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The RGE-G1100C Adele Cannon is a variant of the RGE-G1100 Adele featured in the Asemu Arc and Kio Arc of the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam AGE.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Adele Cannon is the artillery variant of the RGE-G1100 Adele equipped with the "Cannon Wear", which adds two DODS beam cannons and two triple missile pods. Like the original Adele, the Adele Cannon is also armed with two beam sabers for close combat and can carry a shield for defense. The Adele Cannon also features anchors in its knees that can be used to stabilize the mobile suit during artillery fire.


  • DODS Beam Cannon
Mounted on the shoulders, the pair of DODS Beam Cannons serve as the Adele Cannon's primary weapon and are powered by replaceable energy packs. The firepower of each DODS Beam Cannon surpasses that of a DODS Rifle. Spare energy packs for the cannons are stored on the rear waist armor.
  • Triple Missile Pod
A 3-tube missile pod is mounted on the outer side of each shoulders. They are meant to supplement the DODS Beam Cannons and can be used for restraining fire, precision attacks, etc.
  • Beam Saber
The standard close combat armament for most Federation mobile suits. The beam saber is a sword-like beam weapon and can easily cut through most mobile suits. The Adele Cannon stores a pair of beam sabers on its side skirt armor, one on each side.
  • Shield
The same defensive armament as used by the normal Adele, it is usually mounted on the left forearm.


The Adele Cannon was deployed in the Battle of Nortrum in A.G. 141, where they protected commander Flit Asuno from Vagan forces in his attempt to disable Downes's propulsion system using his AGE-1F Gundam AGE-1 Flat equipped with Zefuld Launchers. Although some Adele Cannons were destroyed in combat, they managed to defend the commander until he arrived at his destination. Despite being somewhat outdated, the Adele Cannon continued to be deployed on Earth and in space by the Federation even in A.G. 164.




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