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The RGM-79U GM Sloop is an Earth Federation amphibious mobile suit from the Universal Century time-line. It first appeared as a part of the MSV-R line.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

When Zeon began to develop amphibious mobile suits, the Earth Federation sought to counter this with their own amphibious suit. By adding a specialized backpack mounting underwater thrusters to the RGM-79 GM, they made their own underwater suit; the RGM-79U GM Sloop. Contrary to appearances, this isn't an unarmed recon type, and there are even reports of it destroying Zeon amphibious machines in combat. The GM Sloop was one of several plans considered by the Federation Forces to quickly develop amphibious mobile suits, and in this case ballast tanks and hydrojet engines would be attached to an unmodified GM (with just a little extra waterproofing). Since the GM didn't have built-in underwater sensors, it was equipped with a periscope-style sensor pod and a handheld sonar gun instead.


Because of the design of this suit was based solely on being a detection suit, it wasn't given any offensive armaments.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Sensor Pod
A wired pod that can be shot towards the surface from the backpack of the Aqua GM. Usable at a maximum depth of 45 metres, the pod collects information from the surface and relays it to the GM Sloop.
  • Sonar Gun
A sonar unit that allows the GM Sloop to "see" underwater. It has no offensive capabilities.


The plans for the RGM-79U GM Sloop were put into production and rolled out in November of U.C. 0079, but the plan for GM Sloop was ultimately rolled into the RAG-79 Aqua GM and the existing GM Sloop units were converted back into regular GMs.

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