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The RGM-196 Freedom is a mass-produced mobile suit from the live-action television movie G-Saviour, set in the Universal Century timeline.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A distant successor to the long RGM series of mobile suits, the Freedom is an outdated mobile suit formerly used by the Earth Federation before it was dissolved. Compared to CONSENT's CCMS-03 Bugu, the Freedom's MPC-2 hand plug system is only compatible with older handheld weapons. While it has a beam shield listed as one of its armaments, it is usually armed with only a conventional solid shield. The Freedom is also used as the design reference of the F-SAVIOUR F-Saviour, an early MS in the Illuminati's Saviour line.


  • Vulcan Guns
A pair of vulcan guns located in the head. Used to thwart enemy movement.
  • Beam Saber
The Freedom's only close range melee weapon. These are mounted and stored on its right rear behind its shoulders.
  • Beam Shield
The Freedom has beam shield generators located on the forearms.
  • MPC-1 and MPC-2 Compatible Hand Weapons
The Freedom can be equipped with a variety of old handheld weaponry through a handplug system.
  • Machine Gun
  • Shield
The Freedom is commonly seen with a physical shield for blocking ranged attacks. However the shield is seldom able to protect the Freedom, as it is easily damaged by beam weaponry.


Referred to as "Old Dog" by pilots, the Freedom was created during the end of the Earth Federation, and is well over three decades old during the events of G-Saviour. Although it used to be a military MS, it soon fell into private use by the Settlements (Sides space colonies) for self-defense and construction. A squadron of Gaean Freedoms are deployed when CONSENT armed forces led by General Garneaux attack Side 8. However the outdated mobile suits are no match for the more advanced CONSENT mobile suits, the Bugus and the autonomous mobile weapons, the MW-Rais.

One Freedom, piloted by Franz Dieter, was severely damaged and crashed on one of the colony's solar panels. He and the other Freedom pilots, who were volunteers not experienced with MS combat, won the battle only through the intervention of Mark Curran in the G-Saviour and the arrival of the Illuminati.

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