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The RGM-79S GM Spartan was originally created by Hitoshi Fukuchi for the Fukuchi Mobile Suit Station (FMS) feature in Bandai's Model Journal 119 (June 1989) magazine.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The GM Spartan was a variant of the RGM-79G GM Command fitted with a different backpack and extra armor on the front of its body, wired anti-MS missiles (WAMM) on its right shoulder, Minovsky particle dispersion pods, and infra-red camouflage fabric on its back. On its head visor it's provided of an infrared interception sheet in order to enable IR radar detection.


  • Wired Anti-MS Missile
  • Pulse Knife
  • Handgun
  • Minigun
  • Hand Grenade

Special Equipment & Features

  • 2-tube Smoke Discharger
A feature adopted from Zeon's ground-use MS like MS-08TX Efreet and MS-09G Dwadge, it has same principle with mordern day smoke grenade, this canister-type weapon used as ground-to-ground or ground-to-air signaling devices, target or landing zone marking devices, or as screening devices for unit movements, provide opportunity for the GM Spartan to make a charge.
  • Minovsky Particle Scattering Pod


The GM Spartan is known to have been deployed by the 2nd Special Platoon of the 17th Armored Marine Division in the Southeast Asia front, during the Borneo landing operation (December UC 0079).

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