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That backpack we mounted on the GM has incredible output! And the shock absorbers on the legs let it handle long falls without any problems. If it's that good on a GM, I can't wait to try it on the new suits.

Dick Allen

The RGM-79 Powered GM is a test use mobile suit introduced in the OVA Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory. Known pilots include Dick Allen.

Technology & Combat Characteristics[]

The RGM-79 Powered GM was a testbed unit developed for the Gundam Development Project. Based on the RGM-79C GM Type C, it was equipped with an early development version of the RX-78GP01 Gundam GP01 "Zephyranthes"'s large backpack, as well as a pair of new model shock absorber units with integrated auxiliary power on its knees. Thanks to these modifications, its thrust was increased by 30%.[1] Due to being a testbed unit, it was not given a new model number.[2] Since the units assigned to Torrington Base were destroyed and the Gundam Development Project was later erased from Federation records, the details of its modifications and its specifications were all lost.[1]


  • 60mm Vulcan Gun
A pair of shell-firing armament built into the head. Low offensive power, only used to restrict enemy movement, and lay down a wall of suppressive fire due to their rapid fire capability.
  • Beam Saber
The beam saber is a small device held in the mobile suit's hands when deployed and is powered by a rechargeable energy capacitor. It emits high-energy Minovsky particles to form a blade-shaped I-field (via manipulation of electromagnetic fields), and then fills this I-field shell with superheated Minovsky particle plasma to produce an effective cutting blade. The Powered GM is equipped with a single beam saber stored in the left side of the backpack.
  • HWF GMG·MG79-90mm Bullpup Machine Gun
The bullpup machine gun was a system weapon developed as a Space/Ground dual use projectile weapon. Though compact, it has sufficient anti-MS firepower while maintaining accuracy. Its muzzle velocity is increased due to the use of new gunpowder and this enables it to easily penetrate the armor of Zeon's mobile suit. A box-like sensor system incorporating a video camera and laser sensor is installed at the top, and when this system is used alongside the GM's targeting system, target acquisition capability is enhanced.
  • HFW-GR·MR82-90mm GM Rifle
A portable, mobile suit-use 90mm rifle built based on the 'system weapon' structure, its effective range and accuracy is superior to the HWF GMG·MG79-90mm machine gun. With the extended barrel, the GM Rifle sees a 15% increase in muzzle velocity, leading to increased armor penetration capability. Additionally, a newly developed caseless cartridge allows for a lightened ammunition load.
  • BLASH HB-L-07/N-STD Hyper Bazooka
An improved model of the HB-L-03/N-STD Hyper Bazooka with added targeting sensors, increasing its accuracy. The magazine has also been changed to be completely sealed/air tight, and this not only makes exchanging magazine easier, but also protects against debris intrusion, accidental explosion due to being hit, etc. Additionally, no special attention needs to be paid to the weapon during operation as the rigidity of the rib section connecting the carrying handle to the bazooka's rear has been enhanced.
  • FADEGEL RGM-M-Sh-007 Shield
An improved model of the RGM-M-Sh-003. It has the exact same size as its predecessor, but its material was changed to Titanium-Ceramic composite. Its mount latch was made movable, allowing the shield to be positioned up or down when carried by a Mobile Suit manipulator or mounted on the forearm, increasing its usability.


Several RGM-79 Powered GM units were manufactured at the Jaburo factory.[2] Two units were assigned to Torrington Base for field testing,[1] with one each assigned to the Burning Team and the Kalent Team. The former was piloted by Lt. Dick Allen, who used it as a training unit.[2][3] During a mock battle that doubled as a data collection mission, the Powered GM displayed mobility far superior to those of the MS-06F-2 Zaku II F2 Type used by the pilot trainees, even without pushing its thrusters to the limit.[3]

The Kalent Team's Powered GM was later severely damaged when a team from the Delaz Fleet, led by Anavel Gato, attacked Torrington Base and stole the RX-78GP02A Gundam GP02A "Physalis". During the subsequent pursuit of Gato's team to recover the stolen GP02A, Lt. Allen's unit was destroyed by a MS-09F/trop Dom Tropen in a surprise attack, instantly killing him.[2][4]




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