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The RGM-79BD-0 Blue Destiny Unit 0 is a variant of the RGM-79(G) GM Ground Type. It first appeared in the 2015 manga Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: The Blue Destiny. It is a prototype for the Blue Destiny series of mobile suits.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Based on the GM Ground Type, it is the Earth Federation Forces' initial test machine for the EXAM System which is located in its head.[1] The suit's output was increased, and additional cooling system and data gathering devices were also mounted.[1][2] As the machine is only for movement test, its only armament is the head mounted vulcan guns.[1]


  • Vulcan Gun
Mounted in the head, the pair of Vulcan Guns were the Blue Destiny Unit 0's only armament, as it wasn't intended for combat.

Special Equipment & Features

A system that gave normal pilots the ability to mimic the power of Newtypes. While little is known about the mechanics of the system, the primary component is known to have been the captive soul of Newtype Marion Welch. The conflict of her soul with the bonds of the system made it extremely unstable and hard to control, to the point that the system - and the mobile suit - would sometimes go berserk. While under the influence of the EXAM System, the mobile suit's optical sensors would glow red.


Unsatisfied with the test outcomes of the Unit 0, the testing of a hi-spec machine equipped with the Exam System is approved.[1][2] Unit 1 which is based on the Gundam Ground Type is then created for live combat testing.[1][2] Prof. Chlust requested for the development time to be shortened, and because of this, the head unit of Unit 0 is transferred and used by Unit 1.[1]



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