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The RGE-G1100ST Adele Starks is a variant of the RGE-G1100 Adele from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE -UNKNOWN SOLDIERS-. It is piloted by Max Hartway and Arisa Gunhale.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Adele Starks is a variant of the Adele equipped with the Starks Wear Pack. Due to the large boosters on each shoulder, the suit has high speed in a single direction at the cost of maneuverability. Besides the boosters, the suit also added thrusters on other parts of its body and its only weapon is the Root Reiber Lance. By combining the suit's speed with its lance, the Adele Starks is capable of delivering a lethal blow to an enemy unit in a single charge. The drawback of such a hit-and-run tactic is that the suit is vulnerable to the enemy unit's attacks as it closes in.


  • Root Reiber Lance
A large and heavy beam lance that is a part of the Starks Wear pack. While this handheld weapon's weight has a negative effect on the mobile suit's balance, its usage in combination with the Adele Starks' high speed allows for a lethal strike to an enemy unit in a single charge. The lance also mounts four verniers that can be used to further increase the suit's speed while charging.

System Features

  • Wear System


Only three Starks Wear Packs were known to have been built, all fitted on the Adeles of a squadron. The three Adele Starks sortied in an operation to destroy a Zedas moving in on a space colony at high speed; after Raul Whelan missed the enemy machine at the calculated intercept point, and Max Hartway's failed attack, Arisa Gunhale finally succeeded at taking it down. However, Arisa lost her Root Reiber Lance during the encounter and the impact sustained then caused abnormalities in her mobile suit's control system. As a result, she was unable to return to her ship and had to be rescued by her allies.

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  • As Max and Arisa have been transferred to another ship, their Adeles no longer sport the Diva's color.


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