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The RGM-79EW EWAC GM is a mobile suit that appears in the novel Advance of Zeta: The Flag of Titans.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Earth Federation Forces' RGM-79EW EWAC GM could also be considered a distant relative of the old Principality of Zeon's MS-06E Zaku Reconnaissance Type. Similar to the RMS-119 EWAC Zack "Eye-Zack" the EWAC GM had a large radome mounted on its head. This radome was equipped with a passive radar system, allowing the EWAC GM to monitor enemy forces without giving itself away with active radar signals. The EWAC GM was also equipped with various additional infra-red, communications, and visual sensors, allowing it to monitor the enemy in a variety of methods. The radome also featured a second mono-eye that ran on a track along the perimeter of its lower side, allowing the pilot to keep a lookout on the ground while flying or jumping overhead.

Although the use of radar- and radio-jamming Minovsky particles in battle situations renders such electronic forms of detection useless, the EWAC GM was often used for pre- and post-combat actions, tasked with acquiring enemy strength, location, and disposition data. Thus, the EWAC GM was also equipped with detachable remote-controlled camera unit in its backpack, each of which carried recordings of the mobile suit's intelligence data and could be either jettisoned or launched back towards friendly forces. The EWAC GM was also designed for long-range use, equipped with a pair of external fuel tanks for extended flight times.


The Earth Federation Forces began planning the development of mobile suits designed for reconnaissance and early warning, based on the RGM-79 GM and its derivatives. The Earth Federation Forces developed three RGM-79EW EWAC GM units. However, problems were found in its performance in the presence of Minovsky particles, and the three EWAC GM test units that produced were ultimately discarded.


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