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The RGM-79 GM is a mobile suit that appears in the manga Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin.

Technology & Combat Characteristics[]

A mass-produced MS of the Earth Federation Forces manufactured in Jaburo. Unlike the Guncannon, which specialized in medium-range firepower support without focusing on MS battles, this machine is based on the RX-78-02 Gundam, which was basically designed as a multirole machine that can be equipped with various equipment changes depending on the battle situation, such as anti-ship and anti-fighter battles, while assuming MS battles as its "main weapon". The GM was much lighter than the Gundam, and sported a backpack equipped with five primary thrusters - with three gimballed for downwards or forwards propulsion and one on each side of the backpack for maneuvering. The afts of the calves held extendable thrusters for additional forward thrust, and a pair of thrusters were built into each of the soles of the mobile suit's feet.

In order to rebuild the strength of the Federation Forces as quickly as possible, its structure was simplified and costs were reduced with an emphasis on productivity, so it is a step behind the Gundam, especially in armor strength and reaction speed. Even so, it has become an MS with sufficient performance to serve as a mainstay weapon, and with data from actual battles with the Gundam inherited[1], it has been completed as a machine with specifications that exceed those of the Zaku II, albeit slightly. It is also equipped with a beam spray gun and a core pod as standard equipment, making it suitable for pilots with low skill levels.


  • Vulcan Gun

Mounted on the head of the GM are a pair of shell-firing Vulcan guns, like the Guncannon and the Gundam. These weapons are more useful for shooting down incoming missiles or fighters, and are next to useless against a mobile suit’s armor.

  • Beam Saber

The GM typically carries a single beam saber on the right side of the backpack, though GMs mounting the missile pods carries a pair of beam sabers stored on the rear waist armor. Some models of the GM like the RGM-79 GM:Close Combat Type can carry two on the backpack.

  • Beam Spray Gun (Early type)

The GM can be armed with the early model of the Beam Spray Gun, which was longer and fed by a larger magazine-like E-Pac compared to the more compact and much newer model of the Beam Spray Gun.

  • Beam Spray Gun

A simplified version of the beam rifle used by the Gundam, the beam spray gun is a one handed beam weapon used by the GM. Intended for mass production, it’s much less powerful than the beam rifle, but is still an effective weapon nonetheless.

  • Beam Rifle (Early Type)

The GM is capable of using the same beam rifle as the Gundam.

  • Shoulder Cannon

Optionally attached to the left side of the backpack of the GM, this cannon can be used to allow the mobile suit to serve as a mid to long ranged artillery support unit. The caliber of the cannon is unknown, and it is fed with a large curved magazine. When not in use, the cannon hinges back to avoid blocking articulation of the shoulder. The GM can optionally mount a second shoulder cannon on the right side of the backpack, though this comes at the cost of the beam saber on that side.

  • Arm Vulcan

Installed on the left forearm, attached to the gate-shaped parts on the cuffs.

  • Missile Pod

An optional attachment for the GM, a pair of 10-tube missile pods can be attached to each of the GM’s shoulders, with a 3-tube missile pod attached to each side of the GM’s skirt armor. These pods are single use and need to be reloaded or replaced after usage. They can likely be jettisoned after all missiles are fired.

  • Hyper Bazooka

A general purpose fire support rocket launcher. It is used by carrying it over the shoulder.

  • Shield

The GM can make use of the shield, an armament with extremely high defensive capabilities obtained by adopting a multi-layer structure made of multiple materials. The GM typically mounts the shield on the left arm.

Special Equipment & Features[]


The GM was first seen at the Battle of Jaburo. One unit was destroyed after failing to attack a Z'Gok piloted by Char Aznable.

Two GMs would be destroyed by a Zaku II piloted by Cucuruz Doan while investigating Alegranza, the island known as the "Island of no return".

Several GMs would be stationed at the Casablanca Front in Morocco, neutralizing Zeon forces, until almost all were destroyed by Zaku II High Mobility Surface Types piloted by the

Brown Southern Cross team.

Many GMs would participate in Operation Odessa, proving themselves as a worthy mass production mobile suit for the Federation. However, as the battle came to a close, many would be destroyed by a squadron of MS-09 Doms and MS-07B Goufs led by M'Quve in his Gyan, while buying time for the retreating Zeon forces as they head for space.

In the late stages of the war in December of UC0079, GMs and RB-79 Balls as their support units, would participate Operation Star One in the Battle of Solomon and the Battle of A Baoa Qu.


Sleggar Unit[]

A GM with a custom color scheme assigned to Sleggar Law as leader of the Sleggar Platoon.




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