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The RGC-90 Jegan Heavy Equipment Type (aka RGM-90 Jegan Heavy Equipment Type, Jegan Heavy Armed Type, Jegan Cannon) is a prototype ground artillery mobile suit used by the Earth Federation. It is featured in the original design series Char's Counterattack Mobile Suit Variations.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A heavy equipment version of the RGM-89 Jegan that used the designs of the RGM-90 Jeddah Improve Type as a base. Armed with a pair of beam cannons, two missile pods and a vulcan pod system, the Jegan Heavy Equipment Type uses the same movable frame as the Jegan, but has a different generator with higher output, and enhanced leg units for combat under gravity. It also uses a customized backpack with higher thruster output than the Jegan's, but has shorter vernier arms as less emphasis is placed on maneuverability. Although the Jegan Heavy Equipment Type is specialized for ground combat, it can be used for space combat without any issues.


  • Vulcan Pod System
Like the Jegan, the Jegan Heavy Equipment Type can mount a vulcan pod system on its head as a close-range defensive armament. The mounted vulcan gun has low firepower but a high rate of fire, it is extremely effective at restraining enemy machines, and can destroy the camera, sensors and joints of enemy machine at very close range.
  • Beam Cannon
A beam cannon is mounted on each shoulder of the Jegan Heavy Equipment Type, replacing one of the side thrusters on the original Jegan's shoulder.
  • Missile Pod
A pair of missile pods are mounted on the waist of the Jegan Heavy Equipment Type. Each missile pod contains three missiles for a total of six missiles. The missile pods can be ejected when not required.


As the successor of the RGM-79 GM series, the RGM-89 Jegan was the new mass-produced mobile suit adopted by the Earth Federation adopted in U.C.0089. Like other Federation mobile suits, numerous variants of the Jegan were built, one of which was the RGC-90 Jegan Heavy Equipment Type, which was specialized for use on the Earth's surface. Once all of the data from the prototype unit had been collected, the Jegan Heavy Equipment Type would be put into mass production.



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