to serve as a striking weapon.



Initially developed by Anaheim Electronics at the request of the Federation following the adoption of several AEUG models, following the Gryps War. Development began during the First Neo Zeon Movement. The Jeddah became the main mobile suit used by Londo Bell special forces unit until it was replaced by the Jegan. While inferior to the Jegan, the Jeddah was put into production alongside the Jegan to replace the aging GM series until the Federation produced enough Jegan units to fill their ranks. Production versions delivered to Federation bases were redesignated as the RGM-90 Jeddah Improve Type.

Moon Gundam

Due to the Earth Federation Forces's large budget cuts, the Jeda was refined into the more cost-efficient Jegan by U.C. 0092. However, several mass production examination units were assigned to the Londo Bell ship Ra Zyme, piloted by Amuro Ray's mobile suit team.

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