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The RGE-B790CW Genoace Custom is a custom variant of the RGE-B790 Genoace featured in the Flit Arc of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE and is piloted by Woolf Enneacle.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A customized Genoace tuned to meet Woolf Enneacle's needs.[1][2] Its thrusters are enhanced and its head unit has a new visor alongside a high-precision sensor and added antenna.[3] Compared to the normal Genoace, the Genoace Custom has drastically enhanced maneuverability, but this also makes it much harder to pilot.[2] The Genoace Custom's weaponry is mostly the same as the original Genoace's, but it uses a more powerful Beam Spray Gun III B. To signify that this unit belong to Woolf, who is nicknamed 'White Wolf', its color is changed to white.[2]


  • Beam Spray Gun III B
The Genoace Custom's primary armament. Unlike the Beam Spray Gun used by the normal Genoace, the Beam Spray Gun III B has a longer barrel and a knife mounted at the bottom. This knife is referred to as the "White Wolf Claw"[4] and can be detached and used by hand. Like the normal Beam Spray Gun, the Beam Spray Gun III B is ineffective against UE units.[5]
  • Shield
The Genoace Custom's defensive armament, same shield as used by the normal Genoace.
  • Heat Stick
The Genoace Custom's close combat armament, stored in the shield. It is the same weapon as used by the normal Genoace.
  • Marker Shot
A pistol-like weapon with non-lethal ammo used during the mock battle in episode 4.
  • DODS Rifle
A hand-carried beam weapon borrowed from the AGE-1 Gundam AGE-1 Normal, the DODS Rifle could pierce through the armor of Vagan's mobile suit by spinning the beam like a powerful drill.


At some point after Woolf Enneacle joined the Earth Federation Forces he was given his own custom Genoace that had a higher performance to complement his greater than average skill. Its unknown how often Woolf piloted the Genoace Custom, but he had no attachment to it and was ready to discard it and pilot the even higher performing Gundam AGE-1 Normal when he had the chance. Though he ultimately decided not to take the Gundam, Woolf did take the first opportunity he could to get a new mobile suit, leaving the Genoace Custom in the Madorna Workshop in favor of WMS-GEX1 G-Exes.





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